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The road can’t cross the chicken;
So, Mohammad must go to Uhud.
Uhud won’t go to Mohammad;
So, the chicken must cross the road.


HANG AROUND WITH philosophers long enough and you’ll realize that philosophers think about some strange things.

I was going to say strange shit but I’m not sure about the parental settings on my blog. 1,675 more words


A Dual-Process Theory of Moral Judgment

Part Of: Demystifying Ethics sequence
Content Summary: 900 words, 9 min read


An ethical theory is an attempt to explain what goodness is: to ground ethics in some feature of the world. 911 more words

Cognitive Science

Essay: From Computers to Consequentialism

By Ooi Tech Chye


In Moralizing Technology, Peter-Paul Verbeek argues that technology plays an active role in morality by shaping our moral decisions — it is a part of the world in which our moral decisions take place. 1,762 more words

Mass Media Part 1: Social Responsibility ... by Alice ..

Dear Ones,

I’d like to talk for a little bit about mass media as it is today, and social responsibility. I’d like to address the issue of lawlessness and the law; and the persuasive power of mass media.   409 more words

Social Issues - Human Affairs - Social Planning

Course Notes - H.A. Prichard, “Does Moral Philosophy Rest on a Mistake?”

by Daniel A. Kaufman


We have finished with our survey of traditional ethical theories, in my Theories of Ethics course, and the students have been given a whopper of an exam on Aristotle, Hume, Kant, and Mill.  1,771 more words


Virtue Ethics and Consequentialism: A Developmental View

As I see it, virtue ethics [1] is a particularly good ethical framework for the education of children and young people, for its aim is to guide and assess… 549 more words