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Libertarian or Conservative..

Stolen from CATO.. survey in 2016.. funny enough based on this I am actually a libertarian in most especially regarding the Terror and Abortion issues, which I believe are more everybody’s own prep and moral issues.


Going into town? Only if you can afford it.

By G. P. Ripley

It struck me, whilst sat in Pret a Manager, that I couldn’t hear any foul language. I also couldn’t see any track-suit bottoms, sports caps, flash piercings and not even one tattoo. 873 more words


Facebook's Trending section to be run by algorithms, not humans after 'liberal bias' accusations

SAN FRANCISCO – Facebook is removing the troublesome humans responsible for manually writing news descriptions and headlines for its Trending box. The company is turning the job over to algorithms that automatically select topics and generate text. 337 more words


We Are the Dumbest

I thought you might find this interesting. I sure did!

Next time you hear Hillary, or any other Democrat, ranting about Republicans wanting to disenfranchise minorities by requiring voter ID, keep the following in mind: 163 more words


Lessons from Leadership Struggles

Trying to form a theologically diverse community – harder than I thought…


What's this blog for?

Very simply, this blog is a place for me to write short(ish) blog posts about my beliefs, why I believe them and sometimes some other stuff. 46 more words


Time and time and again I railed against the scum some call the conservatives. This backward ass party does what is does best, engage in stupid fuckery create issues where none exist to garner votes.

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