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Noble cause corruption

Noble cause corruption is corruption caused by the inappropriate adherence to a consequentialist ethical system, suggesting that persons ‘will utilize unethical, and sometimes illegal, means to obtain a desired result,’ a result which appears to benefit the greater good. 402 more words


The Pro-Life Position - Part 2: Ethical Theories and Relativism

So I am continuing my blog on the PLP, see number 1 in the series for key terms and introductory notions. Now we get into the basic ethical theories. 881 more words


Moral Boundaries: Stepping Over the Line

“Stepping over the line” is, I think, a concept generally regarded as doing something that is unforgivable—something immoral. It’s interesting that we were asked to reflect on peoples’ motivation to stay within the line, since I think that the “line” is different for every person, and some people don’t have a line at all. 679 more words


Bring on the Ketchup!

This week’s question about whether I consider myself a consequentialist or a deontologist was an interesting one, since it was basically asking me why I consider the things I do “right” or “wrong”. 761 more words


Moral Desert: Criticism of Utilitarianism, Prioritarianism, and John Rawls

Imagine if John, an electrician, were injured while working on a transmitter. At the same time, a thousand people were greatly enjoying their time watching the world cup through the same transmitter. 1,068 more words


Three Moral Theories: a Fable

Although these days I’m lucky to find even two hours a week to devote to it, one of my hobbies is playing video games. The fact that I spend so little time on it means that I rarely buy new titles, as there are so many games that came out years ago that I’m still interested in playing, and those can be picked up cheap. 840 more words

Good And Evil

Arguing Morals

It’s difficult to find someone who doesn’t think they’re at least trying to be a moral person. Even someone who thinks of themselves as immoral does so because he or she sees themselves as failing to live up to their own moral code, not because they are purposefully choosing the route of immorality because of some warped value system. 2,263 more words

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