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Happy New Year!

2019 is off to a busy start so I’ve had to hit the ground running. My first job of the year was to prepare a painting for loan by doing a small repair- reattaching a small piece of paint that had come off but was still in the frame. 137 more words


Seeking a saxy song

Could a saxy song save the Kākāpō?

Since 2016, Meridian Energy have been the National Partner of the Department of Conservation’s Kākāpō Recovery Programme (KRP) in their efforts to revive this critically endangered native parrot, but what most people don’t know is that there are only 147 left. 307 more words


Nurdles: the plastic pellets polluting our oceans

Nurdles are tiny pellets used in the production of plastics that, due to mismanagement and spills, are now polluting the oceans. Despite their size they can cause big problems for marine life and now cover a large portion of our coastlines. 1,336 more words


Good Conservation News: 14th-20th January 2019

A gigantic Great White Shark turns up, endangered marine species are recovering and plants are now growing on the Moon… Here’s your weekly reminder that there are good things happening for nature… 227 more words

Moon and fire... just an average day on the farm! #JustJotJan 2019 word prompt fun

The clue was hidden amongst dead leaves and twigs. As I pushed them away, woodlice rolled onto the forest floor and opened up.

‘Oh God, yuck – look at it move!’ my sister’s face appeared beside me, her unbrushed hair swinging forward and I could smell the strawberry shampoo she insisted on using. 154 more words


Wilderness Management Perspectives and Technology in Nature

Week Three: Contemporary Wilderness Management

This week’s lessons were focused on contemporary wilderness management. John Muir and Gifford Pinchot were further discussed, following the previous week which regarded the conservation movement and their influence. 389 more words

Lightening Does Strike Twice

“The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience.” 826 more words