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Politics and the Good Life

If you’re like me, you find social media anywhere from annoying to mind-numbingly stupid.  A large part of this is because people are continuously posting their political opinions.   581 more words

Conservatives: Stop Defending Milo's Support of Pederasty

By: Jericho Cook

As of two days ago, it was announced that Milo Yiannopoulos would be delivering the keynote address at this year’s Conservative Political Action Conference (or CPAC for short). 270 more words

I expect

I expect him to be a conservative, but I also expect him to be competent.

I expect him to be a rookie, but I also expect him to be respectful of the office. 167 more words

A Brief note on Dreher's 'Benedict option'

In a recent issue of The Catalyst, Dreher expounds his concerns about globalization and it’s effects on the working class. Elsewhere, he has advised the Benedict option, which, as I know it, is essentially the withdrawal of Christians to communities where they can live their faith and take care of one another, their families, and build the communities necessary to support the previous goals while also, well, saving their souls. 497 more words


Pedophilia appears to be the "red line" the conservative GOP won't cross to side with a Trump fan

Mainstream Republicans have had an uneasy relationship with the White House since Donald Trump was elected in November. Most have remained mum as Trump battles the US intelligence community, flouts conflicts-of-interest norms, and proposes upending longstanding policies on everything from China to Israel, and few on the right have criticized Trump, his demonization of the press, or some of his hastier  565 more words

Trump Times Entry 104 - Defending the Lie Word

Defending the Lie Word

February 20, 2017

I don’t buy it – this whole notion that there’s some important subtle nuanced difference between a spoken falsehood, alt-fact or voiced untruth and the shorter clearer word – lie. 323 more words

Wet Dog Productions

Skin Care For The Soul

“Hey Mom?  You know my friend Nicole?  She’s been awful lately, I mean she’s really ragging on Aja about her weight. It’s getting really bad, I mean Aja’s been crying to me a lot about it. 571 more words