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Camel up & Colt Express

I played Camel Up and Colt Express at Consequences. Two games that are pretty, fast, fun, and family friendly!

In Camel Up you bet on which camel will win the race while also trying to manipulate the outcome. 95 more words


Karma is a Bitch

Thought for the day #4

Karma is a bitch. It truly is. Karma is this form of energy which I believe watches you and knows the true you. 299 more words

Thought For The Day


Too much of something in the way of angels
has been flying overhead and dropping
digital illusions on our sullen task and grief—-

a moon-beamed manna in a splendid light… 175 more words


Weapon of Choice

Don’t you find it confusing,

That what was once a cooking utensil,

Sometimes a utility tool,

Is now a lethal weapon?

A weapon of choice for young men, 155 more words

Knife Crime


Every action has consequences.
Every reaction too. Things we do, have consequences and things that we don’t too.
I wished in had realised that earlier. 32 more words


Medical Consequences Oral Piercing

For centuries, men and women have used body piercing as a way to express a sense of self and while body modification may be a unique interpretation of style for some, the medical consequences for oral piercings are often overlooked. 23 more words

Consequences 2015

I had a great and mellow time at Consequences!

I can confess now that I had a secret objective for this convention. Every year I ruin my non-smoker status at the con by smoking a pack or two in four days. 1,574 more words