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Continuing the series of extracts from my books on the theme of historical fears of the masses and of democracy, this third extract from The Meaning of Race… 3,072 more words

Race & Immigration

Against Religious Liberty, for the Freedom of the Church

Yuval Levin, arguably the most Burkean of commentators in conservative circles these days, recognizes what many who oppose modern secularism fail to see — namely, that a defense of religious liberty for persons actually increases the power of the state. 671 more words

Novus Ordo Seclorum

A Conservative Strategy For Community Improvement

In order to maintain a healthy republic, there are certain conditions that must be preserved amongst the citizens. Some of these conditions, such as the importance of an informed electorate, are talked about frequently. 476 more words


T.E. Hulme,SPECULATIONS (Full Book)

T.E. Hulme’s posthumous masterpiece, SPECULATIONS.  Hulme was the first conservative of the twentieth-century, influencing almost too many figures to count–but most importantly T.S. Eliot and Christopher Dawson. 34 more words

Latino students booted from online support groups for expressing conservative views

At least three Latino college students who have expressed conservative views have been booted from online support groups by peers who did not like their beliefs. 742 more words


It was Never Golden

By Alan Jay Levinovitz


‘Make the world great again!’ thunder the prophets, religious and secular alike, who know our need for mythic comfort in the face of unjust reality. 591 more words