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Gavin McInnes Goes For Live Streaming Record, Gets Fucked Over By YouTube's Robotic Policing

VICE founder Gavin McInnes swung for the fences earlier this week when he (and very few other members of The Anthony Cumia Network) attempted to break the Guinness World Record for longest live streamed event. 271 more words



By Dr. Stephen Kim

In a former post, I detailed 10 men that Christian women ought to avoid when considering marriage.  Today, I present to you my list for Christian men. 1,944 more words

Marriage & Family

R.S. HELMS reblogged this on Bob's Opinion and commented:

This article is correct in some points, yet he gets off base with his opinion in some other points... One thing it does is stirs the feathers of many...

"A Secret Freak Flag": Rubio’s Robotic Message In The New Hampshire Debate Was Code-Talk To Right-Wing Conspiracy Nuts

Until the returns roll in from Tuesday’s New Hampshire primary, we probably won’t know whether Marco Rubio’s poor performance in Saturday night’s Republican candidate debate was an illusion of the punditry or a real stumble that could open the door to a comeback by his Establishment rivals. 682 more words


The Student as Sovereign

It’s very difficult not to admire the Machiavellian nature of the Conservative agenda. They are scrupulous in their attention to detail and their ability to make others do their dirty work for them. 1,431 more words

"When The Applause Dies For Jeb Bush": He Misjudged The Depth Of The Anger And Division Within His Own Party

“Please clap,” Jeb Bush wryly told a subdued crowd in New Hampshire last week, a moment that epitomizes his problem.

The pundits call it lack of traction. 766 more words


The 2016 Election For Dummies – Part 2

By Lawrence Sellin Ph.D. ~

On August 5, 2015, I wrote:

The two most important issues of the 2016 election are non-partisan.

(1)    The federal government and the media are, as institutions, hopelessly corrupt.

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