Tags » Consciousness

Stations of thought

Strange fascinations

Unknown destinations

Left in a sea of consternation

We try to avoid any violations

Of environmental creation

I see glacial ablations

As the temperature is in migration… 85 more words


Love for God

The water is running
From top of the mountain
And so is God’s grace
From heaven to earth

Separating love is
No love, is limited… 47 more words


What gives you inner stability is an internal narrative or script that says and resonates at the energy of: I am steady. I am grounded. I am secure. 6 more words



I think, or do I?
Ask this: is a storm alive?
The same process lights our eyes.
chemicals ionize our cloudmind heartskies
electrons flow down from highs… 258 more words

Short Poems

Dive Deeper

The storm has passed,

I am with You always.

The storm has passed,

I am in You always.

The storm has passed,

Calmness prevailed.

The storm has passed, 9 more words


That Voice

In these woods again, mixed emotions at play— light waves of joy and peace, a deep aching sadness within. I am released, yet I stumble, trying not to fall. 289 more words


You can't fill your emptiness with a cinnamon bun

For many there is an odd feeling of lacking something from within the self

A sense of some sort of void to be filled

Some perceive it as a poorly defined “wanting” or “need” to be filled… 133 more words