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Dan Watkins: Reflections from CF India's Party Conference fringe event

Dan Watkins is a member of CF India and was the Conservative Parliamentary Candidate for Tooting at the 2015 General Election and 2016 By-Election

 It was a pleasure to join a full house at this year’s Conservative Friends of India (CF India) party conference fringe event, which saw an excellent discussion of UK-Indian relations between the former High Commissioner of India, His Excellency Navtej Sarna, Shailesh Vara MP and Co-Chair of CF India, Ranjit Singh Baxi. 532 more words

Conference diary: a bird's eye view from Birmingham

I used to work for a conservation charity famous for protecting birds and once, on a call, a woman used the phrase “let’s kill two birds with one stone, here”. 524 more words

Political Leadership

Theresa May: Woman of the People or Beyond Parody?

If there’s one thing Prime Ministers have known since Margaret Thatcher got Saatchi to do her advertising it’s that PR trumps politics. Tony Blair befriended Rupert Murdoch, promised us things could only get better then went about selling out Labour values and destroying Iraq. 648 more words


What Conservative Government? – Part 8, Theresa May Is Wrong To Embrace Socialism In Defence Of The Nation State

By openly declaring war on the libertarian wing of the Conservative Party, Theresa May reveals that she cannot tell the difference between defending the nation state (good) and shoehorning the state into every aspect of citizens’ lives (bad) 1,892 more words

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When human rights lawyers and doctors are your enemy then you're probably making a mistake - and other advice I'd give to Theresa May in person if necessary - Yet another edition of 'Said today by Theresa May' 

(Cover image courtesy of ‘The Spectator’ they also have a great transcript of the speech I cover here: http://specc.ie/2dJB8Zm)

Every time I mention Theresa May in this blog it’s usually an act of critisism – and while I’d like to say that today is the day all of this changes I am not in the position to make such promises, because my opinion of Theresa May continues to spiral to greater depths every time she starts talking. 1,041 more words


A tender word in David Cameron’s shell-like

I have been reading Macaulay with pleasure over the past weeks.

Here is a sentence taken from his essay on Sir William Temple. You could call it a tender word towards David Cameron, if he is somewhere looking on at the goings-on at the Conservative party conference: 85 more words


Lists of foreigners

I’ve rarely used this space to comment on politics in depth, or world events in depth beyond the emotional impact. I’ve always looked at the abundance of hot takes, statuses and tweets out there and figured one more voice yelling the same thing of sympathy/condemnation/etc made not much difference. 1,012 more words