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Senator Melanie Sojourner: Courage Under Fire

Despite consistent attacks by the GOP Establishment, Senator Melanie Sojourner has remained a steadfast champion of conservative values.

By Ryan S. Walters | @ryanswalters73

There’s an ongoing war within the Republican Party in Mississippi between the Establishment and Conservatives. 1,225 more words

Chris McDaniel

What to Make of "Cuckservative"

Just recently, the term “cuckservative” – coined by the alternative right – has incurred the wrath of mainstream white conservatives. Gregory Hood and Matt Forney… 612 more words

Cultural Marxism

Resisting Our Cultural Marxist Elites - A Few Strategies To Consider

Like so many children, I grew up becoming thoroughly acquainted with Western fairytales that were packaged by Disney and transmitted through my TV set. The charater that facinated me most was seldom the protagonist or antagonist, but rather, the king or monarch figure. 920 more words

Cultural Marxism

National Capitalism - A Third Alternative?

We on the Alternative Right share a peculiar aversion of economics. We seldom discuss it, preferring instead to focus our energies on matters pertaining to culture and politics. 1,119 more words

Conservative Values

The Importance of Language

While many in the alt right have mixed views on the manosphere, there are trenchant “red pill” adherents who frequently bless the internet with their edifying insights. 809 more words

Cultural Marxism

Conservative Hypocrisy

I read an article today that irked me.  This happens most days, which is why that cabin in the middle of nowhere seems more and more hospitable. 716 more words


Yuri Bezmenov On Marxist Subversion Of Western Culture

There’s not much for me to add here. I did  find 4:05 interesting as I’ve come to believe that a large welfare state makes resistance against the government very difficult. 365 more words

Cultural Marxism