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Tayside farmers shooting German beavers

At least 21 invading German beavers have been killed in Scotland after they built dozens of dams on farmers’ land.

The animals, a species that originates in Bavaria, have been thriving since escaping captivity and around 150 are living in the wild in Tayside. 333 more words


Northern Whites and Western Blacks

Back in February I wrote a post briefly covering 2014’s Rhino poaching situation in South Africa. In that post I noted the importance of the Rhino as an ecosystem engineer (that being a species that physically alters its ecosystem in such a way that supports other species) and importantly one of the last megaherbivores left on Earth. 501 more words


Bee informed: Quick pollination facts about our most important pollinators

If bees were to disappear, humans will disappear within a few years.

Albert Einstein

I find it interesting that so much is said about bees (including here on this blog), yet many of the ‘facts’ that one hears mentioned in any variety of news sources, public presentations and even scientific articles aren’t very well sourced and at times highly suspect.

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Diving Activities & Its Threats To Corals

SCUBA diving and snorkelling are amongst the fastest growing tourism sectors. The increasing numbers mean many more people are aware of the beauty and importance of the marine environment, but also puts a great strain on the coral. 285 more words


RSPB Call For Protection Of Birds In Derbyshire

To see a bird in flight is a wonderful experience, particularly when it’s the sight of an eagle or owl soaring high. Birds of prey are among nature’s most beautiful creatures but they still face persecution in certain places. 265 more words


We Are Incredibly Thankful!

As we reflect today on the year we have had thus far we cannot help to be humbled and incredibly thankful! We would NOT be able to accomplish all of the amazing things we have without the support and backing we receive and therefore we are thankful! 320 more words