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Chiquita Bananas and its link to terrorist groups


Chiquita Brands International, the giant international banana producer spent the turn of the millennium defending itself from several lawsuits due to its financing of a terrorist group in Colombia. 2,234 more words

Paper 2

Not a "One-for-One" Way Street: TOMS Paper 2

Take a moment to imagine the feeling of walking without shoes. Everyone has done it at some point or another. The sharp little pieces of gravel that cut through the skin, the burn of the hot, black pavement on a sunny day. 2,797 more words

Outline of J.S. Mill's Argument for Utilitarianism

This is a brief outline prepared for my Ethics course.

In chapter 1 of his Utilitarianism, John Stuart Mill puts fourth an argument in favor of the “Greatest Happiness Principle” or GHP. 490 more words


The unavoidable complexity of morality

I’ve written before on why science can’t determine morality.  This isn’t a particularly controversial position (even if many of Sam Harris or Michael Shermer’s followers find it so).   1,113 more words


Nature is a Jerk, Part III--Reversing the Argument

Thank you to everyone who watched livestream or came out, in person, to my talk on Sunday night (4-3-16), “Nature is a Jerk (Part 1)” 2,982 more words


Acts 5 and Consequentialism

Acts of the Apostles, chapter 5.  What happened leading up to it?

The Lord poured out His Holy Spirit.  Peter preached on the Temple steps.   345 more words


Beyond Christianity, Part 2

A friend on Facebook recently posted a Fox News video about “liberal agitators” at a Trump rally. Being that this was from Fox News, the agitators they chose to show were not particularly articulate. 1,445 more words