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Where do I belong

I ask myself where I fit in in life,

then realised I don’t fit in,

I am not supposed to fit in.

Maybe I am meant to be different… 133 more words


The Choices

There are numerous instances of unkindly thrusts on life

Genteel sentiments are pushed aside to allow raging desires

Philosophy of more expectations without pleasure of patience… 104 more words



Recently, Google launched a new algorithm/software (Wavenet) based on deep learning which is an attempt to understand natural language. They started it with English. 363 more words

Alan Watts: JESUS CHRIST - Cosmic Consciousness

Excerpts taken from the following lectures(in order):
-Jesus, His Religion
-On Being God
-(Unknown lecture)
-On Being God



Oblivious captives of the mind, an irony of life unfolds

Words are spoken without care, sheathed in unconscious incisiveness

Directions of life go haywire and precariously balanced on edges… 102 more words


Good luck all day

Today is a day to find a sense of peace that goes way beyond our understanding, to help unlock the transformation that we may be requiring. 115 more words

Skin Care


Impeccable in word and deed

Impeccable in beliefs we seed.

Impeccable is how seeds will grow

Impeccable below the soil they grow.

Impeccable is the blooms that flowers… 48 more words