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Oh help me to press on, to fight the wars of a new day, so that I,

may focus on making a new way, renew me, let me address whatever notifies or disturb my conscience, and do whatever I am required to this day, so I may attain my peace, and enjoy my day. 18 more words

Words Of Wisdom And Inspiration

We want to consciously eat a couple of these Strawberry-Rhubarb Tartlets.

We want to consciously eat a couple of these Strawberry-Rhubarb Tartlets.

Genius Green Juice from Consciously!

How to make a Genius Green Juice, brought to you by Harry Sherwood, co-founder of the new plant based nutrition program: consciously.org! Sign up and revolutionize your health! 28 more words

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Today I sit staring at a blank page, feeling a bit empty, as happens sometimes on the Monday after an important holiday. While I was not counted in the millions of people who took to the road or the sky over the weekend to be with faraway relatives or friends (the return trip perhaps not concluded yet), the Thanksgiving holiday just concluded seemed to me to hold more energy than usual in the wishes of “Happy Thanksgiving!” shared sincerely among friends and strangers alike. 172 more words

Thoughts Think Themselves

Take the blue pill or take the red pill?

A simple choice to hit a button with your left or right hand, at first glance such a decision is completely autonomous and we are free in that moment to choose? 552 more words

Picture Haiku : No Regrets

If you keep moving, consciously,

steadily, through all your highs and lows,

you’ll have no time for regrets!


Ashok Misra


I quite often wake up and write down my dreams because I find them so completely mysterious. I can’t see what it was in me that made me put together that particular combination of items.

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