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Fantasies of the mind

Every end is a beginning.
When we learn to take the messages that Life may bring, we could move in tune with “what is.”
Those messages may not be according to our religion, our morality or some other static human created code, but it is exactly what is needed according to time.
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Pledge of Allegiance

I can love you through storms

Of stars being reborn

If you let me

Wrap around you like

Your favorite cocoon

Enveloped in dreams

Of bliss beneath the… 89 more words



I am, circumciser of time

Regurgitated on incessant rewind

Falling perpetually faster forward

Creating a gravitational pull toward

Tomorrow’s uncertain realization

Of paradise lost.


Creating a Day

“Hate controls everything it touches, but love sets everything it touches free.”  Why did I want to use that particular quote on this blog? Because that’s what this blog is—it’s about going deeper into the meanings. 749 more words

Scott McPherson

Mindful of our Minds | Review of "The Head Trip: Adventures on the Wheel of Consciousness" by Jeff Warren (2007) Random House Canada

I doubt very much that I am alone in being concerned about how my mind works. I worry about days that I find myself depressed or the nights I cannot sleep and so forth. 861 more words

The Watcher is Not Amused - Osho

Is the watcher amused? 

The watcher cannot do anything except watch. If it is amused, it has lost its watching. There may be amusement but that will be part of the mind. 293 more words


STEVE BECKOW - We Are the Source of Our Own Bliss - 5-27-15

Steve Beckow



If my nature is bliss, then many things flow from that.

One is that I am the source of my own bliss and, by extension, we are all the source of our own bliss. 660 more words