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Species in Pieces: Incredible CSS animation for a good cause

I didn’t know the Hawaiian Crow was endangered. Just like I didn’t know you could create (and animate) polygon paths in CSS. Now I know both those things, thanks to a brilliant web site: … 39 more words


How much water do you use? - If you're a girl?

As part of this term’s student inquiry into learning about water, one of the tasks is to identify how much water a student uses in a week. 48 more words

Clive Madge

The challenge of cutting water use by 25 per cent - the water meter

It took snow pack levels to drop to 5 percent for the State to finally mandate water conservation. They are targeting a 25 percent reduction in water use across the state. 379 more words


The Slashpond in Broad Haven, Pembrokeshire. 



It is amazing what a few interested and hardworking volunteers can achieve when they apply their minds and muscle for an excellent cause. They are improving and maintaining a small seaside marsh. 158 more words

Wilden Marsh Nature Reserve

Crunch time

Vaquita conservation may never be the same. In a recent study, a remarkable discovery was made: the Vaquita, always considered to be a true porpoise, is actually more closely related to fish in the Psychrolutidae family, also known as blobfishes. 217 more words


THE X-FILES - 1x20 - 'Darkness Falls'


Written by: CHRIS CARTER


Dendrochronology was the interest that inspired Chris Carter to pen ‘Darkness Falls’, which sets The X-Files… 501 more words

Help our rockpool wildlife - Recording your finds is easier than ever

It’s always exciting when you find something new, something different, but did you know how easy it is to record your finds? Sending in your sightings can help conserve our fantastic wildlife. 561 more words