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Anger exploding like volcanic rage

Vehemently covering all in the spray

Of acidic, toxic, words which display

The negative emotions taking place

Overwhelming our sense of calm… 39 more words


When the light goes out

I held her face so close to mine

Gazed with longing in each others eyes,

I kissed her lips one last time

Then I faded from her sight, 18 more words


Truth is stranger than fiction 

From the darkness life appeared

How it evolved I still unknown,

Many theories have been purported

Very little evidenced and supported,

By anything but hearsay and guessing… 226 more words


How To Personally Annihilate The Lie of External Love

How many living things have you ever claimed to love? How many living things, their personal autonomy of Self and of mind, have you so boldly and cruelly attacked and violated via love bullet?? 345 more words


Human Breeding Is An Act Of Murder

When you create a human life, you condemn that life to become retroactively unborn, via your sponsorship and support for the indefinite continuation of universal death for all. 303 more words

Social Commentary

Daily Contemplations: Four Levels Of Consciousness

I heard recently heard a quote about 4 levels of consciousness and how we see the world…

1. Black and white
2. Metaphorical
3. Paradoxical… 350 more words