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Naming Names: A More Precise Look at Why The Republican Party is Dying | RedState

An earlier post today I gave my readers a look at the most recent polls and the candidates and I found another article that kinda goes along with my earlier piece……even conservatives are not too optimistic on the future of the GOP………… 177 more words


It is un-socialist to support Jeremy Corbyn

A quick disclaimer: I am a socialist and I share much of Jeremy Corbyn’s politics. I believe that austerity is unjustifiable ideological warfare; I believe in renationalising the railways, I believe in Clause IV, I believe in strong trade unions, and I believe in nuclear disarmament. 751 more words


#FCO #armssales and #humanrights

Saudi Arabia

Last month, we wrote to John Glen MP asking that his government take a more robust line with the Saudi Arabian government in view of the large increase in executions and floggings, many of which are carried out in public.  744 more words

Death Penalty

Face-Off: Who Will Labour’s Next Opponent

‘Now it’s open war’, screamed the Daily Mail headline on 18 June 2015. Not, this time, a comment on the Labour leadership race that was then getting into full swing, but the contest to come on the Treasury benches. 165 more words

Progress Online

"Return Of The Imperial Enforcer": Dick Cheney Is Back; Here’s Why The GOP Won’t Listen To Him

If you have been plagued in recent days by not knowing the answer to the question, “What would Dick Cheney do?”, then your sleepless nights may be behind you. 925 more words


Paranoid history of the GOP: How conspiracy theories poisoned the Republican Party -

Wingnuts have become increasingly reliant on reality-defying paranoia. Here’s how it happened

In the 1960s, William F. Buckley tried to banish organized conspiracists from the conservative movement with his crusade against the John Birch Society, which tellingly organized itself secretively, just like the Communists that it believed were everywhere. 374 more words


Firebrand talk host Mark Levin to lead Conservative Review

Conservative talk show host Mark Levin is becoming the editor-in-chief of Conservative Review, a big coup for the website that was launched just a year ago to provide a voice for the anti-establishment movement within the Republican Party. 242 more words