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Heaven on earth

Imagine a shimmering expanse of endless white that cushions the oceans timeless arrival bringing with it the seas flotsam to decorate the sand’s soft bed. Imagine the warm, golden sand running between your toes as crystal, cerulean blue water caresses your feet, brought in by a salty breeze. 224 more words


“Hypercarnivory refers to any animal whose diet is made up of at least 70% meat, so most humans don’t count. … In addition to forest loss, dholes have suffered from a decline in their prey … ‘because dholes are hypercarnivores that need relatively high prey numbers to raise litters and sustain large pack sizes.'” ( 35 more words

Spying on Puffins | Audubon

via Spying on Puffins | Audubon.

Bird Cam

The coast of Maine is alive with seabirds—see for yourself.

By Jennifer Huizen

June 09, 2015…

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Milne-Edward's Sifaka

Recently I have been spending a lot of time going out with the Sifaka team recording the behaviour of the Milne-Edwards Sifaka (Propithecus edwarsi… 398 more words

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Is policy too important to leave to decision makers? The case of the Infrastructure Bill

By Sarah Durant, Institute of Zoology

In April, the Zoological Society of London together with the British Ecological Society organised a one day symposium, entitled…

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We Spy with our four little eyes this animal with stinging cells, that may share it’s space with colorful fish!

Can you guess who it is?


Select committee to decide whether to protect birds, 1876.

Order of the Day.

The bill to protect the oo, iiwi, mamo, and akakane birds for the king, so that they are not killed, was read for the third time. 49 more words