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Essay: The Strange Case of Professor Procrastinate and Consequentialism

Written by Chan Kei Nin

This paper argues that both actualism and possibilism are inadequate in providing a satisfactory answer to whether Professor Procrastinate, as a consequentialist, ought to accept or decline the invitation to write a book review. 2,364 more words

Consequentialist Veganism

Vegans are often criticized as dogmatic and rule-oriented. We are imagined opposing cultured meat, interrogating waiters, and researching trace food ingredients with a fervor that would make a… 690 more words


Lifeboat Case

Summary of Lecture 2 of Justice by Harvard (edX)

Sandel uses the case of R v Dudley and Stephens to examine the arguments for utilitarianism. Bentham, the e18th century English political philosopher, gave the first clear systematic expression to the utilitarian moral theory, which can be summed up with the slogan “the greatest good for the greatest number”. 59 more words


Longform: A Defence of the Right to Marriage for Same-Sex Couples

Written by Marcus Teo, Artwork by Hoo Yan Han

In the present work, I provide a defence of same-sex marriage. To these ends, I invoke two concepts to justify the right to marriage for same-sex couples: 1) the non-interference condition of liberty, and 2) the maximization of wellbeing. 3,661 more words

First Responder: It Can't Happen in the USA - Or Can It?

Many people believe that the United States is immune to populism due to their strong beliefs of personal freedom, democracy and their political and military history (for example, fighting with the Allied Forces against Hitler’s regime in WW2). 592 more words


Three Branches of Ethics

The three branches of normative ethics (i.e., consequentialism, deontology, and virtue theory) are a question of whether you think goodness is a relative, objective, or an intrinsic property, respectively.


Can We Quantify Certain Kinds of Ethical Choices?

In his book Ethics in the Real World, the renowned philosopher Peter Singer proposes a metric for ethical risk informed by his (generally held) worldview of… 3,289 more words