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Consequentialism versus Justice

by Tim Harding

There are several objections to consequentialism as a basis for morality.  Some of these objections are of considerable scholarly interest to philosophers; but I think the most powerful objection is that adherence to consequentialism can in some cases result in injustice.  1,707 more words

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Existentialism in Design: Motivation

There has been a lot of recent work on the ethics of digital technology. This is a broad area of inquiry, but it includes such topics as: 1,579 more words


Why Sexual Servitude is Wrong

There are several reasons as to why prostitution could be strongly considered as a morally wrong and principally problematic practice. Debra Satz argues that prostitution is morally wrong for reasons of gender inequality, but she does not see anything unacceptable with the practice itself. 1,844 more words

I Want the Experience Machine

The concept of Utilitarianism, at its foundation, is quite simple and intuitive: the determination of what is right or wrong depends on whether or not, and to what extent, a given action has utility; it’s consequentialism of a kind.   994 more words


Nulla Misericordia 

I recently viewed The Belko Experiment, a gory and blood-spattered Hollywood interpretation of an intensely unethical social experiment. As Kieffer pointed out to me, this film was in direct comparison to a thinking exercise of ethics called the trolley problem. 415 more words


Summer Series: Examining Environmental Ethics

By Melissa Chang

In the wake of the US pulling out of the Paris Climate Change agreement, it seems that environmental conservation and climate change is controversial once again. 1,489 more words

Book Review #1 – Eating Animals by Jonathan Safran Foer

In many ways, there is little more to be said about this book than the eight word review on the front cover from Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall – “Everyone who eats flesh should read this book”. 2,257 more words