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The Venus of Willendorf

I woke up this morning feeling stupid. I’ve got a lot of sugar in this house today. I’ve had a breakfast of black coffee and chocolate malted milks dunked. 224 more words


The Need for Hope...

Read Nahum 3
Focus on verse 1

I recently read that the city of Chicago had recorded 300 murders for the year by Father’s Day weekend. 484 more words

Daily Devotional


Hateful words, volatile like gasoline,

Coaxed the spark into crackling fire,

Where their friendship, trust and loyalty

Lay sacrificed on the funeral pyre.

She made no effort to extinguish… 129 more words


The Language of Shaytaan

Shaytaan uses a language which is hidden and only the heart can understand. Your ears can’t hear it and your eyes can’t see it. His steps are: 32 more words


Britain Loses it's AAA Rating...

Loss of Triple A Status

   Picture taken from (http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/personalfinance/investing/9902460/AAA-credit-rating-blow-How-bad-is-Britains-debt-problem.html )

Every country has a bond rating that is given by the rating agencies “Standard & Poor” and “Fitch Ratings”. 326 more words

+ or -? It's Not Just for Ions!

I didn’t know you could buy a pregnancy test on sale.  Huh.  You can even earn CVS Extra Care Bucks.  Apparently it’s a lucky day for my budget.  1,883 more words

Single Life