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MANU RAJU: Mitch McConnell summons restive Republicans for ‘combative’ sitdown

Politico — ‘This email is not how Senator Mike Lee does business,’ one of his aides said.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell got his hands on something he believed to be damning: An email from Sen. 79 more words


COLLIN LEVY: The Wisconsin Targets Tell Their Story

Wall Street Journal — After victory in court, conservative activists talk on the record for the first time about their 21-month ordeal.

The John Doe investigation of Wisconsin conservatives collapsed last week with a powerful decision from the Wisconsin Supreme Court that called state prosecutors’ theory of campaign-finance law “unconstitutional” and “unsupported in either reason or law.” But the legal exoneration shouldn’t pass without noting the hardship the secret probe imposed on its targets and on political debate in Wisconsin. 34 more words


Dr Kay Swinburne MEP returned to Europe!

Many congratulations to Dr Kay Swinburne MEP (Twitter: @ewrop2014) on her re-election to the European Parliament – an intelligent, hard-working and influential MEP who is committed to Wales and the Conservative Party. 67 more words


The House Budget Proposal: Vichy Republicans Capitulate. Sell Out Conservative Base.

Do you realize that since 1988, a Republican Party Presidential Candidate has won the Popular Vote only once? And, that was George W. Bush in 2004. 1,178 more words


Nothing less than the Constitution

Congressman tells Conservative Activists that fighting for the Constitution is a losing battle, but he is immediately corrected:

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2nd Amendment: No Right to Bear Arms

Although the Supreme Court’s conservative five-member activist majority of Scalia, Thomas, Alito, Roberts, and Kennedy ignored the “original intent” of the Second Amendment, as they drafted law from the bench in 2008, and gave individuals who had not enlisted in any state militia an individual right to bear arms, the Constitutional interpretation enunciated by dissenting justices Stevens, Souter, Breyer and Ginsburg, who said only state militia members have a right to bear arms, was the correct view. 845 more words


Court Justices Necessarily Make Law

When the Supreme Court issues decisions this summer on the constitutionality of the “individual mandate” under the Health Care Act, and the legality of the Arizona immigration statute, no matter which way they rule, they will be engaging in judicial activism, and they will be making law, and criticism will follow from the right, the left, or perhaps from both directions. 680 more words