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Populism: It's not a dirty word

Among the conservative intelligentsia, “populism” has become a dirty word: something to be scorned, rejected, jettisoned from “true conservatism.”  A common criticism of Donald Trump is his “populist appeal,” but evidence to substantiate this claim often remains conspicuously absent.  585 more words


The extinction of Jefferson's religious liberalism

The great Southern intellectual Richard Weaver noted in his essay “The Older Religiousness in the South” that Thomas Jefferson was part of a “transient phase” among “certain Southern educational centers and among elements of the Southern upper class” who were influenced by the French Revolution and came to embrace “much religious skepticism.” This skepticism was “confined while it lasted to small cultivated groups, and it disappeared so completely in the antebellum years that it can be properly ignored in any account of the molding of the Confederate South.” Jefferson was “the best known Southern exponent of free-thinking” – a movement of an “intellectual aristocracy” who became “accustomed to the critical handling of ideas” and “considered it fashionable to embrace Deism and to flaunt a disrespect for the Bible.” 201 more words


White shores and beyond- the perpetual anti-climax

Nothing is ever as good as you hope it will be. It’s a bitter pill to swallow, but after experiencing a lot of life, one has to accept that everything eagerly anticipated, on occurrence, is ultimately destined to be a disappointment. 1,452 more words

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Reports From the Republican National Convention 2016

Here are three links for submitted and published newspaper columns leading up to and during the RNC 2016. The convention was an awesome experience. Donald J. 416 more words


An Addendum to Asymmetrical (Ideological) Warfare

I published “Asymmetrical (Ideological) Warfare” almost six years ago. I must say that it holds up well. In fact, I wouldn’t change a word of it. 308 more words


Why I'm not a progressive

In 2000, The Guardian in a profile reported the event that prompted the junior Roger Scruton to be a conservative with the help of the philosopher’s own words: 723 more words


Election 2016: Podcast Episode 2

Alexander Marino, Dan Elkin, and Jared Pack discuss Brexit, free trade, the Republican Party platform, and Trumpism.

Our second episode of the Election 2016 series focuses on the political themes of Brexit, before crossing over the Atlantic to see potential comparisons to Trumpism and the Republican Party political platform of 2016. 17 more words

Election 2016