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Soaring on Spinning Vibrational Discs

Hello all my friends,

Many years ago, I was riveted in awe watching a raptor bird soar about the sky with incredible ease and elegance.  I decided then, I want to be a soaring spirit.   448 more words

How time flies!

Photograph by ‘Zi Nguyeng’ Flickr

Never under estimate time,
It suddenly runs away from you,
Considering the moment we must,
Living in the here and now unquestionably, 64 more words


Get It Late

The mind work wonders
Wonder how GOD work
Mysterious ways they say
Got somethings late
But that’s better than never

Didn’t understand what I created… 72 more words


494: Cultural Clash

My expectations.

Your expectations.

Things that are done this way, or that way, just because they always have been.

Conscious living

is thinking about why I do what I do the way that I do it, 36 more words


Game Up (Play the System)

I reached a new plateau in the last few days. After getting clear about the learning path (approach and timing) and developing the two Level concept of “Keep In Mind”, the next step was a mere formality. 902 more words


Guttural Utterances

Maybe guttural and maybe just utterances that we don t consciously make. I am talking about perhaps whacked out breathing that makes noises, words or phrases, sighs, baby type sounds, screams, anything that you may have noticed coming out that you didn t intend upon. 56 more words