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What do Conservatives Really Mean When They Talk About the "Golden 50s"?

We’ve all heard Conservatives talk about the “Golden 50s”, or the “Golden Years”. Many of them talk about these years in a way as to try to prove a point to liberals of the good ol’ days before liberal policies apparently “ruined” America. 224 more words

Rona Ambrose needs to keep her 'solemn vow' that she will not seek permanent Tory leadership: Clement

Conservative MP and potential leadership candidate Tony Clement suggests the unity of the Tory caucus depends on interim leader Rona Ambrose sticking to her “solemn vow” not to run for the permanent job, as some Tory MPs look to amend the party’s constitution to allow her candidacy. 821 more words


Black Trump Supporter Calls Out Racist Protesters As Propaganda Victims

The contempt, rage, propaganda and acts of violence emanating from the Progressive sock puppets, i.e., Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders supporters is starting to backfire. 87 more words

Illegal Immigration

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Good post, no matter if your for Trump or not... yet we have to deal with their willingness to let blood, and disrupt... why? Could it be they know the press will blame the other guy?

Forum: What Have Been Your Most Influential Books?

Every week on Monday morning , the Council and our invited guests weigh in at the Watcher’s Forum, short takes on a major issue of the day, the culture, or daily living. 3,814 more words

Watcher Of Weasels

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A profound Question, which I gave my comment, (answer).

Short-form, long-form -- the 2016 census is here

Check your mailbox — the 2016 census begins arriving this week, and it’s mandatory.
Canadians are receiving a letter from Statistics Canada, and the questionnaire can be filled out online. 160 more words


Politically Active Kids

This morning in the kitchen while bagels were toasting, I asked my kids what I should talk about for my next blog article. Without missing a beat, my 21 year old son, says to me, “Mom, you should tell them why it’s so important to teach your kids to be politically active” 560 more words


"The 'Sandernistas' Brand New Congress Initiative": The Bernie Camp’s Really Bad Idea of A 'Tea Party Of The Left'

From a great distance, the news that volunteers associated with Bernie Sanders’s presidential campaign are turning their attentions to the herculean task of organizing progressives for midterm elections would seem to be exciting news for all Democrats. 833 more words