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So Labour's given us a choice-what's wrong with that?

I am not going to the Labour party conference but I am going to the Conservative conference in Birmingham next week. I am not a conservative supporter but I am glad they are providing a functioning Government as we prepare for BREXIT. 496 more words


Congratulations, Jeremy Corbyn!

This is just to express my congratulations to Jeremy Corbyn on his victory in the Labour leadership contest. Hopefully, this will place the Labour party on track as a party that genuinely stands for working people, the poor, the disabled and the unemployed, instead of what the Blairites want it to be: another Tory party. 140 more words


November 8th 2016 San Diego County Christian Conservative Voter’s Guide

We have quite a stream of readers of our blog from Southern California and I thought it would be helpful to post this.

This is courtesy of Craig Huey of Election Forum ( 289 more words


Why are young people not engaged with politics?

I am sure we all saw the posts on social media of young people complaining about how the older generation have yet again damned an entire generation the day after the EU vote. 529 more words


"If you don't like it, get out!" (trigger warning)

I actually really hate that I have political opinions.

Random Troll with too much free time that thinks that bugging some no-name on the internet is some sort of accomplishment: “Then stop talking, then” 476 more words

Liberals fire back at Tories over history of costly relocation expenses

OTTAWA – The Liberals are trying to turn the tables on Conservatives who’ve had a heyday with excessive moving expenses claimed by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau… 587 more words