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Beware! You may be dead!

If you wake up with one of the following symptoms you may well be dead!

  • You heart has stopped beating
  • You are not breathing
  • Your body is stiff…
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ambush predators

While watching and trying to photograph the butterflies in my yard I spied these two ambush predators.  A crab spider (genus, species?)

And a very tiny jumping spider: 13 more words


raccoon play-time

Ever since moving into my home on Bear Canyon Road in Tucson three years ago the raccoons have been visiting the backyard almost every night.  I only know this since I’ve had a trail camera set on the backyard waterhole most nights since I moved in.   102 more words


The Blue Mountains Water Skink

The endangered Blue Mountains Water Skink, Eulamprus leuraensis (photo: “Sarshag7”)

I have previously mentioned my interest in ecological niche modelling and amphibians. The cute little skink above… 155 more words


Climate vagrants: Guestblog by Joey DiBattista

I have been writing blog posts about my research for over a year now, talking about how interesting my research is. But there is a lot of interesting marine research happening besides mine. 861 more words

Marine Biology

Ever wonder what kind of birds are in your back yard or at the park?  Come learn!


Cattle on the beacon

We now have 10 Aberden Angus grazing in paddock 2. Please help look after the cattle by ensuring the gates are kept closed, dogs are kept on leads and all dog poo removed. 13 more words