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Climate Change Affects the Small Farmers, and Helpful Pollinators, Behind Your Morning Cup of Coffee

The cup of coffee that we know and love has had a long journey from its Ethiopian roots. Spreading through trade from Africa, to Asia, to Europe and eventually the West, coffee has become one of the world’s most popular beverages. 248 more words


Happy Earth Day: Stop Geotagging

NOTE: I have intentionally omitted photos from this post due to the nature of my argument.

If you are someone who regularly reads my posts or are in my immediate community of friends and family, you likely value the earth. 773 more words


Make Every Day #EarthDay

Please be kind to Mother Earth’s gifts.

In spite of what you may have heard, most are irreplaceable.

Make every Day Earth Day.

PS Happy Birthday to our own little Earth Child. 😘

How to Save the World

I’ve always had a passion for protecting the world. I still have little posters saved that I’d made as a kid reading “recycle!” or “protect the forests!”, and I’ve grown up, this passion hasn’t wavered. 532 more words


Fluttering and Dancing in the Cambridge Breeze

I headed out to London this morning, rose early, prepared with music and chocolate for the two hour journey down to Chelsea. Then the news came on…”and fine weather this morning for the London marathon today -“ 96 more words

A tale of two counties.

Two thousand people live in Dolores County, Colorado, a population in decline since the recession.   As with much of the west, Dolores County’s history lies in extraction- logging, ore, agriculture in the arid southwest corner of an arid state, where an average year yields fourteen inches of precipitation.  303 more words


Happy Earth Day!

Here’s a thought:

This year for Earth Day,

instead of giving our planet a Present

Let’s give it a Future