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CAMHS (meaning Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services) are NHS mental health services for children and young people, offering assessment and treatment to those that need it.  348 more words

David Cameron: "He'd rather be having sex with a pig"

Since the extraordinarily embarrassing revelation that David Cameron has a penchant for oral sex with pigs, a persistent undertone of dis-satisfaction with David Cameron’s leadership of the Tory Party has grown to an anguished howl. 396 more words

Creasy gives up her pay rise as an example to Croydon MPs

Now here’s an idea for this kinder, gentler era of politics: Croydon’s three MPs could ask their constituents how to use the money from their recent pay hike – up 10 per cent, now at £74,000 per year for back benchers, since you ask – and give the public the chance to veto how they spend public money in their offices. 371 more words


Cameron’s speech shows that he is preparing for Corbyn’s successor

The headlines may have focussed on David Cameron’s attack on “Britain-hating” Jeremy Corbyn; but, Cameron’s speech this week at the Conservative party conference shows that he expects Labour to have replaced Corbyn by the next general election. 543 more words

The Monster of Politics.

I often attempt to stay tight lipped on politics because I am not knowledgeably proficient enough in it to talk too much in depth, and to be honest it annoys me. 834 more words


My Canada

I’ve spent some time living outside of Canada, specifically in China. Over that time, I’ve learned to truly value Canada. It is one of the precious gems in this world. 357 more words


Leaning To The Right All Over Printed T-shirt

Enjoy this all over printed t-shirt featuring a red, white and blue graphic design of the US Capitol building leaning to the right. Printed seam to seam, the cotton-soft 100% polyester wicks moisture and maintains a rich color throughout.