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An amusing response to Dawah Man

Hugo and Jake, who produce for a chanel called the Quran Reloaded (and also the Bible Reloaded which talks about Christian stuff) address one of the most absurd pieces of religious apologetic ever created:


My Lost Foundations of Meaning

I’ve been taking cautious steps back in the direction of reading and thinking about philosophy, and so have very reluctantly come again to examine the foundations of my morality and “meaning”. 706 more words


Pub Night 6 (January 2016): To Thine Own Self be True

“To thine own self be true” was famously uttered by Polonius in Shakespeare’s Hamlet. It sounds like a noble maxim, but is it?

As the presenter of this topic noted, there are plenty of things that, being true to our nature, we  339 more words


Is making airstrikes on Syria murder?

British MPs have voted in favour of making airstrikes against ISIL in Syria, and the RAF carried out the first set of strikes promptly after the vote. 3,547 more words

"The Preventive State," By Jonathan Jacobs

It might be best to set forth some of the core issues concerning legal punishment before discussing the most important elements of Michael Louis Corrado’s… 3,343 more words

Essays And Reviews

My take on ethical dilemmas - pt. 1 - Q&A

Here are my answers (and further questions) to a list of ethical dilemmas I found on the internet:

Not to give too much away in advance, but you might notice that a lot of the time I am questioning premises that are inside the question as well as (or in some cases, instead of) answering the question. 1,610 more words


Veganism: ideology versus results

(trigger warning: contains interesting thought experiments! :-))

As readers of this blog may know, I like to challenge the cherished and well established vegan concept… 1,167 more words

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