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This is No Longer about Trump, or Congress

I believe that many of them are deeply conflicted. That in the leather chairs of Capitol Hill at the end of each of these long Spring days, there is no shortage of Republican legislators sitting alone in their offices or committee rooms, drinking scotch, and cogitating on their futures. 135 more words


A Mild Defense of Conservatism

Just a brief note here, before we get started–I think there’s more to say, but I’m feeling particularly lazy, and I don’t feel like doing the research a real piece on this subject would require. 1,220 more words


Multicultural march to segregation on steroids

Multiculturalism as an extension of segregation, culture being the operative word. Folks are still confused today. Most folks mistake cultural indifference for racism. The “hood folks” being the major representation of the black (African American) race. 638 more words

Social Commentary

Maxime Bernier for Leader

With roughly a week until the Conservative Leadership Convention – which will result in the election of one of thirteen candidates to the leadership of the Conservative Party of Canada – a clear explanation of Modern Conservative Journal’s endorsement of Maxime Bernier seems appropriate. 696 more words


“As things stand, voters face a choice between the Theresa May’s Team Party , the Mass-nationalisation pro-terrorists Party , the Let’s have a 2nd referendum Party …and the Let’s break up the UK even though we lost the indyref Party .

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Ben Shapiro on Gender versus Reality

Ben Shapiro has been hitting it out of the ballpark lately. I don’t always agree with his views, but on the subject of gender – and a few other topics – he’s becoming more and more razor sharp, in forming an argument and deconstructing nonsense from  Progressive brain-dead SJW zombies.