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Oh Amazon, Where Art Thou?

It is a heavy read, but now is not the time to shrink away from the tough news. Something can be done, and something must be done. 440 more words


Forest Attrition Distance

Thanks to the Science section of the New York Times, for the description of the research as well as for the name of the measurement: 415 more words


Meet the People #2

Photo: KopeLion

In my last blog I mentioned Ingela Jansson and the KopeLion project and promised to tell you more.

Ingela spent three years working for the Serengeti Lion project as a research assistant monitoring lions in the Serengeti National Park as well as the Ngorongoro Crater. 444 more words


The Future Of News

The purpose of this, where I am typing this just now, is to share information. Sometimes that information comes in the form of a personal story… 643 more words


Healthy Prairies & Space Cowboys

Thanks to Cool Green Science:

Space Cowboys: A New Generation of Prairie Keepers


How many cows can you graze and maintain a healthy prairie?

160 more words

The Chicago River

The Chicago river is probably the tamest in the world. It has been engineered to reverse its flow, and since the year 1900 it flows out of Lake Michigan. 174 more words


Were traditional Papua New Guineans conservationists?

This essay is based on three papers. These papers document practices  of seasonal hunting and harvesting and protection of certain species of importance to three communities in Papua New Guinea. 619 more words

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