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'Government does not have a place in your bedroom': Conservatives vote to accept same-sex marriages

VANCOUVER – Conservative delegates voted overwhelmingly Saturday at their national convention to effectively accept same-sex marriage, a move Tory MPs and leadership candidates said modernizes their party and sends an important message to Canadians. 841 more words


Senator Rand Paul Mic Drop on HR2576

Video to Youtube – Published on May 26, 2016

(about 2 mins / over 14k views at time of posting)

Senator Paul objected to the passage of HR 2576. 96 more words

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Tories to update policy handbook on gay marriage, assisted dying

VANCOUVER – Conservatives will vote Saturday on a motion to delete existing parts of the party’s policy that oppose same sex marriage.

It’s one of 30 updates or changes to party policy that made it out of emotional debates at workshops on Friday. 395 more words


GSU Library Launches New Digital Archive of Pro-Life Newsletters

The Georgia State University Library has launched a new digital archive of pro-life newsletters. “The collection, part of the Archives for Research on Women and Gender, contains newsletters reflecting the anti-abortion and (to a lesser extent) anti-euthanasia beliefs of various American organizations and individuals.”

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Gavin McInnes Accuses 'the Far Left' of Plotting 'Genocide' Against Conservatives

In a video uploaded to Alex Jones’s YouTube channel on May 26, 2016, Jones sat down with hipsterdom’s patient zero, Gavin McInnes, to talk about — what else? 616 more words


"Are You Kidding Me?": No, It’s Not Just A Nightmare; Trump Officially Clinches Nomination!

You can take the “presumptive” nominee tag off Donald Trump and substitute “putative.” According to the most widely accepted scorekeeper, the Associated Press, the mogul has quietly passed the much-discussed threshold of 1,237 delegate commitments needed to win a majority in Cleveland. 287 more words


Why I'm Jealous of Liberals, and What Conservatives Can Do About It

I’m jealous of my liberal friends. I’m jealous because they seem to have a corner on the compassion market. Their political representatives champion the poor, minorities, and marginalized, while mine seem intent on invoking Reaganomics and the importance of a balanced budget. 438 more words