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Sympathetic magic

The principle of sympathetic magic explains why we are with the persons we are with. We attract others of like consciousness. Intention has nothing to do with it.

From The Counsellor

The Future By Way Of The Past

…Staring at polished stones held in their hands that glow with their own inner light...

The long night goes on, with me clinging to the crumbling remains of a building 25 stories up. 722 more words

Science Fiction

We all need rescuing from time to time!

This rescued lovebird has found a friend for life in Jackson the dog — and unlimited free rides!

Yesterday was a rather stressful day what with worrying about Hazel and arranging for her ultra-sonic scan, and one or two other goings on. 22 more words



I’m not even human anymore, I’m just a composite of anxiety and idiom being dragged through a series of haggard experiences, collated daily and draped on chronology like a string of shitty pearls. 71 more words


(7) Creator and Creation

Only one fundamental reality

Namely, The Singular Unity

Manifests as duality transitory

Perceiver and perceived illusory

Creation may vanish without trace

But Creator is eternal formless… 85 more words



The chair was large enough to lay her down on it. He grabbed a sheet from the closet and covered her. His eyes were beginning to water, it was hard for him to hold the emotions, the heartbreak. 105 more words

By Ori Aander