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Conservative Politics Australia - Less Will Give Us More

By Andrew Bolt ~

One of the great frustrations of many conservatives is that few Liberal Party MPs seem to have the conviction, the courage or the talent to argue fluently for liberal or conservative principles. 419 more words

Public Opinion

Is Feminism An Extremist Ideology?

Kiran Gandhi’s recent stunt is the latest in a long list of feminist attention whoring shenanigans. My personal theory is that she knew she couldn’t win the marathon and hence resorted to pulling such a cheap stunt. 934 more words

Cultural Marxism

Who Won the Republican Debate?

First Debate – Carly Fiorina

In the field of seven debating from 5-6 p.m., it was a good forum–well managed by Fox News moderators Bill Hemmer and Martha McCallum. 457 more words


Senator Melanie Sojourner: Courage Under Fire

Despite consistent attacks by the GOP Establishment, Senator Melanie Sojourner has remained a steadfast champion of conservative values.

By Ryan S. Walters | @ryanswalters73

There’s an ongoing war within the Republican Party in Mississippi between the Establishment and Conservatives. 1,225 more words

Chris McDaniel

What to Make of "Cuckservative"

Just recently, the term “cuckservative” – popularized by the alternative right – has incurred the wrath of mainstream white conservatives. Gregory Hood and Matt Forney… 613 more words

Cultural Marxism

Resisting Our Cultural Marxist Elites - A Few Strategies To Consider

Like so many children, I grew up becoming thoroughly acquainted with Western fairytales that were packaged by Disney and transmitted through my TV set. The charater that facinated me most was seldom the protagonist or antagonist, but rather, the king or monarch figure. 920 more words

Cultural Marxism

National Capitalism - A Third Alternative?

We on the Alternative Right share a peculiar aversion of economics. We seldom discuss it, preferring instead to focus our energies on matters pertaining to culture and politics. 1,119 more words

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