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The Lights Are On, but Nobody's Home

Our southern border with Mexico is one of the most porous borders in the world. Our government has no clue as to what it needs to do, and the ones that actually do, get run through the mill for their ideas on closing it.

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Americans Are Losing the ability to think. All By Design!

I have been working a lot lately, and have had little time to blog, so I have been real thankful for Tom. But there are things that really need to be said from my standpoint too.

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Yeah.....BUT NOT YOU!!!!!!!!!!!

“And I supposed it’s only fair to say, don’t you someday wanna see a woman President of the United States of America? Well, well in many ways all of these questions…..all of these questions can only be answered by you…. 421 more words

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The Petulant Boy Child in the White House Throws another Tantrum

The Obama White House is in full war mode against Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, leader of our best ally in the Middle East, for accepting House Speaker John Boehner’s invitation to speak before Congress, while it mollycoddles that region’s most dangerous nation, Iran. 798 more words

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You NEVER HEAR this other side in the mainstream media........

The left-leaning website Jezebel kicked off the latest attack on Walker, a Republican who is considering a 2016 presidential bid, with an article headlined “Scott Walker Wants Colleges To Stop Reporting Sexual Assaults.” 455 more words

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"It is Alive!" Born: Department of the Internet

This new department, when people finally realize the freedoms they just lost with this 3-2 vote by the FCC will probably be as disliked and unpopular as ObamaCare.

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Enter the Dragon - Net Neutrality Rears it's Ugly Head Tomorrow

It seems that everytime the government wants to do something, and they have just an inkling that the American people won’t want it, they come out with stupid comments like Nancy Pelosi’s…

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