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The Mainstreaming of White Supremacist Rhetoric

In the fight against white supremacist terrorism, we have to look not just at the trees directly in front of us, but at the entire forest as a whole. 1,087 more words


Preferential treatment: how Australia's 2019 election would have looked under first-past-the-post voting

Let’s be clear from the outset: Australia will probably never again adopt first-past-the-post voting, whether at a federal or state level. Apart from the lack of appetite for it, other countries have looked to Australia’s system as something worth emulating. 1,582 more words


Exclusive: Google Insider Turns Over 950 Pages Of Docs And Laptop To DOJ, by Sara Carter

Sara Carter has some good sources inside the Department of Justice. From Carter at saracarter.com:

A former Google insider claiming the company created algorithms to hide its political bias within artificial intelligence platforms – in effect targeting particular words, phrases and contexts to promote, alter, reference or manipulate perceptions of Internet content – delivered roughly 950 pages of documents to the Department of Justice’s Antitrust division Friday. 842 more words


The façade that is the European Parliament and how it cheats the citizens of the EU

There are 751 Members of the European Parliament or MEPs who earn between £5,000 and £6,000 a month. MEPs also gain an additional £4,000 work allowance to spend on whatever they like without having to prove that this £4,000 was actually spent doing work. 710 more words

Boris Johnson

Antifa, Conservatives and Mental Gymnastics

Submitted by Reactionary E

The fact that American authorities appease and the mainstream media endorse the violent behavior of the far-left antifa is an open secret. 784 more words

Montreal actress falsely accused of appearing in campaign ad faces online bullying

A Montreal actress is calling on voters to think critically about what they see online after being falsely accused of appearing in a campaign video for Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer. 667 more words


Young Tories accuse party of ignoring sexual harassment allegations

Quoted from- https://morningstaronline.co.uk/article/b/young-tories-accuse-party-of-ignoring-sexual-harassment-allegations

‘THE CONSERVATIVE PARTY has been thrown into crisis with young members saying that its officials have ignored complaints against a “nightmare” senior campaigner who reportedly masturbating in public in front of a young activist.

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