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What should be the key features of a macropsychology to promote global health?

This is an essay I submitted for one of my lectures which I was quite proud of, the result of an obsessive look into macro-level societal phenomena from the spread of AIDS to the encroachment of the internet on human mental well-being, much of which had little to do with the module material. 2,729 more words


Ethics: Peter Singer's Famine, Affluence, and Morality

Famine, Affluence, and Morality

In Famine, Affluence, and Morality, utilitarian philosopher Peter Singer argues that all of us ought to act according to the following principle: 760 more words


Dream Sculptors ... by Alice ..

Dear Ones,

This is about controllers who may attempt to sculpt or terraform people’s nighttime dreams using dream snatching followed by astral whispering of a ‘movie clip’ promoting their consequentialist notion of a master plan for the world. 82 more words

All - Law Of One - Ra

On Understanding, Apprehending, and Rehabilitating the Antisocial Personality and the Serial Killer ... by Alice .. *

Dear Ones,

I’ve written a series of blogs on what I feel is ground-breaking clair research into understanding, apprehending and rehabilitating the antisocial personality and the serial killer. 379 more words

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The Karmic Consequences of Consequentialism ... by Alice ..

  • Business Kickbacks
  • Drug Industry Bribes
  • Murder for the Good of Someone or Something We Cherish
  • Using Black Magic to Save a Corporation or Nation
    • The People Against Whom the Black Magic Is Used…
  • 1,352 more words
Black Magic - Dark Network

Consequentialism and Formalism in Rational and Social Choice Theory

Rational and social choice theory (RCT and SCT respectively) in economics are broadly consequentialists. Consequentialism can be characterized as the view that all choice alternatives should be evaluated in terms of their consequences and that the best alternatives are those which have the best consequences. 2,286 more words

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His Being Anachronistic

It is as if he does not really belong here, as if he is a ghost who has somehow been misplaced, who has due to some mistake made it to here and now. 236 more words