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Just for today remind yourself that your life unfolds through you, by you and for you.  It’s exciting to know how much control you have via your focus, which is your power.  42 more words


From the little knowledge I have from the science behind flowering and seed dispersion. Here is something to make note of.

A seed needs water, sun , the optimum environment etc in order for it to blossom or grow into what ever it is meant to be. 208 more words

Wishing Upon a Star

To wish upon a star, you have to get there, first. And it isn’t through wishing that you will get there. 288 more words



PRINCE, was NOT BLACK, hence the symbol?Nymbolminded!
He as the rest of us are expressions of our energy if we would just stop others from placing lablels,their interpretations of your energy on you. He didn’t.

Examined Life

O Key of David, Come!

I recently had two experiences that taught me the importance of staying awake and always being sure my keys are on my person when I am around doors that could lock automatically unless I check the position of the locking device (i.e. 425 more words

Consciously unconscious

Sometimes at night your body gets so exhausted and dizzy from the never ending spiral thinking cycle that all you want to do is just close your eyes and hold on to the bed bunk of your hostel hoping the carossel will stop. 356 more words