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Who's "fake news"gets a pass?

The problem with fake news is not that its fake, but rather it is a tool to crack down on alternative news sites who, more often than not, tell the… 13 more words

I Know You Are, But What Am I?

I’m an unapologetic Pee-wee Herman fan and especially enjoyed the comedic search for his beloved bike in Pee-wee’s Big Adventure.  In an exchange over the whether his bike was for sale, Pee-wee resorts to the juvenile phrase “ 321 more words

Musings, This And That

Let there be light: Skanska finish the job, only four months late

Under the council’s newly embossed letter-headings of “Delivering for Croydon”, this probably counts as a Pyrrhic victory: Skanska has finally finished installing street lights across the borough – only four months behind schedule. 518 more words

Croydon Council

CNN : Alex Jones Former KKK Leader!!

More fake news from CNN!! WOW what lies!! Just when you thought CNN could not get any worse, thy come out with this nuggget:

5 Questions With... MP. John Barlow

1) Who were your political role model(s) growing up?

My political role models growing up were my grandfather, John Hettema, who ran as an MLA in Saskatchewan and was on Tommy Douglas’ campaign team. 725 more words

Trump, Safety Pins, Diversity, and Accountability

I was raised a good ol’ country boy. Hearing racial epithets was quite common, to the place that older members of my family didn’t even think they were derogatory. 691 more words

Nipples: Concealed Weapons?

Boobs. Ta-ta’s. Breasts. Fun bags.

We all know them and love them, right? But why are we so afraid of them? It seems to me that the most threatening factor isn’t the fatty tissue as a whole. 742 more words