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Crrow777: Do We Still Have Free Speech? Plus Podcast Preview

From the Youtube description: My latest article is up at : http://thehighersidechats.com/crrows-… Do we have the free speech we thought we had growing up? Can we openly talk about false news and Government tyranny? 34 more words


The road home

It was still full dark when I left…it will be a while before dawn and I coincide again on the drive back from the north. I miss those intimate moments when the first rays of the sun creep over a horizon strewn with ancient stone… and no-one else is in sight. 631 more words


Manifesting through the Inner Child....

Too often in metaphysics, we fall into the trap of thinking that it is our responsibility to work out all of the details of how our manifestation will come about.  481 more words


Crrow777: Interview With FM 106 From Spain (Moon Anomalies, Truth)

The first segment repeats for some reason. You can skip from 16 to 33 minutes or so to not hear it twice.

From the Youtube description: I had some trouble with the connection to Spain but all in all a good interview. 50 more words


We All Need a Safe Place

As we get closer and closer to a major change of conscious awareness, it keeps us pretty busy. Old Karmic patterns keep showing up to give us a chance to transform them into our feel good place. 148 more words

Science: The Illusion Of Time - Past, Present And Future Exist Together

The Illusion Of Time – Past, Present And Future Exist Together (2013) – 3 stars

This clip from a longer documentary is less than 10 minutes long. 218 more words


It's storming out there

On the darkest eve of mother moon,

A new cycle starts soon,




none the less,

look at the mess,

Storming seas,

born out of a little breeze… 165 more words