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Live and Let Live: The Right Way To Live

Common Sense goes a long way in this world

Written by Gary Wonning

Many on the left honestly believe that most conservatives are narrow minded and want everyone to live by their values.  512 more words


Another letter to my Senators

Good afternoon.

I was thinking to myself, self, this country sure does have a messed-up guy running things right now up in Washington. Old boring Obama must be looking pretty good to some of those bible thumping Republicans. 452 more words

Donald Trump

The Two Kinds of Hard

I can’t write much about gun control right now because the anger goes straight to my head, like one of those carnival strength challenges where you bring a hammer down and see how high the weight goes. 1,036 more words


Stormy Family Values

“Look, Christianity is not all about being a welcome mat which people can just stomp their feet on.” – Tony Perkins, president of the Family Research Council, a prominent evangelical activist group… 623 more words

Donald Trump

Guns in America

Written by Gary Wonning

Growing up in the fifties and sixties, we had four of five shotguns and rifles in the corner of the kitchen, the ammunition was in the kitchen cabinet. 381 more words



Ummmmm. So…… This is the entire reason I am writing my blog I think. I knew this needed to be said, I knew this was coming, but I thought it would all be sometime later. 1,583 more words

Should We Play a Religious song At A Football Game?

Written by Gary Wonning

Someone mentioned that during a college football game in Florida, on Veteran’s Day, the band played Amazing Grace and played “Taps”. 150 more words