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Consequentialism and Formalism in Rational and Social Choice Theory

Rational and social choice theory (RCT and SCT respectively) in economics are broadly consequentialists. Consequentialism can be characterized as the view that all choice alternatives should be evaluated in terms of their consequences and that the best alternatives are those which have the best consequences. 2,286 more words

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His Being Anachronistic

It is as if he does not really belong here, as if he is a ghost who has somehow been misplaced, who has due to some mistake made it to here and now. 236 more words


Against Consequentialism

In this essay I will argue against consequentialism as an adequate theory of ethics. Though space does not permit me to enumerate all of my objections, nor to respond to every conceivable variant of consequentialism, I will sketch three general objections that seem to strike at the heart of the theory. 1,391 more words

The last temptation is the greatest treason: to do the right deed for the wrong reason.


Isaac Levi on Rationality, Deliberation and Prediction (2/3)

This is the second of a three-part post on the philosopher Isaac Levi’s account of the relationship between deliberation and prediction in decision theory and which is an essential part of Levi’s more general theory of rationality. 2,060 more words

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Are human dignity and usefulness mutually exclusive?

Kant is rightly recognised as one of the greatest minds in history. But when he said that one should treat others always as an end and… 627 more words


Watchmen's Ozymandias and the ultimate moral dilemma


First, I have to ask you: have you read Watchmen? Or at least seen the movie? If you haven’t, this is going to spoil the heck out of it; what I’m discussing is tied to the conclusion of the great story. 2,464 more words