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What A Little Faith Can Do-Daily Insights for Growth (1/23/2018)

Read: Mark 4:30-34

SMALL faith can lead to BIG results.  Our faith in Jesus, no matter how small (in terms of strength) unlocks his power to go to work in our lives.  203 more words

What would you choose if it were easy?

As I was skimming through Tim Ferriss’ latest book, I stumbled upon this one question that he asks himself when considering a business decision, or a personal relationship, etc. 464 more words

C'est La Vie!


Ahhh, the sweet ache of loss.
When nothing fills the hole of absence.
Ache consuming every moment.
Death feels like it has a voice.
Saying it is time to join the damned. 49 more words


Apology Not Accepted

Last meal, last drink, last walk, last breath.
This is real and I am content with this end.
For taking her life I am sentenced to death. 303 more words


unfucking thyself 101.23




Homai to Aroha



Also the ‘new normal’: however, this one I’m finding a little harder to embrace.

While being all social and shit is awesome and I absolutely loved hanging out with my girls with zero anxiety and zero ‘fuck this shit …’ …. 164 more words


Will Changes to the Tax Code Reduce Claims of Independent Contractor Misclassification?

Ha ha. Wishful thinking.

By now, we’ve all heard that the new tax code provides a 20% tax deduction for many small businesses, including potentially independent contractors. 536 more words

The Words of My Mouth

The Words of My Mouth

Psalm 19:13-14

Keep back Thy servant  from presumptuous sins;   
Let them not  rule over me;
Then  I shall be blameless,

629 more words