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My eyes feast.

I weep with absolution.

This holy moment, this sacred pageantry of Life,

 a Pan’s playground of splendor

 laughs in the face of utopia in mockery of millennium. 153 more words


Double Consciousness

One of the most interesting expressions I’ve heard recently is from the first major African American sociologist, W.E.B. Du Bois. (He’s worth looking into for a plethora of profound reasons.) 140 more words

Synopsis of Lines

Few lines are drawn casually

In different directions, demarcating nothing

Unworthy marks, defacing spaces

Indentations reveal the impact of temperament

Every line is unique, illustrates different intensity… 50 more words



Serenity reflects from the still waters of a lake

One of those profound moments when nature’s meditative

Looks inviting, body wishes to unburden the worries… 56 more words


CITTA (Consciousness)

“Citta” is defined as “cinteti’ti cittan”, here the word” cinteti” means thinking; thinking of an object is Consciousness (Citta).  “Arammanan Vijanati”, the word “Arammana” means “object” and “ vijànàti” means “ to know”, so knowing various object is Citta. 387 more words

Buddhist Articles

Know that it is worth the trouble

Today is a day to get in touch with the feeling side of our selves, to let go of what we think we should be doing, so that we can get in touch with our creative aspects, the peace and

Skin Care

is that why babies reach out with two hands or in 5D or 5B

boldly braving where few will go, this action tragy comedy hero of yours will not learn his lines and will not stop at times censoring himself either..to the complete bafflement of yours truly….The line between anything must be a slippery place…some words in language even make a big difference..once i kept asking some poor shopkeeper for a “happy abortion”, it was China and i was seeking to buy something everyday to the amusement of my friend…hmmm….friend….i wonder…no need for a question mark here move on…It seems these days that many many things are getting clinical facelifts…up our dat she said as she rose up on his pole…ah ha…yes facelifts…gone are the rustic sounds of country guitar heroes singing us a slow melodee like Desperado or big wille nelson telling us about his regret…in is precision  layered vocals….i say in out ,further in so…80’s music was 80’s…its was in your face some of it….top of pops on steroids……..gone was the 60’s lullaby or the seventies hip worming tunes…..I say in, for the natural, whats the sound for photoshopping? 304 more words