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Living a Lie

Psych is a show that follows the adventures of Shawn Spencer, the son of a former cop, who has keen observation and deduction skills that he uses to help the Santa Barbara police department solve crimes. 541 more words


Marvel Ethics

I typically have one show I choose to watch religiously on Hulu. My latest go-to has been Marvel’s “Agent Carter”. After watching the season finale yesterday, I realized the show could serve as a strong case about ethics. 464 more words


Other Philosophers - Variations on a Theme (Part 3)

In my last post I discussed the philosophy of Kant.  Kant wrote that the best moral structure is not to seek after our own happiness (as taught by the ancient philosophers mentioned in my book) or to consider justice in addition to happiness (Duns Scotus), but to discard happiness altogether and focus on one’s duty according to a moral code based on good will.   368 more words

Ethical Implications in Game of Thrones

The widely popular HBO show Game of Thrones takes place in the mythical land of Westeroes, where dragons, magic and war rage. The shows graphic scenes and constant contrast between “right” and “wrong” has hooked viewers. 621 more words


Consequentialism: No Longer An Alienating Morality

People tend to believe that their special ties and projects are morally relevant considerations, but traditional consequentialism does not justify partial consideration as morally relevant. The problem with this as Peter Railton has pointed out is that this can have an alienating effect on and individual, and as Julia Driver has pointed out, has the potential to obligate benevolent “angels of the world.” However, when consequentialism is conceived of with a contemporary lens, taking into account of the value of the bonds all humans have to other humans, neither of these problems are intractable. 2,312 more words


Terrifying moral dilemmas

A regular interlocutor and occasional sparring partner over at MercatorNet asked for my opinion as an ethicist on a difficult moral dilemma: should couples who are, or suspect they are, genetically predisposed to terminal illness or other serious disease avoid having children? 524 more words


The means justify the ends

Yes, I know. The title of this post is not right. It’s a deliberate misquotation, part of a writing challenge from over at The Blacklight Candelabra… 590 more words