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Book Review #1 – Eating Animals by Jonathan Safran Foer

In many ways, there is little more to be said about this book than the eight word review on the front cover from Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall – “Everyone who eats flesh should read this book”. 2,257 more words


"But it's their culture!"

As a Humanist, I believe ethics and morality should be consequential. To be judged by the outcome of collective human actions rather than from a virtuous standing. 383 more words


What's Wrong with Immigration Restrictions? The Same Thing That's Wrong with Gun Control

My latest post at Learn Liberty explores the close parallels between certain arguments for immigration restrictions and gun restrictions:

A common argument for restricting immigration… 242 more words



The road can’t cross the chicken;
So, Mohammad must go to Uhud.
Uhud won’t go to Mohammad;
So, the chicken must cross the road.


HANG AROUND WITH philosophers long enough and you’ll realize that philosophers think about some strange things.

I was going to say strange shit but I’m not sure about the parental settings on my blog. 1,675 more words


A Dual-Process Theory of Moral Judgment

Part Of: Demystifying Ethics sequence
Content Summary: 900 words, 9 min read


An ethical theory is an attempt to explain what goodness is: to ground ethics in some feature of the world. 911 more words

Cognitive Science

Essay: From Computers to Consequentialism

By Ooi Tech Chye


In Moralizing Technology, Peter-Paul Verbeek argues that technology plays an active role in morality by shaping our moral decisions — it is a part of the world in which our moral decisions take place. 1,762 more words