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Peak Season Frustrations, UPS

Written By; Gary Wonning

One of my first years on the job, I arrived back at the center about five o’clock on Christmas Eve. I was looking forward to going home and enjoying the evening attending church and unwrapping gifts with my family. 364 more words


The First Four Years Of School

Written By: Gary Wonning

The first four years of school, I had a bus driver who couldn’t keep any order. The bus ride became a real adventure, I was one of the youngest and not having any siblings to help me out, I became quite masterful at the art of diplomacy and became adept at staying unnoticed as to not invite the wrath of upper-class boys and girls who were bent on creating a disturbance. 180 more words


Illegal Immigration Isn't A Victim-less Crime

Sometime ago, an illegal immigrant who had been deported eight times hit and killed a woman in Louisville Kentucky, leaving behind her son.

It so happens this woman and her son were recent immigrants from Cuba who came here legally. 211 more words


The George Washington Masonic Memorial

The George Washington Masonic Memorial

Located on Shuter’s Hill in Alexandria Virgina, the memorial can be seen for miles in every direction.

How this all came to be is an interesting story. 388 more words


How the Left Can Keep From Tearing Itself Apart This Time

No one needs to remind left-leaning people what’s at stake so I won’t go into the horrors of the current Republican administration. But like many long-term activists, I’ve seen the GOP get ahead because the left can’t stop splitting itself into increasingly narrow and irrelevant factions. 788 more words

Conservative Values

Money Can't Buy Happiness

Written By: Gary Wonning

Money can’t buy happiness.

How often have you heard that statement? I know I have heard it many times in my life. 266 more words


If Everyone Had To Pay For College, How Much Would It Cost?

Written By; Gary Wonning

A thought just occurred to me, if everyone had to pay their own way in college, what would it cost?

In today’s world, there are many opportunities to receive financial assistance to attend college, through scholarships, financial aid, grants, etc. 734 more words