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Growing Up In Indiana: Entertainment on a Saturday Night

Times were simple, it was an uncomplicated life back then.

Growing up in the 50s, we were the fortunate ones. Little did we know what lie ahead of those innocent times.Life was hard but good. 161 more words


We Have Created Our Reality

Many dispute the fact that we humans create the reality we live in, most just shrug their shoulders and attribute everything that they experience as fate and search no further for answers. 486 more words


In Trouble In Church: Life In the Fifties

After or during these socials, as well as in church we boys could always find trouble, seems as if it was lurking around every corner. As I grew older, mom became less willing to let me sit with other boys, not sure why. 248 more words


The Indy 500

We lived about seventy miles from the Indianapolis 500 Motor Speedway. in those days, during the month of May, there was daily activity at the track. 283 more words


The Cushman Motor Scooter

When I was about fourteen, I was able to buy a motor scooter with the money I had saved up by working various farming jobs, including baling hay. 224 more words


The Masonic Laws of Nature

The world is changing and changing rapidly. Old values and traditions are falling as new ones take their place.

Without a doubt, many old customs need to fall by the wayside, however, we need to be careful and not throw the baby out with the bath water. 265 more words


Facebook’s Fact Checker in Financial Trouble

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I subscribe to an organization, 2nd Vote, which looks into companies, organizations and rates them on conservative  standards:  2nd Amendment, environment, marriage, life, education, immigration, religious liberty. 355 more words