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"The Preventive State," By Jonathan Jacobs

It might be best to set forth some of the core issues concerning legal punishment before discussing the most important elements of Michael Louis Corrado’s… 3,343 more words

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My take on ethical dilemmas - pt. 1 - Q&A

Here are my answers (and further questions) to a list of ethical dilemmas I found on the internet:

Not to give too much away in advance, but you might notice that a lot of the time I am questioning premises that are inside the question as well as (or in some cases, instead of) answering the question. 1,610 more words


Veganism: ideology versus results

(trigger warning: contains interesting thought experiments! :-))

As readers of this blog may know, I like to challenge the cherished and well established vegan concept… 1,167 more words

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Value Ethics; or, At Home in a Foreign Land

I’ve been working away at the Nichomachean Ethics for a while now – put on hold after it was shelved during a thorough tidy, I’ve dug it out and am attacking it in earnest. 1,023 more words


My views on normative ethics Part 2 - Consequentialism

This is part of the series on normative ethics on the three major schools of moral systems.

Consequentialism is a school of normative ethics that asserts that consequences are the only important thing when it comes to being moral. 148 more words

Incoherence of Consequentialism

Using evil means to produce a good end may have produced some good ends. Indeed, we may suppose that there are no evil consequences as a result of the evil means. 97 more words

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J'Accuse! Dissecting an accusatory comment

I don’t get much time these days to reply to comments as I once did. I used to greatly enjoy responding to comments on MercatorNet, and still miss the discussions and debates. 1,262 more words