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Do we really need zoos in 2017?

Let’s take a moment to talk about the animals. Caged animals.

Recently I found out that there’s a national park located right in the heart of Chennai city and on my visit there I came to know that the actual park is a restricted area and a portion of the national park has been converted into a small zoo and has been open for the visitors. 684 more words


Fish Friday - Big Bad Bocaccio

This weeks fish, if it were a boxer, would always be leading with it’s chin. Growing up to 3 feet in length, the bocaccio is instantly recognizable by it tremendously long lower jaw, extending past it’s eye socket into a distinctive bulb-shaped ending. 96 more words

Community Service

Public pastures belong to all of us

The Saskatchewan government announced this week their plan to dissolve the provincial pastures program.   I feel, quite simply, heartbroken. It might seem a strong reaction from a 30-something stay-at-home mom with zero financial ties to pastureland. 1,370 more words


The Case of the Vanishing Vaquita

Imagine a porpoise – smaller than a bottlenose dolphin, with big black rings round it’s eyes and a line across it’s mouth that makes it look as if it is smiling. 878 more words

Our World

Forest landowners, vineyards pledge to conserve oaks

Willamette Valley vineyard owners and forest land managers are pledging to protect and restore oak habitats as part of a new conservation agreement.

Source: Forest landowners, vineyards pledge to conserve oaks

Statesman Journal

'The hidden depth of effort in marine conservation' - Guest Post by Thea Powell

Thea Powell is an ecologist and conservationist, currently working to predict and mitigate against flood risk. She grew up roaming the South Downs and is now a postgraduate ecologist. 1,216 more words


Bird Food

Imagine a sunny day, suddenly turned dark. But it is no cloud that is blocking the sun, and the drops that have started to fall are… 1,005 more words