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Hatchling Snapping Turtles on the move!

by Dave Seburn

Snapping Turtles will never win any prizes for parenting. Females nest by digging a hole in the ground and depositing their eggs in it. 624 more words


Alaska Natives Embrace Drilling at Ground Zero for Climate Change Debate


It’s a rather long article that deserves a read, so follow the link, but the synopsis is that most Alaska Natives favor oil and gas development … especially if it is done by an Alaska Native corporation. 59 more words


Pink Elephants

For many years conservation has been seen as a field practiced only by the hippies, tree huggers, and naturalists. However the 21st century has posed new conservation questions that require innovative and inventive solutions. 564 more words


A Fitting Anniversary Surprise

Five years ago last week several of us moved to Kerala, India to begin what is now Raxa Collective. Sometime in the first year one of us took a photo of a… 197 more words


Gnat Outdoors has Moved

Gnatoutdoors has moved to a new website: Gnatoutdoors.com

Click HERE to visit.

All the current blog is on this new website along with many other features. 7 more words


Discussing and Treating Iron Gall Ink

This summer, TSLAC Conservation participated in an informal learning series called Thinkery21. Hosted at the Thinkery (formerly the Austin Children’s Museum,) Thinkery21 invites adults to visit the museum after hours to explore a variety of science- and arts-related programming. 280 more words


The Decision is To Bee

Around here, we understand the importance of bees. That explains the numerous posts on these winged creatures. If you must know right away, bees are guardians of the food chain and keepers of biodiversity, thanks to their super power of pollination. 219 more words