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Murkowski Tells Trump to Stop Campaigning: ‘Every Day Shouldn’t Be About Winning Elections’

Story at Breitbart, image from mediaite.com.

ㅤMurkowski’s statement shows precisely why she should not be a Senator. Murkowski is an elected representive and should stay in touch with her constituency as much as possible. 26 more words


Chelsea Manning Melts Down on Transgender Ban, Says Military Has 'Always' Been 'Social Experiment'

Story at The Independent Journal Review, image from blogspot.com.

ㅤChelsea would presently be peeing his panties if this man was still alive…


Ana Navarro on Trump Rally: 'I've Never Done Hallucinogenic Mushrooms…This Is What It Must Be Like'

Story at The Independent Journal Review, image from politico.com.

ㅤApparently Ana has had too many oxy-tainted
ㅤI myself found it unbelievable that an entire room full of aging Democrispies would simultaneously give the President the finger. 29 more words


House Armed Services Democrats: 'We will fight' Trump transgender ban

Story at The Washington Examiner, image from google.com.

ㅤGreat move Mr. President. More deep state turds are being flushed out and will soon join their friends on the compost heap.


Trump Times Entry 259 - Political Masturbation

Political Masturbation

July 26, 2017

Surely, others must be frustrated too.

Yesterday, the Senate voted to open debate on the healthcare issue. Their method was a tad unusual in that there was no real bill to be debated. 567 more words

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Kremlin holds off on responding to new US sanctions

Story at ABC News, image from brucegerencser.net.
ㅤ”Senior Russian officials and lawmakers said Russia was considering measures in response to the new round of sanctions, but Dmitry Peskov, spokesman for President Vladimir Putin, said it was too early to speak about it.”