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"Delivering The Promised Conservative Paradise?": The Supreme Court Is Poised To Deliver Conservatives A String Of Big Victories

The Supreme Court’s new term begins today, and it brings with it a paradox. On one hand, the Court is poised to deliver conservatives a string of sweeping, consequential victories on issues covering a wide swath of American life. 1,091 more words


"A Selected Bibliography on the Political and Legal Thought of Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.," by Seth Vannatta

Seth Vannatta is an Associate Professor and Interim Department Head in the Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies at Morgan State University. He earned a PhD in Philosophy at Southern Illinois University Carbondale (2010), where he lived from 2006-2010. 1,802 more words

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Christian or Conservative? Priority in Conflict.

I’m ever thankful I’ve been tempered, somewhat. Both life lessons and a deepening relationship with Jesus Christ have helped me immensely in this regard. Temperamental by nature, it’s always been easy to let my passion for something get in the way of rationale. 833 more words


Liu Zhongjing (刘仲敬) and Liu Junning (刘军宁) on conservatism




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主持人施展:感谢大家下午来到这里和仲敬、军宁两位老师一起探讨保守主义的话题,保守主义在20世纪我们革命话语的笼罩之下,基本不是什么好词,只要是保守的就是愚昧的、落后、落伍的,只要保守的就大逆不顺,这里就出现一个问题,革命是否有一个终结点,假如革命不停,一直革命下去的话,革命没有终结点,革命就丧失了本质性的东西了,但是一旦有终结点,此时就意味着有新的秩序了,新的秩序建立起来之后,这个秩序是否纳入一种抗拒对它自己革命的状态,那新的保守就会浮现出来,也就是说,保守,你即便不理它、拒绝它,它也会在你的后门里溜进来,在这种情况之下,我们即便在革命的话语笼罩之下,我们也要面对保守的问题,更何况,保守主义有内在的复杂的值得我们珍视的内容。所以今天我们请到了两位老师,一位是对保守主义深有研究的刘军宁老师,很早就出了中国最早的一本《保守主义》,那么请刘老师来讨论这个问题是非常合适的。另一位是刘仲敬老师,大家可能对线下的他不熟悉,他有一大特征,就是你只要和他在一起,你让他站着不要动,你去干别的,2小时之后,你回来他肯定还在那呆着呢,肯定不会动;但是假如你跟着他一起走,不叫他停下来,他就不会停下来,这个人基本只活在惯性中,活在惯性中这就是保守的一大特征,所以让这样一个活在惯性里的人谈论保守主义,也会是非常有趣的。 22 more words

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Fighting gun culture: don't yield an inch

Ever since the Plumbers unit, Reagan, and the Gingrich Congress, liberals have quashed the moral clarity of their arguments for the sake of imagined conversations at Thanksgiving with conservative relatives. 462 more words

Why Marco Rubio for President

Everyone who knows me knows that I am a Jindal girl. He is my favorite conservative politician and though I would love to see him as President, I don’t think he has the pull at this time to gain the Presidency. 699 more words