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King Crimson

Burying the dead is not about how you feel. It’s not about how they feel either… they’re dead. It’s about paying them respect. Opposition is a bond that unites society in a bitter rivalry; life and death, love and hate, liberal and conservative. 174 more words

2016 Election

Populists May Doom Us All

Populists May Doom Us All
I never use the “Hitler card” lightly; in fact, I don’t think I have tossed it out there before. But this is no time to be cautious when Americans’ freedoms are at stake. 397 more words


Antonin Scalia And His Incoherent, Hierarchy-Loving, Theory Of Constitutional Interpretation

I taught Antonin Scalia‘s writings–as found in his court opinions–on three occasions in my philosophy of law class. His theory of constitutional interpretation–originalism–was incoherent. His aggressive rhetoric, directed at those who would dare petition the highest court of the land for redress, was tasteless. 487 more words


Conservative Vision

The world is divided. The people are divided.

The good people. The right people. The workers. The family. The children. The flag. The values. The country. 131 more words

Murray Rothbard on "atomistic individualism"

A common defense of the State holds that man is a “social animal,” that he must live in society, and that individualists and libertarians believe in the existence of “atomistic individuals” uninfluenced by and unrelated to their fellow men.

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