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Shark Ray Pups Reach Milestones

NEWPORT, Ky- Shark rays born at Newport Aquarium on Tuesday, Jan. 5, 2016, are doing well according to the animal care team at the aquarium. From the time the shark ray pups were first born they have received care from biologists who have closely monitored them and attended to every need.  407 more words

The Grey Parrots Go Missing

In all that we write about conservation, a related tag – unfortunately – happens to be extinction. Brought about by forest loss, miscalculated development plans, social and political apathy towards ecosystems, lack of awareness – the reasons we’ve all heard of. 359 more words


A Lone Couple, a Desert Island, and Turtles

Isn’t there a line about finding heroes in the most unlikely places? This is the setting of Daeng Abu’s and his wife Daeng Maida’s inspirational story: a desert island off the coast of Sulawesi in Indonesia, disabilities in Abu being blind and facing leprosy, their days spent raising sea turtles and speaking against the cyanide and dynamite fishing that is devastating Indonesia’s reef. 409 more words


Iowa Watershed Successes

The Iowa DNR’s annual publication Working for Clean Water tells the story of groups, individuals, researchers, and organizations who have been working in partnerships across the state in an effort to positively impact water quality for all Iowans. 199 more words


To Our Sisters In Bali, Thank You

A few months ago, with 11 minutes on stage in London at a regional TED event, these two poised and articulate, compelling Balinese sisters made a bold challenge. 170 more words


Spotted Owls, Intangible Heritage, Future Fortunes

About one minute in to Mr. Ziermann’s story, he explains how his intent to pursue a life of timber logging in Oregon was waylaid by the “rules and regulations” (he did not sound happy about these) to protect the spotted owl in the American northwest. 720 more words


Hatching the 'Third Eye'

Discoveries excite us, an event that defies all odds even more so. Like the hatching of this tuatara outside its native of New Zealand. 258 more words