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Picture Haiku : No Regrets

If you keep moving, consciously,

steadily, through all your highs and lows,

you’ll have no time for regrets!


Ashok Misra


I quite often wake up and write down my dreams because I find them so completely mysterious. I can’t see what it was in me that made me put together that particular combination of items.

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Samples (quotes)

Leo Tolstoy

“Man lives consciously for himself, but is an unconscious instrument in the attainment of the historic, universal, aims of humanity.”

Leo Tolstoy, novelist, born September 9, 1828

Happy Birthday!!

Quotes And Aphorisms

The Words we speak; the CAGE we live in

For a couple of weeks now this message has been surrounding me; when I open the Bible, when I speak to people, sermons at church…  You hear the message many times over – be careful what you say, think before you speak etc. 573 more words

I Am Woman

My methodology

I am a very busy bee today. I woke up with all these post ideas this morning and I knew I had to write them all today. 511 more words


So much of our lives are lived in the invisible realms. It happens but we cant see it. Shifting from one frequency to another is an invisible experience. 485 more words

Invisible World

I am here to serve

The universe is ready to support you at all costs.  Anything and everything is not out of reach.  It is all there to be able to help allow you and to find where it is you are meant to be going, doing , living, exactly where you are.  166 more words