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Near Death Experience Research bars? #NDE

Near Death Experience

Dr Jeffrey Long conducted the largest study ever
on near death experiences, I love the endeavour,
that’s right, near death experience study, 373 more words


One who knows the pulse of life

Unseen hand reassures every little change

When it’s time to navigate

Through the stream of fluid impressions

When transformed by the forces… 78 more words


Awakening To A Higher State of Consciousness: by Nanice Ellis

Did you know there is a direct correlation between spiritual awakening and inner power?

When I was a kid, people were often screaming at each other, spouses publicly arguing, parents scolding their children and kids bullying kids. 1,409 more words


Living life with flaws

I am literary naive,

Not gifted academically,

I just write about what I believe,

Talk about things in a way that I perceive,

So you can judge me… 97 more words


Are You Informed or are You a Crowd Follower?

Something for you to think about.

Are you spiritual or religious,

Do you believe or do you know?

Is your television teaching you or telling lies to your vision? 18 more words

Truth In Information

Archaeology of the Self

When we first begin to do conscious work on ourselves, we are self-centered.  There is so much to dig and explore.  Each succeeding layer reveals an earlier civilization, a different aspect of self, until the archaeologist self comes to the evidences of the original inhabitant of the site.  79 more words