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Hello! So last month we all got to celebrate Giant Pandas being no longer officially endangered. Finally they moved up the IUCN list to being stated as vulnerable. 413 more words


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everything begins with JC Angelcraft …everything begins with Jesus Christ http://jcangelcraft.wordpress.com …. Professional Business Government – Industrial, Writer, Security Agent and World Activist and supporter of all Fruit Bearing Holy Spirit Mainstream religions and Branches of Religion –  JC Angelcraft on Behalf of Angelcraft Crown Aerospace Corporation.corpus and Angelcraft Crown Geo-Science Foundation –      798 more words


#Introvert Conservation

Giant pandas are no longer classified as endangered! What wonderful news! Solitary by nature, they just do their own thing: hang out in bamboo forests by themselves and eat to their hearts’ content. 61 more words


Demi Orangutan

Meski rambut yang tumbuh di sekujur tubuh saya lebih panjang dan lebat ketimbang kebanyakan orang Indonesia, tetapi saya bersikeras menolak apa yang dikatakan Charles Robert Darwin. 860 more words

Happy 150th Birthday to Beatrix Potter: conservationist, scientist, artist, author and businesswoman!

Today is Beatrix Potter’s 150th birthday! And what a day it is in England, with celebrations, an auction selling some of her original works and a series of Royal Mail stamps depicting several of her famous characters. 274 more words


Night watch time

The time for night watch is an important aspect of sleeping out in the bush, not only to protect your camp, but to also spend the quality time with yourself and reflect on the days work. 469 more words

Adventure Story Hunter

Brinkley Davies: Water Baby


Marine Biologist, Conservationist, (Role) Model

Brinkley Davies is one of those rare people who is truly living their dream. Her life revolves around her love of the ocean, and when she isn’t pursuing her career in Marine Biology, she is surfing, swimming, diving, modelling volunteering or adventuring with her puppy Balu. 73 more words