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Where does the world stop, and identity begin?

How far is it true that an experience of the world is really just an experience of the self? As I have explored previously, the world of phenomenology has taught us that our perceptions have limits as to how far they can truly represent the world as the world is to us. 2,678 more words


Finding Life Balance Starting Now

For the better part of my career, I stumbled and struggled with balance.  Lesson learned is that balance is an internal thing. There is no  one-size-fits all formula on how to handle the wife-mother-career juggling act.  237 more words


Your Guide to Meditation and Conscious Wellbeing

The Twelve Principles of Meditation

A peaceful and calm mind, along with a peaceful and calm heart brings a sense of wellbeing, relaxed focus, and increasingly produces a feeling of happiness. 1,022 more words

Can YOU Love Yourself?

Ahead Of The Pack And Lonely

By Raphael Awen
October 19, 2017

The point of all drama is to raise consciousness. The point of all consciousness is love. 470 more words

It is that silence that is most lovable

Higher than the body’s consciousness & higher than consciousness is the relaxation of consciousness. Those who love body must discover that they actually love consciousness and those who are in love with consciousness and to be in love with consciousness means to be in love with the mind. 388 more words


How to really love a human being?

Questioner: “Acharya Ji, if to love a human being, as Osho says, has become an utter hell, then whom to love?”

Acharya Prashant: If to love a human being, as Osho says, has become an utter hell then whom to love? 1,853 more words


Love beyond others thoughts

Don’t let others determine your ways

We can and should do things our way,

We can come together in an emotional display

And love each other in our unique way, 41 more words