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Indri Songs & Lem 6 (Oct. 7)

This Tuesday, I participated (again) in the Facebook Q&A called “Ask a Lemur Researcher Tuesdays”, and this week, I asked about the songs of the Indri!  615 more words


To all editors, reviewers and authors: time to move on regarding land sparing

By Joern Fischer

Synopsis of this blog post: We don’t need sparing or sharing but both; and how exactly this should happen in any given landscape requires a (more holistic) interdisciplinary approach to be answered. 916 more words

Concepts In Sustainability And Conservation

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Interesting read: J. Fischer on the land-sharing/land-sparing debate.

On the Hunt of a ‘Beloved’ Lion

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As I sat making plans for the coming fall’s hunting season and looking forward to the amenities and isolation of hunting camp, the Cecil-the-lion story hit the news. 1,239 more words

Alberta Outdoorsmen

Making Silk Non-violent

Do you know how many silkworms are normally killed to make a five yard silk sari? Kusuma Rajaiah, a 55-year old government officer from India’s Andhra Pradesh state, does: “Around 50,000.” Rajaiah estimates that around 15 silkworms are normally sacrificed to produce a gram of silk yarn. 525 more words


Chile Looks Beneath the Waters

Here’s another win for those who vouch for the ecosystem wealth that lie beneath the waters. The Chilean government on Monday announced that it has created the largest marine reserve in the Americas by protecting an area hundreds of miles off its coast roughly the size of Italy. 382 more words


Guest Post: Friends of Queens Park

GORCC works alongside and supports many volunteer groups who operate on coastal Crown land reserves from Torquay through to Lorne. These groups spend thousands of hours each year undertaking vital conservation work and raising awareness in the… 364 more words


Leaving the Map Behind

Rewilding is the idea that, having extirpated many species, by returning large animals and birds like the California condor to the landscape, we can restore key ecosystem functions.The most famous example is probably the…

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