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When Palinism Collides With Infrastructure

I suppose collides isn’t the best choice of words. Anyway, Adam Gopnik has an excellent piece in the New Yorker that points out what drives much of the opposition to mass transit infrastructure, including trains (boldface mine): 520 more words


A Knighthood for Eric Pickles, because why not?

The internet is swamped in outrage and confusion today after the announcement that Eric Pickles (the human egg) is going to be awarded a knighthood. Yes, that is the same Eric Pickles who was responsible for cuts to local councils. 256 more words


How will we know how many beans we have?

… if we get rid of the bean counters?

I can understand why you’d be annoyed by “bean counters” if, say, you are running a gourmet coffee shop, and your employees keep stopping the production of espresso in order to count the beans. 131 more words


PR Disaster

With the election over, Britain has effectively chosen the party that wants to move the deckchairs around as the Titanic sinks rather than the party that wanted to drill additional holes in the hull of the sinking ship. 775 more words


"Being Punitive For The Hell Of It": Kansas Wants The Very Poor To Crawl, Often, For The Means Of Survival

Former WaMo Weekend Blogger Max Ehrenfreund has an important if maddening piece up at WaPo’s Wonkblog today about the latest indignity towards the poor inflicted by those good Christian GOP lawmakers in Kansas. 338 more words


Campaigning as an independent parliamentary candidate in Devon

What have I learnt from the recent General Election? Well, aside from the obvious – (1) the manipulation of the media by the Conservative party is absolute, (2) politicians can and will lie in order to get elected without anybody questioning what they say & (3) … 1,429 more words

Central Devon

16 and 17 year old's are being done an injustice when they are denied the right to vote

My first experience of serious political discussion was when I was studying for my A-Levels. It was that fateful general election when the Lib Dems promised they would abolish tuition fees and this was an incredibly important issue for me as I was set to go to university the following year. 562 more words