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Coincidence and Consequece: Blaugust Day 30

I’m hesitating launching into this as a topic, because I haven’t got my head entirely straight around what I want to say. But it’s a topic that I’ll be coming back to repeatedly over the coming weeks, and I’m hoping that something will crystallise from it beside just a bunch of stories. 428 more words


Here's the thing about our consequences

You’ve probably heard said, “I learned everything I need to know in kindergarten,” or something like it. Well,┬áin first grade in addition to teaching my lovelies phonics and addition, I like to think I give a refresher course in “everything I need to know.” In first grade we practice sharing and taking turns and putting the caps back on things. 663 more words

Kingdom Living

I Am Me

I am me,
There’s nobody Else like me man.
Who could go where I have been,
And still say they’re uniquely
And I’m bout to tip the scales. 115 more words


Karma with The High Priestess

I’m going to start this post with an examination of one of the cards drawn and presented here. I want to talk a bit about the… 614 more words

The Tarot Of Manifestation

And with a heavy heart...

August 30th, 2015

I’m at this place again. Numb. Sad, maybe? Definitely isolated and introspective.

Have you ever found yourself at a place where you made a big decision but the way you made that decision, the weight of it seemed like you were choosing between two trivial things? 172 more words


Destructive humans.

As humans progress wild life dies and, with it, the human habitat yet they proclaim their intelligence.


skeletons in our closet

As the “other woman” (I guess you could call it that), I feel stuck between a rock and a hard place… Maintaining respect for something that never had respect for me. 530 more words