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When life gets real, Quick!

So yesterday we had a situation come up at my sons school. It was a pretty serious situation, one that could have ended a completely different way. 571 more words

From Where I Stand

Why Should Inmates Have Second Chances?

Many of the inmates that are incarcerated in the Department of Corrections are here because they made some really bad decisions without thinking about the consequences of their actions.   204 more words

Views From The Inside

Why are we led by insane principles?

Before or after you read this article, please go to gofundme.com/openempire and donate, then pass this on to your friends, family & associates to do the same. 1,200 more words

Why Open Empire?

The Enemy of the Best

The Bible talks about sin. If you don’t read the Bible or go to church, it probably sounds like a very “churchy” word. But allow me to explain the concept as I’ve seen it played out in my own life. 190 more words


Liam Fox "the public need to hear the arguments in detail" - so why is Leaving the EU BETTER?

Dr Liam Fox, prominent Leave campaigner, has said: “It is a momentous decision for the country and the public need to hear the arguments in detail and the consequences their votes will have.” 198 more words


The flaws of property, trade & currency.

I’m going to share with you my understanding of the reasons why property, trade & currency are all part of the same flawed philosophical viewpoint … but before I do, I want to ask you to have a look at… 1,322 more words

Why Open Empire?