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Cooked Intelligence

Wasn’t one of the big complaints about the Iraq War that it was based on faulty intelligence that was itself the result (allegedly) of pressure from higher ups to reach a certain conclusion?   381 more words


Fanning the Flames

The media and political elites’ false narrative about legions of malevolent white racists out there shooting unarmed blacks has, this week, triggered a black, mentally unbalanced grievance collector in Virginia, who made a macabre snuff film shooting two of his white former colleagues. 581 more words


Paul Krugman on Donald Trump and the Nature of Conservatism

Source: The New York Times, August 27

Frank Bruni marvels at polls indicating that Donald Trump, with his multiple marriages and casinos, is the preferred candidate among Republican evangelicals. 157 more words

From the door comes Satan's daughter

Mr Trump is simply massaging the paranoia and xenophobia of the Republican base in order to pump up his poll numbers. It’s funny to see how many conservatives take the mass deportation scheme seriously, eating garbage right out of Trump’s hand. 40 more words


Learning from Tories

What?! Learning from tories? What can we learn from them, except maybe how to be… um… narrative discursivity kyriarchy legitimisation performative neoliberalism?

We can learn a lot. 817 more words