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Money Can't Buy Happiness

Written By: Gary Wonning

Money can’t buy happiness.

How often have you heard that statement? I know I have heard it many times in my life. 266 more words


If Everyone Had To Pay For College, How Much Would It Cost?

Written By; Gary Wonning

A thought just occurred to me, if everyone had to pay their own way in college, what would it cost?

In today’s world, there are many opportunities to receive financial assistance to attend college, through scholarships, financial aid, grants, etc. 734 more words


Why Conservatives Keep Winning and What Blue Voters Can Do About It

Hillary’s popular vote win and the massive protests since Trump was sworn in show that most Americans don’t share the values of the GOP. Pro environment, pro-choice, pro civil and gay rights, open borders, worker’s rights are more popular with the majority. 1,722 more words


Let's Discuss Walls

“The Great Wall of China, built 2,000 years ago, is 13,000 miles long, folks. … And they didn’t have … tractors, they didn’t have cranes, they didn’t have excavation equipment.” – Donald J. 1,056 more words


Never apologize

Here’s a picture from an Islamic magazine I recently came across. Study it well.

The Muslims never apologize for their beliefs. The question is, what do the vast majority of non-religious westerners actually believe in? 237 more words

Cultural Marxism

Winston Churchill on Land Monopoly

While I’ve long been passionate about economics, reading Michael Hudson’s Killing the Host was such an eye opener that it fundamentally changed the way I view our political economy. 742 more words

Conservative Values

Common Sense In Today's World

Written by: Gary Wonning

Common Sense

I think there is sort of a “universal” common sense, in other words, events evolve according to a natural order, certain rules apply that cannot be changed, IE , live life by a set of high ethical standards and your life normally will be better than if you live a life filled with drugs, illicit sex, and otherwise bad behavior. 376 more words