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Standing Rock

I’m going to apologize now if this post seems a bit scattered. This subject is something I feel incredibly passionate about, but at the same time it’s been hard for me to put my thoughts in any kind of order as the situation gets more and more out of control. 673 more words

My History

Housing a Glass Plate Negative

Though our conservation lab at TSLAC focuses primarily on books and paper, we also care for the non-paper-based archival items found in our collections.  This month, we created a housing for an undated photographic glass plate negative from the… 159 more words


Centennial Portraiture

Since August this year a multitude of events have occurred to honor the 100th birthday of the U.S. National Park Service. Aside from the obviously wonderful wilderness experiences available in the country’s 58 parks, as well as our own… 289 more words

Nature Photography

Returning Rivers To Their Natural State

We are thrilled to read about the rivers getting their groove back:

Taking Down Dams and Letting the Fish Flow


BANGOR, Me. — Joseph Zydlewski, a research biologist with the Maine Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit of the United States Geological Survey, drifted in a boat on the Penobscot River, listening to a crackling radio receiver.

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Beasts of Kaas

Since this post is about creatures fairly high up on the food chain of the Kaas plateau, I could start with the top predator I saw: the funnel-weaving spider (family… 562 more words


Eavesdropping on Cameroon’s poachers to save endangered primates

Researchers are using acoustic monitoring to tune into gunshots and track a most deadly predator – Africa’s wildlife poachers.

Cameroon’s Korup National Park is home to elephants, chimpanzees, red colobus monkeys, drill, and a myriad of noisy species, whose squawks, squeals and howls fill the forest air. 77 more words

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