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Listen carefully

Today is a day to trust a little more; to get in touch with our intellectual clarity; and to understand the intimate relationship with the whole of existence. 113 more words

Skin Care

This Witnessing is the Buddha - Osho

When there is nothing to perceive – No input from the body or the mind and so one has nothing by which to define oneself – Is what is left witnessing? 223 more words


The Inner Life

Theosophical Talks at Adyar, Vol. II, Chicago: The Rajput Press, 1911, Kessinger Publishing Reprint Facsimile Edition, 1942, (Quoted Edition)

The Inner Life is a door-opener to all worlds beyond the visible and the physical. 3,548 more words

The New Paradigm


What they Are and How they are Caused, London: Theosophical Publishing Society, 1903, Kessinger Publishing Reprint Facsimile Edition (Quoted Edition)

Dreams: What they Are and How they are Caused is a highly useful booklet that explains why we dream and what the spiritual reasons are for dreaming. 1,798 more words


Painting Structure

I was truly in the need to get away from words and make some visual works. These are studies, they are a form of visual shorthand, but add a little more color tuning and they could in my mind be finishes. 559 more words


On The Same Wave

Whatever you want to create in your life, you must be on the same vibration of that life. You must be on the same wave. If you want to be in love, you must be a person of love. 89 more words

Angel Wisdom

Global Consciousness

Trippy image, I know… But let’s talk about global consciousness all the same, shall we?

Essential characteristics of global consciousness

Mansilla and Gardner (2007) talk about awareness of the local (global sensitivity), informed reflection of our world’s development (global understanding), and perception of ourselves as global actors (global self). 610 more words