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Perhaps there is a Politics Problem

It is election time here in the UK and that means only one thing. Yup, very soon we will have a new King of the Commonwealth as David Cameron (Tory), Ed Miliband (Labour), Nick Clegg (Traitors) and Nigel Farage (BNP 2.0) are competing for the Queen’s hand in marriage. 274 more words


Revolution: "Through the eyes of a Black Conservative with a debt to No One but Truth" By Pudgy Miller

People have agendas, preconceived notions, phobias, bottled up drama, and untreated trauma that leads them down many paths and places throughout their lives.

THE HIGHEST OFFICE: Politically speaking when many do not agree with the president whom is currently in Office and do not agree with his politics, the Office that many feel is so sacred no longer is worthy of respect and decency! 721 more words

Evangelicalism as Boats

From the moment the Holy Spirit fell at Pentecost, Christianity has been on the move. The gates of Hell cannot prevail against us! We’ve never stopped moving, and we won’t stop until Jesus returns. 944 more words

Frack in Lancashire, but not in Sussex, says Conservative's Nicholas Soames

Sir Nicholas Soames, the Conservative candidate for Mid Sussex, supports fracking – but not in his constituency, he told voters last week. 607 more words


Latest polls point to Tories praying for rain in Croydon Central

WALTER CRONXITE has got his abacus out again to examine the implications of London-wide polling results

Friday’s YouGov poll for the Evening Boris, dedicated just to London voters, gives a chance to provide another analysis on where the marginal Croydon Central parliamentary contest stands with just 11 days to go to the election. 1,728 more words


Tories Boycott East Yorkshire Businesses

Receiving the Tory leaflets this morning I was shocked to see they had boycotted East Yorkshire businesses. Not only did they boycott East Yorkshire constituency printing businesses but they also boycotted those in the full East Riding of Yorkshire Council area. 104 more words


Play your part in the second Croydon Assembly, June 6

ANDREW FISHER on an important discussion coming to Ruskin House

Last November, more than 100 attended the first Croydon Assembly – a community initiative that brought together trade unionists, community campaigners and other residents to discuss how we can influence the policies that affect our lives. 690 more words