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Constant Friction

Every day, life grates off from the years

Eventually, curly shavings create a heap

Frequent tribulations become a fate

When a traveler is lost in contrary path… 44 more words


Disobedience, Staples and Grace

My son has staples in his head. Seriously. This is not a joke.

You see, James was at preschool and it was nearing lunch time. As he and his classmates walked down the hall to use the restroom and wash their hands he started to run ahead of his class. 608 more words


Brexit - what will change?

The forthcoming UK’s referendum about the future of the permanence inside the EU of the United Kingdom is important for all the other countries inside such union and for the perspective of the nations that are considering to enter the EU. 358 more words


Building Cell Phone Responsibilty

Giving your child his or her first cell phone is a very personal decision. Everyone has their own perspective on when it’s the right time but one thing that all parents can agree on is that these little devices and wreak havoc and cause all types of damage if misused. 134 more words


The Coupon Box

One of Aaron’s Sunday routines is to clip the coupons that are almost always in the Sunday morning newspaper.  I’ve blogged before about his coupon cutting process.  1,673 more words

Effect of Time

As long as you inhale Time

You are not free

Permeates the entire body

Breaching the cells

Wraps the mind with limitations

Slowly settles between the furrows… 70 more words


The Crowd

If you had followed Tumi’s gaze you would have seen it coming.

Don’t blame yourself though, no one besides him saw it coming. They were all too amazed with what was happening in the middle of the circle of the crowd to look slightly skyward. 287 more words