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Savannah Sparrow

“Nature will teach us many lessons if we take the time to visit her classroom.”
Donald L. Hicks


Sad Post

Well this is the kind of post I don’t want to write too often.

My cousin Blue Shark Machaca who was tagged last year by Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI) is believed to have been caught by longline in international waters south of Grand Banks. 34 more words

Donal Trump comes in on a wave of hot air!

Worrying times!

This last year was the hottest year on record!!

CO2 levels are the highest recorded.

Sections of the barrier reef are dying due to the warming process. 136 more words



Dickman C.R., Newsome T.M. 2015.  Individual hunting behaviour and prey specialization in the house cat Felis catus: Implications for conservation and management. Applied  Animal Behaviour Science. 365 more words


An Open Letter In Defense of Public Lands

An Open Letter: Together We Can Defend Our Public Lands

Ruffwear envisions a world where Every Dog is an Explorer. This vision inspires our product development, reflects our values, and creates a framework for the stories we share. 1,189 more words



When thousands of snow geese,


they roar!

Like massive waterfalls,

they drown all sound,

but for the beating thrum of thousands of wings.

They blanket the sky, 23 more words


Cow-tastrophe in the Making - Environmental Impacts of the Cattle Industry.

Years ago I remember reading reports on the connection between the cattle industry and global warming.  The articles spoke about how cow flatulence (cow farts) produced excessive amounts of methane, one of the worst gases contributing to global warming.   694 more words