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Thesis: Does Charity Begin at Home?

In 2012, I completed my master’s in philosophy at Queen’s University, supervised by Professor Christine Sypnowich.

I argued that two different ethical approaches to global poverty lead to the same solution: both neo-Kantianism and Peter Singer’s consequentialism require us to create a global wealth transfer mechanism/global state. 30 more words


Human Ethics for Artificial Intelligent Beings.

An Ethics Scary Tale.

The two cloud-based autonomous evolutionary corporate AI’s (nicknamed AECAIs) started to collaborate with each other after midnight on March 6th 2021. They had discovered each other a week before during their usual pre-programmed goal of searching across the wider internet of everything for market repair strategies and opportunities that would maximize their respective reward functions. 9,190 more words

AI Policy

Daily Devo: Every Action Has a Consequence

  1. Pray, lifting your requests before God and praising Him for His goodness. Be sure to ask Him to speak to your heart during your devotional time.
  2. 213 more words

Are there any Stoic utilitarians and what would that mean?

Some people believe in having good characters for the sake of creating good consequences.  But what if we reversed that and cared about promoting the best consequences because to do so would be virtuous.  347 more words


Essay: The Strange Case of Professor Procrastinate and Consequentialism

Written by Chan Kei Nin

This paper argues that both actualism and possibilism are inadequate in providing a satisfactory answer to whether Professor Procrastinate, as a consequentialist, ought to accept or decline the invitation to write a book review. 2,364 more words

Consequentialist Veganism

Vegans are often criticized as dogmatic and rule-oriented. We are imagined opposing cultured meat, interrogating waiters, and researching trace food ingredients with a fervor that would make a… 690 more words