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Advaita Vedanta - l

Advaita Vedanta can be called a mystical path, a spirituality, science of reality, or a combination of both (which I prefer). It can be called nonduality or ‘Monism’ (preferably the first): monism because it takes reality as being One (“without a second”). 249 more words



King was not murdered because he had spent his heroic life promoting individual volunteerism. To understand his life and death – to celebrate the man – “it is essential to realize although he is popularly depicted and perceived as a civil rights leader, he was much more than that.

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The power of good food!

Connections: connections!

In my recent post Diet is so crucial to good health, published on the 11th January I opened it thus:

Sometime over the next few days I will write a post about an amazing connection that Jean made, via Richard in England, with Colin Potter.

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Still waters run deep.

If you can’t even hurt my feelings you can’t even scratch the surface.


Nothing is impossible

Anything is possible

Never believe that it’s not,

People may say it so

But do they really know,

So many opinions

Not always based around facts, 168 more words


I wish I could travel

I wish I could travel more

And see what the world has in store,

I would really like to have the means

To visit places that I’ve never been, 129 more words