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Went to see Cabaret with the Lady deGloves in the 77 square miles.  It is an unhappy and conservative show (pro-freedom and pro-life).  Jonah… 273 more words


Nationalism is snake oil.

Regressive nationalism will get you nowhere. Individualism has killed the individual, allowing liberal capitalism to absorb the self. The very economic and social woes you fear the most, will only be emboldened by this self inflicted isolation, the west has brought on itself. 222 more words

Us Getting Usser

Them getting themmer.


The new right wing does more than just get petty when the going gets rough. We appropriate. When you attack us, we turn it into a slogan.

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Notes On The Revolution

The Problem of Whiteness

I’m a white man from Connecticut. I go about my life as you go about yours – working, paying bills, raising a family. Imagine what life must have been like for a white boy growing up in Connecticut, years before the era of forced diversity and white privilege. 1,882 more words


What's In A Doctrine?


The Claremont Institute sponsored an event in Washington, D.C. a couple of weeks ago called “Conservatism in the Trump Era.” There, the speakers explained, in keeping with Plato’s  861 more words


40 Days, 40 Prayers

Day 22, or By Any Other Name

To speak and live the truth is what one of our biggest goals as Christians. It is our calling and our joy. 338 more words