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A Few of Callme's Unsavoury Things

Call me a mirror man
Call me myopic
Call me a PR con
Call me entropic
Call me a faker
Of them and us plots… 125 more words


Where do Your Political Candidates Stand on Animal Welfare

If you do not have time to read the following introduction please scroll down to send a message concerning animal welfare to all candidates in your constituency. 595 more words

Animal Rights

"Long On Facade, Short On Bricks And Mortar": Will The Ted Cruz Presidential Campaign Be All Hat, No Cattle?

A presidential campaign often poses the largest, toughest management challenge of a candidate’s life to date, and fairly or not, is often considered a proxy for whether a politician has what it takes to lead a country. 750 more words


Hypocrisy 101

Republicans are screaming that the Obama Administration’s new rules on coal-fired power plants, designed to protect our air and thereby our health and forestall even more climate disruption, are the equivalent of a federal confiscation of private businesses. 92 more words


"Iraq And A Hard Place": Jeb And The Neocon Trap

Are the neoconservatives turning on Jeb Bush? It would be ironic, considering the men his brother turned to for foreign policy advice. It would also be highly problematic—since foreign policy establishment hawks should represent one of Bush’s few natural constituencies on the right. 905 more words


Election focus: Marine Protected Areas

We’re an island nation. The seas surrounding us help to give us our identity, provide food, power and recreation for many of us. They’re also an important ecosystem. 1,286 more words