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Episode 2- Fidel Croaks, Everything is Ridiculous

A lesson I learned not so long ago is called “The Emperor’s Singing Contest.” The lesson is as follows:

An emperor is holding a singing contest between two contestants to be his new court singer. 468 more words


"I'm holding a Bible... do as I say!"

With Theresa May blabbing on about how her Christian faith is guiding her Brexit strategy, I started getting a rather horrible image of Religion and Politics becoming as intertwined here as it is over in the US. 644 more words


WATCH: Milo Yiannopolous Brilliantly DEFEND The Alt-Right

I hope you all enjoy this wonderful video that I found of Milo destroying all skepticism about the Alt-Right. He highlights the importance of protecting “Western” culture over “white” culture. 34 more words


Evan McMullin’s 10-point guide to living under a potentially “authoritarian” Trump

After losing the election, former independent presidential candidate and CIA operative Evan McMullin is dedicating his time to building a new conservative movement and calling out his erstwhile opponent. 227 more words

That didn't take long!

Today’s Guardian Australia says: “One Nation’s leader, Pauline Hanson, has launched an extraordinary attack on her Western Australian colleague Rod Culleton, saying the party can’t work with him because he won’t listen to reason.”” 106 more words

Trump's Carrier Gambit

Instapundit, Glenn Harlan Reynolds seems to be guilty of a gaff, accidentally telling the truth, when he comes to the following conclusion:

FDR knew this.  His New Deal economic policies were mostly snake oil — according to a…

366 more words
Economic Freedom

The liberal witch hunt.

Over three months ago I posted an image on Instagram with the header “FUCK WHAT THE NEIGHBORS THINK”. The idea was to say, who cares what other people think of you. 589 more words