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Does Saskatchewan's Economy Shield It From Cultural Marxist Insanity?

Saskatchewan is the opposite of Ontario in so many ways. Ontario is over-populated whereas Saskatchewan is sparsely populated. Ontario’s biggest city (Toronto) is racially segregated (ironically) whereas Saskatchewan’s largest city (Saskatoon) is concerned only with segregating cyclists from motorists. 773 more words


The Frame's the Thing: More Worship, Less Worry

 I confess. I’m a list keeper and one of one of my lists is “Subjects to be blogged about.”  For some time now the phrase “Sacredness of Nature” has been on that list. 730 more words

Leftist "Equality" is Little More Than a Blatant Power Grab

In my opinion, too many people make the mistake of presuming that those on the left argue in good faith. While many conservatives and right leaning white people strongly disagree with liberals, they nevertheless presume that they actually believe in the equality they espouse. 1,099 more words


Another View of Jamestown and the American Spirit

Earlier I spoke rather negatively about the first permanent settlement at Jamestown, Virginia. The settlers were ill-prepared; many were resentful that any work was expected of them; they abused the Native American population; they came primarily for gold, the get-rich-quick scheme of the day. 354 more words

Modern Culture

Capitalism, Consumerism, and Innovation

Is consumerism Capitalism’s dead end? The words are often used interchangeably in day to day use and so I wouldn’t be surprised if that was the common man’s perception. 573 more words

Conservative Values

The Importance Of Business Ethics

It has often been said that a society’s level of civilization can be gauged in three places: it’s prisons, it’s toilets, and it’s roads. If a society possesses a high trust culture which emphasizes justice and consideration, one would visibly notice those values at work in the aforementioned 3 places. 956 more words

Conservative Values

The future of western values

This post is going be rather short since my objective here is to stimulate debate rather than provide analysis.

The late American philosopher Arthur Danto rejected Hume’s fact/value dichotomy by persuasively arguing that a society’s morals beliefs were indeed predicated on their factual beliefs. 476 more words