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Chicago Style Pizza-Gate Reverse Kundalini, Houdini.

Dog Poet Transmitting…….

We know that Obama is a nasty piece of work who is taking it from behind through the pederastic rear end action of Hellfire George Soros; Little Georgie Soros.

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Young Night

Light can come from anywhere.
The Sun won’t interfere
Though earlier it owned the sky.
The Moon is full. The buildings rise.
The snow-like stars and star-like snow… 88 more words


On The Search For New Spirituality And Netflix's 'The OA'

I seriously enjoyed the Netflix original The OA. I honestly think everyone would benefit from watching it. Why is it so important you ask?

Because it makes you think. 879 more words

Painted Dancer

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Robotic, staccato movement of tiny feet across the flowers. Behind her a trail of silk to anchor. 57 more words


This Is You Being Influenced By Negativity

Each person you interact with during the course of your Earthly existence has a lesson you have asked to experience. How you create/respond/react to that particular lesson is completely up to you.

TANAAZ (Forever Conscious): “4 Ways to Tap into your Sixth Sense”

In this human dimension we rely on our five senses in order to navigate through the world. These five senses are necessary for our survival however, there is another sense that exists on a more subtle level- the sixth sense. 697 more words