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Smile and see the difference it makes

Today is a day to look at yourself in the mirror the same way you do a flower and see your beauty.

When we look in the mirror do we see our own beauty? 23 more words

Skin Care

But What Does It Mean

Life is not meant to be defined, we are ignorant for the very reasons we exist, so we may exist as we are. Definition brings clarity, yet obscures possibility. 16 more words

babbling in babylon

babbling in babylon.
living lazy on easy street.
trying to think about everything.
everything being infinite is ultimately incomprehensible.
what does that matter?
everything composed of every thing into a gestalt of itself. 2,294 more words


The Soul | J.P. Moreland

Main Theme: Soul, Philosophy, Dualism
For People Who: Are interested in philosophy, consciousness, defending the existence of the soul, or wonder if we are more than just physical beings. 1,945 more words

Book Review

My Wind Becomes My Sail And The Power In That Realm

Anytime you power electric and water

you realize what your thoughts do

and what energy they consume

Generators of lighter fluent

Hydraulics system,

doesn’t it work

like that