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Do what makes you happy

When we remember to put love in to the little things, by doing things with care, this lovingly overflows in to the world.

Skin Care

Let it go...

It is late. A warm bed and a cosy book await, yet I still have a lot that needs to be done.

Or that’s what my mind is telling me. 1,051 more words


Deconditioning from holy words

What is the value of collectively defining who we are?
Some definitions: Souls, Love, Spirits, bodies, nothing, everything, etc.

When we hear that we are “truly love,” what actually that means? 522 more words


Healing the hate

Cauterize the hate

With the hot fire

Of love and passion

Ameliorate the anger

With the calmness

Of inner peace

Quell the need for vengeance… 20 more words


The Phenomenon and the Gift ~ March 2017


March 4&5, 2017 – Multiple Locations in eastern US and Canada. 113 more words



Chemicals injected into a rabbits eyes

Dogs forced to smoke cigarettes until they die,

Monkeys with electrodes strapped to their heads,

Pigs shot with bullets for ballistic tests, 43 more words


Video: Isolated Ground Receptacle - T Minus 120

Isolated Ground Receptacle -T Minus 120 (invaded & upgraded)
Track #3 from the album EVILUTIONARY

  • “Electro-Industrialized neuronal connection expunging utilizing visually arousing and aurally tactful undertones” – Colin Deoni…
  • 22 more words
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