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Tory Party Conference: The Left's Ugly Side Reveals Itself In Manchester

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Well, it was inevitable.

After spending the entirety of the general election campaign and the months following Labour’s defeat screaming hysterically about the Evil Tories and their supposed persecution of “the vulnerable” (funny how almost everyone in Britain is now in a state of permanent vulnerability, according to the Left), some of those protesting the Conservative Party conference in Manchester are now taking matters into their own hands. 1,094 more words


Cartoon: The #CPC15 and #Piggate

Rounding up Piggate and the Conservative Party Conference.

As you may’ve worked out, it’s based on this dubious masterpiece and features that infamous pig, who I’ve suggested… 9 more words


Will Left Wing Rage Lead To Violence At The Conservative Party Conference?

The Corbyn-loving Left may talk about a kinder, gentler politics, but mention the Tories and the thoughts of some quickly turn to violence

The problem with being so utterly convinced of your own moral superiority is that it tends to have a dehumanising effect on how you view those who think differently, making you more likely to say or do things that most people would never ordinarily countenance. 1,296 more words


Tories to debate abolition of fire, ambulance services

We have a “moral duty” not to run around saving lives

Delegates to the Conservative party conference in October 2015 will have the chance to debate the abolition of state-funded fire and ambulance services. 295 more words


Why the politicians lie about immigration

In the 12th Century a Norman author wrote a story about an Anglo-Saxon King, which later became a myth.  The story was that of King Canute seeking to show his courtiers that the power of a King was as nothing when compared to the power of God.   909 more words


On yer bike - a Tory Connundrum

In 1981, the United Kingdom was in the depths of an economic recession.  The Government of Margaret Thatcher was on the point of abandoning its economic experiment in monetarism, but not before it had crushed the life out of the Country’s  industrial base. 510 more words