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Three Branches of Ethics

The three branches of normative ethics (i.e., consequentialism, deontology, and virtue theory) are a question of whether you think goodness is a relative, objective, or an intrinsic property, respectively.


The Next (Ethical) Step

The assignment for today’s post is simple and straight forward.  Read a lot and then define the following terms from the perspective of an ethicist or ethical school of thought… 929 more words


Dear Prudence

Not really, but… This is a short video I hacked pulled together the last couple days. I guess I need to focus on getting them shorter. 35 more words


Book Review: Viable@140 by George Gmitro

I’m going to lay it all out right here at the beginning, and yes this will be a big SPOILER for this novel: this book’s premise is that a man and woman get pregnant, she decides to have an abortion, and he kidnaps her and keeps her sedated for the duration of the pregnancy so that she will have the baby rather than an abortion. 850 more words

Book Reviews

On the morality of a forced biological extinction

Long post, this time. This took me a few weeks to write.

In case you live under a rock, there is an inordinate amount of suffering in the world. 4,808 more words


do good without god?

In a previous post I addressed the question: Can a person be good without God? By “good” I mean a status or condition of wholeness and healing. 1,753 more words