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The GOP is not the 'Christian' party

On Monday, July 18th, Pastor Mark Burns of South Carolina took the stage at the 2016 Republican National Convention to give the benediction. However, instead of simply giving thanks to God and praying over the convention, it quickly became politicized. 907 more words

Christian Living

Punished for being Poor

Listen in to a discussion between a liberal and conservative and the topic will eventually center around liberty and equality. For the conservative, liberty is the prize. 650 more words

Strong Foundations

Pop smoke

and bug out

amidst the confusion.

Escape and evade,

do whatever it takes

to break contact.

Go to ground

and disappear

into the indigenous population. 132 more words



I’m changing my political affiliation. I was very conservative years ago and yes a Republican. But over time I changed, and my views changed. I became more concerned about people, poverty, and that everyone – should have access to healthcare. 216 more words

Daytime TV ads and the bloodsucking companies leaching off the vulnerable

There is lots of talk by politicians from all sides of helping poorer people and making their lives better through ending zero hour contracts or reduced taxes, but anyone who has ever had a sick day or spent a weekday at home knows there are other problems that Westminster village types seem to ignore. 704 more words


The Invited Change of The Republican Party

The Republican Party has long needed to change. The party fundamentally cannot appeal to millennials, LGBTQ people, and minority groups, particularly blacks. The reason I specifically point out African Americans is because they are the only group that I see turning to the Republican Party as the Democrats have championed the rise of the latino population in this country. 599 more words

Miami shooting of Charles Kinsey "shooting gun" for BLM Movement?

The video of Charles Kinsey before he was shot by a Miami officer is pretty telling. You can hear Kinsey, sprawled on the ground with his hands up telling police that he was unarmed and in the middle of the street to help his autistic patient. 435 more words