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The Eagle & The Seagull

Many say the eagle is regal

but don’t ask a fleeing seagull.

Released 25 Monarchs Today

Stats Update 2018
Released: 122 Monarchs, 12 Swallowtails, and 6 Painted Ladies. Fostered out 53 Monarch eggs and 7 small Monarch Caterpillars.


Weeks 7 & 8

So at the beginning of last week I got a part-time job! Running a couple of projects called ‘Get Out and Play’ for local communities trying to encourage them to use their greenspaces. 344 more words


A Hero of Mine Has Died: A Tribute to Dr. Lincoln Brower

Last night I learned that someone who has been an inspiration to me for the last 15 years has died. He died yesterday. The odd thing about this is that it is someone I do not know personally, but know of his work. 462 more words

Mangar Bani – past sacred, future uncertain

There is a picturesque four lane road that connects Faridabad with Gurgaon, in Haryana. About 15 kilometres from Faridabad, at the Mangar village checkpost, you leave the Faridabad-Gurgaon highway and take a smaller, winding route. 497 more words


Featured Book - The Blues Muse - The Introduction


This is a novel. This is the often told story of Blues and Rock Music but like it has never been told. My character is the man with no name, the muse, the witness, who has been there through it all. 797 more words


Winged Lightning~

Of all The Holler’s,

flying folks,

Hummer’s are the fastest of the fast.

They pause, only seconds, to sip,

and then flash by,

like winged-lightning. 11 more words