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Rendering More Discussion

“Sorry, but “render unto Ceasar” means quite the opposite. No surprises there, everyone interprets the Bible to fit their own agenda. Jesus replied “render unto Ceasar” when asked how should the Children of God respond to the taxes and oppression of the Romans. 836 more words


NEDA HASAN: “Top Twelve Ways to Raise Your Frequency To Attract A Vibrant, Enjoyable Life” — Circle of the Dolphins

1. Sunlight Not only is sunlight a way to make up for lost Vitamin D, but it is used to help stabilize the mood. You can shift stagnant, dull energy of the room by just opening your windows and letting light come through.

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On that particular morning, I awoke slightly before mid-day from what felt like yet another beguilingly nebulous dream. I am no stranger to the realm of wildly enthralling somnolent visions, but this particular one— it was among those which stood out. 972 more words

The Subject - Object Dichotomy and Climate Change

The “mind-body problem”, or subject/object dichotomy (Cartesian metaphysical dualism) began its career only as a convention. Not even Descartes thought there was an absolute incommensurability between mind and matter, or mind and body ( 1,148 more words

Solving the Christmas Mystery

One of the reasons I prefer the term soul over the term Christ as a reference to our spiritual essence, is because of what happens in our mind when we use the latter, biblical designation. 665 more words

J Douglas Bottorff

GUSTAVO CASTANER: “22 Results From Embodying Your Higher Self” — Circle of the Dolphins

The Higher Self is the blissful superconscious higher mind part of ourselves that is the expression of Divine Love, spiritual wisdom, and creative power. During spiritual awakening, our personal consciousness grows to become aware of the greater parts of ourselves.

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