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David Brooks, in search of heroes

Yesterday, David Brooks assembled sounds into phonemes that after hours of cogitation settled into sentence structures. Let’s look at them together.

It turns out that John McCain’s most important service to American democracy was not rendered in a P.O.W.

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An Interesting Analysis of Twitter

Today I read multiple articles from mainstream outlets criticizing Trump after he Tweeted about the increased crime rate in the UK, and how he believes it’s related to massive influx of Islamic migrants moving there. 123 more words


We've Met The Enemy, And It Is You.

In the 1960s, Richard Viguerie pioneered direct mail fundraising techniques for conservative candidates and groups. Originally the message in these requests for funds were talking about anti-communism. 1,030 more words


Trump Gets It

What people don’t get about Trump and the reason he keeps winning is that he cares about all of the people that the Ruling Class do not care about.  156 more words


Steve Deace & Todd Erzen - Why I have hope for California

On yesterday’s episode of the Steve Deace Show on CRTV, during the buy, sell or hold segment, my question of will a conservative win a statewide office by 2022 in California was asked and answered. 697 more words


WARNING: Loving Our President Donald Trump is CONTAGIOUS!

I fell into the Love Trump disease early evening on August 6, 2015.

I had followed the Donald for years via newspaper articles.  I was aware of his disastrous first divorce from Ivana.  251 more words

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Unemployment and it's Benefits

So.  One of the problems that the country has been having over the past years is unemployment, thanks, chiefly, to the inept ministrations of one… 1,350 more words

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