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Happiness depends on ourselves

When something touches our heart, we could say that it is the truth. Truth does not come from our thinking or our feeling, it comes from a deep place of innocence within us. 186 more words

Skin Care

Ferryman's ride

Macabre and eerie

Is the depths of death

As the ferryman ensures no breath

Placed coins over eyes

Ensures we receive a smoother ride

To the place of lost and wandering souls… 38 more words


Consciousness Related Physical Anomalies, How Our Minds Shape the World Around Us

For decades, scientists ¬†and philosophers around the world have been exploring what it means for us humans to experience consciousness, what we are referring to when we use the term “mind”, and what it means for us to be an observer in this universe within the bounds of its physical principles. 435 more words


Seeking truth

The truth dwells deep

In love and balance,

The truth lays calm

In benevolence and peace,

The truth can often be elusive

Because truth is not all we see. 48 more words


Like a snail

Like a snail

We lift the head
When we are pleased
But we withdraw head and heart
In our own house
When something opposes
Our “concepts” and ways… 16 more words

Poems & Art

Meaningless games

Your words are meaningless to me,

Your words that convey political or extremist beliefs,

Meaningless and hollow are these,

Clever rich Megalomaniac men saying to all, follow me. 179 more words


Eldritch guardians 

We are guardians of the Earth,

Protectors of is sacred grounds,

Heirs of an ancestry

Who understand that there is a need,

To protect it from those who want to harm… 172 more words