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Chicago Sacrifices to the Gods

Chicago has offered up one of its finest to the gods of political correctness, but the riots seem inevitable.

Obviously there’s bad cops.  I remember that video of a Chicago cop… 539 more words


Persevere in Christ

Brothers and Sisters,

Let us not forget how the City of Man treated Christ and his message. Remember Stephen’s fate when he challenged the City of Man–But atlas, Saul would still be redeemed! 306 more words


Russian Plane Shot Down: The Spark?

This is the terrible scenario most of us fear.  An unnecessary escalation of force by nominal NATO member Turkey that could easily spiral out of control to the detriment of every other country in NATO.   399 more words


Two tribes

Putin versus Erdogan. Two dictators having a spat is not a pretty sight.

As the Diego Costa of international relations, Mr Putin faces the problem of a lack of credibility when he cries wolf. 125 more words


I’m Convinced: We Need More Conservatives on Campus

My eyes were opened a few years back. I was offering a senior seminar in the history of American conservatism. Several students—some of whom eventually took the class and some of whom did not—came to my office and said something along the lines of “Thank God we finally have a conservative professor!” When I explained to them—sympathetically but clearly, I hope— 521 more words


No Different than Hillary: Trump's Unift to Lead

For months, republicans of all shapes and sizes have attacked Hillary Clinton for her innumerable policy shifts and email arrangement that endangered national security and broke the law. 1,248 more words


Trump Is Called a Liar

I’ve been listening to all of these people call Trump a liar whose just trying to divide this nation by calling out false claims.  Especially related to the celebrations that took place in New Jersey after the 9/11 attacks.  312 more words