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Political Alignment and Realignment

At 18.9%, Ross Perot claimed almost 20 Million Votes. Only twice during the 20th Century had a third party done as anywhere near as well as the Texas Billionaire had. 951 more words

Election 2016

#22 Blue Blog: In or Out

As you can see from the above, literature about the EU referendum abounds. A lot of literature from the government and various pressure groups but walking about town I haven’t seen any campaigners or activists. 360 more words


Survival Mode

Benjamin Franklin, as he left the Constitutional Convention was asked what government the convention had rendered, “A Republic,” he replied, “if you can keep it.” 737 more words


The politics of popularity

Former Texas governor Rick Perry, after garnering almost no support for his presidential bid, denounced Donald Trump in language almost identical to that used by Left-wing Social Justice Warriors. 284 more words


Democrats Must Work to Turn Georgia Blue

A recent Landmark/RosettaStone Poll has Hillary Clinton trailing Donald Trump by one point in Georgia (42 to 41), a lot has been made of this poll – some are even going so far as to speculate that Donald Trump’s outrageous statements and policy positions may deliver the state to Hillary Clinton. 574 more words

State Senate District 5 Gwinnett

Facebook finds no anti-conservative bias but will still change trending news

Facebook on Monday said that it’s ending its scraping of news sites and reliance on RSS feeds to determine what goes into its Trending Topics modules: a response to Sen. 801 more words