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11 August 2015

I now release the drama of my past.
I consciously create my future.

– Unknown

Do you ever feel stuck in the past?

Challenged by events or people/relationships from your past? 67 more words

Self Sabotage - thoughts on thoughts

Stop sabotaging yourself by being too open and honest about personal details that outsiders don’t need to know about. Keep some of your mystery (it has a purpose) & emphasize the reality you want to be. 257 more words

The Mind

5 June 2015

Remember, you can earn more money,
but when time is spent,
its gone FOREVER.

– Zig Ziglar

There are many variations of this quote but I think many of us need reminding.  103 more words

Cloaked by the Mind

Our mind is like a canvas upon which we can consciously ‘create’ and bring newness into our life.

However, we quite often find that our thinking is coloured by distractions of deeply held memories, beliefs and perceptions within our sub-conscious. 102 more words

Use Every Moment....

A quick Sunday thought.

I am really trying to enjoy and be thankful for every moment I have and primarily this moment right now.

I want to be happy in this moment. 196 more words

Use Every Moment....

This was created for my instagram unleash_your_happiness but I wanted to share it here.

This is something I am really working on reminding myself. We can’t waste the moments in search of something greater or a long term goal. 41 more words