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The Labour, Tory & LibDem Twitter profiles tell us everything we need to know

I took a look at the Twitter profiles of the top three political parties in the UK recently, examining them purely from a communications/marketing perspective. The bios and profile pictures say a lot about each party, not always to their benefit. 1,555 more words

Mostly Serious

Why did the Conservatives just lose 20,000 votes in Witney?

It wasn’t just an ordinary Thursday this week in the world of politics but a very special Thursday. Why, I hear you ask. Because 2 by-elections took place. 514 more words


Principled Conservatives Voting for Hillary?

Oddly enough, there are still some Conservatives who are mystified at the claim that a choice to vote for a third party candidate or not to vote at all is, in the end, a vote for Hillary.  519 more words

I hate Racism

Being black and from the South, I was trained to hate White people because of slavery (because by time I was born, the racism has died down just a tad). 580 more words

Narratives versus Reality

An increasingly common term that we are seeing in Western political discourse is “narrative.”  Everybody has their narrative.  The news media build a narrative, politicians create their narratives, entire governments produce narratives which they wish for their populations to consume unquestioningly.   1,572 more words

Curt Shilling

Curt Shilling went on Hardball on MSNBC last night to announce his intention to consider running for the Massachusetts Senate seat held by Elizabeth Warren and even though Chris Matthews was easy on him, Shilling almost immediately… 215 more words

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