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Why Owen Smith must be the Brexit sceptic

We know that for Theresa May, ‘Brexit means Brexit.’ For Jeremy Corbyn, he is 7.5/10 committed to the European Union. Meanwhile, Owen Smith would call for a referendum on the Brexit negotiations. 229 more words


Cowardly Grave-Robbers Defile the Final Resting Place of Veteran Heroes

August 25, 2016

By Lorra B.

In a despicable show of the ugly and cowardly side of the human condition, thieves vandalized and robbed many graves of our veteran heroes in Laporte, Indiana. 344 more words


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COULD IT BE, that these cockroach slugs are one of our biggest problems? they need to be under the prisons...

Can Justin Trudeau help kick start Ring of Fire development?

When a local reporter went digging for answers from Justin Trudeau about stalled development in the so-called Ring of Fire in northern Ontario, the prime minister went panning for political points. 984 more words


British Bill of Rights

Liz Truss announces that the British Bill of Rights is back on the agenda

The new Lord Chancellor, Liz Truss, said in an interview that the abolition of the Human rights Act and its replacement with the British Bill of Rights is back on the agenda.  729 more words


Australian Economy - Treasurer Scott Morrison Warns: Change Or Risk Recession

By Andrew Bolt ~

Australia’s Treasurer Scott Morrison issues the warning we need:

“A generation has grown up not ever having known a recession, of seeing unemployment rates at more than 10 per cent, with one million Australians out of work or mortgage rates at 18 per cent or where inflation is actually a problem, rather than an aspiration.”

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If the Shoe Fits the trumpies. . .

I have been trying these past few days to write less about trump. It gets kind of sickening to dwell in the swamps too long. But it is hard to resist, since trump and/or the Republicans make such fools of themselves on a daily basis. 89 more words

Owen Smith: The Anti-Corbyn

‘It’s a binary choice isn’t it – Owen or bust.’ These were the words of one Labour member when I asked him if he’d been persuaded by Owen Smith’s performance in Hammersmith on Tuesday night. 897 more words

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