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Scuttle Fish

“Indonesian Maritime Affairs and Fisheries Ministry … blew up 41 illegal foreign fishing vessels. … In an act of ironic repurposing, the boats were downed with relatively weak explosives in order to maintain their shapes as underwater fish-aggregating devices.” ( 26 more words



Today we spy with our four little eyes a marsupial who lives in Australia. Known for their feisty dispositions these carnivores are the opposite of an angel! Guess who we spy!


Natural enemies – assistants or catastrophes

Guest author: Samuli Karppinen

The aim of biological control is to use natural enemies for suppressing pest populations. Pest populations include both native and alien species. 421 more words


The Bali Tiger

Bali is a decievingly lush and tropical island. While tourists may flock here and marvel at the green rice paddies, tall trees and mischievious monkeys, they probably wouldn’t expect Bali to be so barren, from a biodiversity standpoint. 485 more words


California Redwood Trees Stressed to Breaking Point by Drought, Drying in Southern California

May 25th, 2015

San Jose Mercury News

Summary: Redwood trees, which tend to thrive in Northern California, were brought south to places like Verdugo Park in Glendale. 48 more words


CNN Money: Drought Turns Californians Against Bottling Companies

May 26th, 2015

CNN Money

SummaryCalifornians have expressed frustration with a perceived indifference to conservation efforts from California-based bottling companies including Nestle. However, those 110 plants use only a small fraction of the state’s overall water and their impact is minimal.  7 more words