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Incoherence of Consequentialism

Using evil means to produce a good end may have produced some good ends. Indeed, we may suppose that there are no evil consequences as a result of the evil means. 97 more words

Moral Philosophy

J'Accuse! Dissecting an accusatory comment

I don’t get much time these days to reply to comments as I once did. I used to greatly enjoy responding to comments on MercatorNet, and still miss the discussions and debates. 1,262 more words


Ethics of the nuclear debate

In class last week we were discussing ethics, and in particular, the different ethical models that can be used when justifying a position.

Ethics is the framework that we apply when we are trying to make a decision about the ‘right-ness’ or ‘wrong-ness’ of a choice. 517 more words

Humbling Offenders?

Today I want to briefly look at the argument that we punish in order to serve the offender some humble pie. I want to make two points.   765 more words

Criminal Punishment

Philosophy Fridays: Utilitarianism (Bentham & Mill)

Consequentialism is the last of the three schools of thought in ethics to be covered here. It holds that the morality of actions is governed by the consequences of that action; good consequences make actions moral, bad ones make an action immoral. 886 more words


Could you kill the fat man?

In the now famous Trolley Problem thought experiment of 1967, Philippa Foot raised the question of human ethics and morality.

The experiment actually called¬†The Problem of Abortion and the Doctrine of the Double Effect… 512 more words


The Problem of Ethics

It is hard to avoid the fallout of the hacking of the personal details of those who signed up to the website Ashley Maddison. This website, for those of you who have not followed this story, is designed for people who wish to have an extramarital affair. 1,365 more words