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Could you kill the fat man?

In the now famous Trolley Problem thought experiment of 1967, Philippa Foot raised the question of human ethics and morality.

The experiment actually called The Problem of Abortion and the Doctrine of the Double Effect… 512 more words


The Problem of Ethics

It is hard to avoid the fallout of the hacking of the personal details of those who signed up to the website Ashley Maddison. This website, for those of you who have not followed this story, is designed for people who wish to have an extramarital affair. 1,365 more words

Why Do Views Differ? Bad reasoning, bad evidence or bad faith?

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When two parties to a discussion differ, it is useful, in seeking to resolve this, to determine from where the difference arises, and whether it is resolvable in principle. 3,714 more words


The Evil Outcomes of Consequentialism

Consequentialism came into the conversation at my debate with David Smalley (Sunday, August 9). Only a short critique of this theory was possible at that time. 3,773 more words


Noble cause corruption

Noble cause corruption is corruption caused by the inappropriate adherence to a consequentialist ethical system, suggesting that persons ‘will utilize unethical, and sometimes illegal, means to obtain a desired result,’ a result which appears to benefit the greater good. 402 more words


The Pro-Life Position - Part 2: Ethical Theories and Relativism

So I am continuing my blog on the PLP, see number 1 in the series for key terms and introductory notions. Now we get into the basic ethical theories. 881 more words


Moral Boundaries: Stepping Over the Line

“Stepping over the line” is, I think, a concept generally regarded as doing something that is unforgivable—something immoral. It’s interesting that we were asked to reflect on peoples’ motivation to stay within the line, since I think that the “line” is different for every person, and some people don’t have a line at all. 679 more words