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Extreme Begets Extremes

I hate to sound like a liberal apologist. I loathe to sound like a left-winger. I cringe inwardly and outwardly when I think I remotely sound like a Salon.com contributor. 830 more words

Labour's Young takes West Thornton by-election with ease

Labour claimed the first Croydon election victory of the day, when it was announced that their candidate in the West Thornton council ward by-election, Callton Young, had won with nearly two-thirds of the vote. 351 more words


Who the fuck is voting Tory?

You were proud to wake up and march to the polling station
To cast a vote to try and salvage our nation
Determined the results that we’d be facin’ 413 more words


The Two Faces of the GOP

As a lifelong democrat, I’ve never considered voting for the Republicans. Even when there were certain ideals that I could agree with them on – … 533 more words

What Annoys Me About the Left - by Jacob Brahm

I am a young, non-religious, bisexual living in a rather blue state. I should be a leftist and a so called “progressive”, yet I can’t stand them. 885 more words


"Whig"in Out: The Demise of the Republican Party

Ask the average person do you know about the Whig Party and you will get a blank stare. They don’t know about it because it doesn’t exist anymore. 1,053 more words


New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio....

I was on Facebook today, and i saw an article featuring de Blasio. He was blasting Chick-fil-A. On his article (http://insider.foxnews.com/2016/05/05/dont-go-chick-fil-mayor-de-blasio-tells-new-yorkers), He said, “Chick-fil-A is anti-LGBT”. 379 more words