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You'll Let Us Know, Right?

The Freedom Caucus in the House is being blamed for the recent health care bill not passing. Some, including Republican leadership in the House and the President, are not only blaming them, but making asinine statements about them. 749 more words


Conservatives take cover.

That’s right. You read that right. If you are conservative, then you better take cover because nowadays, you are everyone’s target. This is regardless if you are right or fair in your views, argument or perspective; if it’s conservative, well then you better take cover. 617 more words


Trump Times Entry 139 - Nepotism is the New Normal

Nepotism is the New Normal

March 27, 2017

Let see, we have the old, nearly senile, patriarch, a hot daughter and a simple brother (okay, two brothers) all living in a new sophisticated setting where they don’t fit in. 408 more words

Wet Dog Productions

Navigating the Conservative Divide

The congressional stalemate over repeal of the Affordable Care Act and the inauguration of the American Health Care Act should not have come as a surprise if perspectives of New Mexico conservatives were taken into consideration. 414 more words

Defuse or Detonate

For decades, now, politicians and activists have been making careers of very public and demonstrative hand-wringing over health care in the United States. “Something has to be done,” we’ve heard ad nauseam. 452 more words


Republicans Prove their Inability to Govern

For years I have followed politics closely. Over 20 years ago I observed the fact that the once Grand Old Party was deteriorating. The quality of the men and women elected by Republican voters was diminishing. 483 more words

The military tail wagging the American conservative family formation dog.

Another intersection of many things discussed here, but military families are more likely to have more kids (about 1 full child more than other married families) and thus more likely to have YUUUUUGGGGGEEEE families as well, because of clustering effects.   395 more words