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Jeremy Corbyn Is the Cure For British Conservatism's Centrist Virus

First published at Conservatives for Liberty

Today, I took the plunge. I got out my debit card, opened my laptop, held my nose as I navigated to the Labour Party website – and then paid £3 to become an official Labour supporter, solely in order to advance the leadership candidacy of the MP for Islington North, Jeremy Corbyn. 1,395 more words


Conservatives Win US History Fight . . . Again

Why is this so hard to get through our thick skulls? American schooling is not in the hands of progressive teachers and ed-school professors like me. 715 more words


Revolutionaries and Reactionaries...

Each committed liberal and each committed socialist should be at least something of a revolutionary. Mannered as such good people might be in their reformism, so extensive are the coercive restraints and traditional norms or hierarchical systems of power and wealth that they hope to replace that they must be imbued with something of the transformative spirit. 77 more words


WWII and You

You see, when we defeated Nazi Germany in World War II it wasn’t just the defeat of Germany or the German army.

Oh no, it was much more than that. 955 more words


The name of the game

Fox News prepared the way for Mr Trump by foisting professional bloviators like O’Reilly and Hannity on the public for years. He’s the spawn of Murdoch even if old Rupe refuses to recognize his paternity. 22 more words