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John Ivison: Harper ditches Angry Man routine for a Canadian take on Dr. Phil

Stephen Harper unveiled his policy platform at a slick launch event Friday, in an attempt to inject some life into an election campaign that, if it were a network television show, would be in danger of cancellation. 753 more words

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National Post editorial board: Liberals give NDP taste of their own medicine

Jack Layton met with Stephen Harper on Friday for what both sides called a cordial discussion, and people close to the NDP leader and the Prime Minister took the opportunity to muse about how their men were not interested in an election; how they would rather focus on getting work done. 409 more words

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Stupid Republican Tricks: Stock Market Edition

Here are some rules from Conservativeland when it comes to economic policy and the stock market:

  • The stock market reacts to the news coming out of Washington…
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So conservatives are all a-twitter over a YouTube video showing a group of children out in California singing a pro-Obama song.

Big deal, right? With everything going on in our country right now, … 40 more words