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When an Organization Stands for Nothing and is Opposed to Everything

For those who have a fascination or interest in the Holocaust and have great interest in reading about it, it is quite clear that there were a number of US companies who were complicit. 380 more words


Too Much Democracy

Sometimes Donald Trump is right. The 2016 Republican National Convention will be held in Cleveland at the Quicken Loans Arena in July, July 18-21 to be exact, but once again it will be no more than an extended political infomercial. 4,011 more words

Donald Trump

Andrea Tantaros Made to Disappear from Fox

Donald Trump sympathizer, Andrea Tantaros has been made to disappear from GOP Fox and “Friends”.

The question arises…..is this the beginning of the  GOP moguls’ decision to prefer suicide rather than  win with Trump?   19 more words

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What Should Trump Do for Vice President?

Cruz’s early VP pick potentially backed Trump into a corner. If Trump doesn’t win the nomination outright before the convention, he might have a harder time getting some of the more popular VP picks to sign on with his ticket heading to Cleveland. 447 more words


The Transgender Business . . . The Fruit of Philosophical Nominalism

Men and women are different.  These differences are inborn, exist on a continuum, but there are some pretty hard stops, not least with our sexual organs. 1,161 more words


Why am I blogging?

I have started a blog and/or a website several times before. Each time, I felt like no one would want to read what I say. … 373 more words

"Constraining Trump’s Erratic Impulses": The Coming Struggle Over Policy Between Donald Trump And The GOP

Now that Donald Trump has nearly secured the GOP presidential nomination, Republicans everywhere have to start thinking seriously about how they’re going to deal with him and how having him as their party’s leader affects their own plans for the future. 1,150 more words