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Arguing Morals

It’s difficult to find someone who doesn’t think they’re at least trying to be a moral person. Even someone who thinks of themselves as immoral does so because he or she sees themselves as failing to live up to their own moral code, not because they are purposefully choosing the route of immorality because of some warped value system. 2,263 more words

Philosophy And Religion

Some things on morality systems

So ever since I learned about the three ethical systems thing (consequentialism, deontology, virtue ethics – I don’t think I did have an article that lists them just from the top but… 1,596 more words

Ends and means

I have been thinking about ethical theory the past few days, prompted by no complex situation I am facing as much as by a hypothetical I encountered the other day. 735 more words


Survival of the Moral-ist

Deontology is just your genetic instincts talking, and the only things your instincts care about are the strategies that caused your ancestors to successfully create you. 747 more words

The Ethics of Consequentialism: On Dangerous Ground (1951)

In Nicholas Ray’s On Dangerous Ground (1951) Jim Wilson (Robert Ryan) is a police officer whose heart is hardened by the world of crime. Physically assaulting criminal suspects in order to obtain information, his actions are based on the ethical theory known as consequentialism. 454 more words

Film Noir

We don’t need no (moral) education? Five things you should learn about ethics

Patrick Stokes, Deakin University

The human animal takes a remarkably long time to reach maturity. And we cram a lot of learning into that time, as well we should: the list of things we need to know by the time we hit adulthood in order to thrive – personally, economically, socially, politically – is enormous. 1,043 more words


Is It Morally Okay for My Little Brother to Work for a Defense Contractor?

As some of you might know, I have a little brother named Adam (he appears on the blog once in a while). Adam is one of my favorite people–he’s a remarkably kind, thoughtful, and gregarious person. 1,867 more words