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The Conservation Commission has gone too far!

Last week, the Raymond Conservation Commission decided that they would not reconsider their vote regarding the release of funds for the Flint Hill Conservation Easement. Mr. 638 more words


A brief departure from Mental Health Awareness Month

The ConsCom has trouble…again

Frank Bishop, a member of the ConsCom, recently had a meeting to ask the state representatives in Raymond to file a redress of grievance for him. 813 more words

Not-so-daily Posts

The Flint Hill Saga Continues

I have to apologize to all of my followers because I haven’t written a post in what seems like forever! As those of you with chronic medical conditions know, some weeks just kick your butt and you’re unable to do anything. 717 more words


New Agricultural and Farmland Protection Plan Adopted

Farming in Dutchess County is alive and well. That’s the central theme anyhow of the county’s new farm protection plan as adopted by the County Legislature this month. 373 more words


Conservation Easement Bill Passes 1st Senate Test

Conservation Easement Bill Passes 1st Senate Test

By Sarah Drury

Capital News Service

RICHMOND – The Senate Committee on Agriculture, Conservation and Natural Resources has approved a bill that would establish an authority to mediate between land conservation owners and easement holders. 45 more words

The irrational and insane Agenda 21 conspiracy theory

I first heard about the Agenda 21 conspiracy as it relates to Common Core. The right-wing nut jobs of this country believe that Agenda 21, instead of being something to make the world a better place, is the UN’s attempt to take over the world. 278 more words

Conservation Easement

10 Years of Opposition To Conservation in Raymond

20 January 2015
By Cheryl Killam

History really does repeat itself.  Over the past decade the Raymond Conservation Commission’s  appointed members have tried to do what they are charged to do, protect the town’s natural resources, while a small group of Raymond residents have worked diligently to thwart the Conservation Commission’s initiatives of protecting town-owned land with conservation easements. 105 more words