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Praying our goodbyes!

Many years ago during a period of great transition, I was introduced to the concept of “praying our goodbyes”.

Now, as my love and I are poised to embark on new (and as yet unknown) adventures, I find this phrase dancing in my heart. 490 more words

In all this language is there love,
 to  listen, to take action, to share.
Your truth is different to mine, 
 show up for yourself take care.   66 more words

consciously white in a "red state"

Last week I took my newly bought 2000 Jeep Wrangler through the emissions check point.  I was skeptical when I bought this classic beauty in Alabama from a slick talking southerner named Grant who called his dealership “Gilbert’s auto.”  When you are in the market for an old wrangler 11-17yrs old, one is mighty desperate. 425 more words


Consciously: installing and loading R packages

One reason of R popularity is an ocean of packages. Even though it is pretty straightforward to manage packages, there are a couple of tricks, do’s and don’ts, and other things which require a care. 337 more words



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Common Sense


head to ground
broadened view
waving legs to distract
hands scooping soil
burying grudges

aching cheeks
smile from ear to ear
fall between gaps in teeth… 18 more words