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The Palin-Trump Connection: Oh Please No

Sarah Palin’s Endorsement of Donald Trump is Very, Very Bad News


For those of you who missed it, yesterday might go down in history as the day Donald Trump won the Republican presidential nomination.   848 more words

2016 American Presidential Election

Is there life after birth? State's rights and controlling our children

I have come to suspect that the current fights over “local control” versus “Big Government” are greatly about controlling the education of our children (seen as an extension of constructing the curriculum). 602 more words

Big Government

Upside down America

Are you, like me, beginning to feel like you just entered a fun house that made the Mad Hatter tea party look sane?  Cats and dogs are singing and dancing together, men laying with men, women laying with women, men who are pretending to be women, whites foisting themselves off as black, radical extremist terrorists who behead people demand our tolerance…..what in the Sam Hill is going on? 203 more words


Out of Control at Town Hall

Dear Gardiner Citizens (and other interested parties)

Ok, so I have not been doing my civic duty by regularly attending town board meetings in Gardiner as I should. 530 more words


...by and with the Advice and Consent of the Senate.....

By any definition, a treaty is a formal agreement between sovereign foreign nations.  Any agreement being negotiated between the US Department of State and the leaders of Iran is by definition considered a treaty.   607 more words

Conservatism In America

Giving a hand.....

I recently received a piece of mail that astonished me. First, it was from new Senate elect Tom Cotton from Alabama, who isn’t even my Senator!   329 more words

Conservatism In America

No need to tell the truth....

Here are some bullet points from the Gardiner Democrat supported candidates website, promises that they made when last campaigning: