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Conservative Hypocrisy

I read an article today that irked me.  This happens most days, which is why that cabin in the middle of nowhere seems more and more hospitable. 716 more words


Yuri Bezmenov On Marxist Subversion Of Western Culture

There’s not much for me to add here. I did  find 4:05 interesting as I’ve come to believe that a large welfare state makes resistance against the government very difficult. 365 more words

Cultural Marxism

The Day 5 People’s Opinions Changed a Nation Forever

On Friday, June 26, 2015, the Supreme Court announced its 5-4 decision to make same-sex marriage the law of the land. Never mind that laws are supposed to be written in Congress and voted on by men and women elected to represent the views of their constituents. 324 more words


America's Tainted Democracy

This video says it all. Somehow I’m not surprised to see these South Asians beginning to use their wealth to buy political clout; what’s shocking is their naked tribalism which they make not even a token attempt to conceal. 296 more words

Cultural Marxism

Conservative Morality

Why I think the right is morally and politically superior is because free-market capitalism is both necessary and noble. There is only one way that capitalism can work: it is that men must be free to make their own decisions and be willing to live by those decisions. 619 more words

Spiritual Health

2016 Presidential Race Welcomes Rick Perry

Former Texas governor, Rick Perry announced his candidacy for president on June 4. He is the tenth Republican to join the race. In his announcement speech, Perry credited farming, family and serving his country with helping him develop good values. 202 more words

2016 Election

Oligarchy 101

The BBC recently reported that 5 banks, JPMorgan, Barclays, Citigroup, RBS, and UBS, have been fined for rigging the FOREX market. The Foreign Exchange market is extremely volatile and moves trillions of dollars in currency every day. 422 more words

Cultural Marxism