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What Does the Market Say?

If you are in the market for certain workers and compared to neighboring states you lower their salaries, reduce their job security, and demean them as being unworthy, what does the market say about your labor prospects? 20 more words


Rand Paul's First Forum

Ah, the VotersFirst Forum in New Hampshire. I actually enjoyed this. I got to see a lot of good things from some candidates, and of course, I got to see a lot of bad stuff from some really bad candidates, such as Chris Christie and Lindsey Graham. 463 more words


"Frederick Douglass, Susan B. Anthony, Martin Luther King ... Charles Koch?": Why the Koch Brothers Are Heroes In Their Own Minds

When Charles E. Wilson appeared before a Senate committee in January 1953 as President Eisenhower’s nominee to become Secretary of Defense, he was asked whether his large holdings of stock in General Motors, where he had been president and chief executive, might cause some conflict of interest. 957 more words


Election Guide: Everything you need to know about the parties’ platforms

Canadians have been called to vote on October 19. It’s still early in this long race and the National Post has put together this nice electoral guide. 611 more words


Pre-Campaign Prediction: NDP will break through in Alberta

Well we’re off to the races with the longest election campaign in modern Canadian history. Out of the gate, the three major parties are in a tight race for the hearts and minds of the citizenry. 520 more words


"Another Shutdown Psychodrama": Why The GOP's Threat To Shut Down The Government Over Planned Parenthood Will Fail

So here we are again: Republicans want to make a policy change, but since doing so will be difficult through the ordinary legislative process, they are threatening to shut down the government to get what they want. 877 more words


Staff convinced a seething Stephen Harper not to launch full-on public assault on Supreme Court: new book

Prime Minister Stephen Harper has privately fumed to his inner circle that under the leadership of Chief Justice Beverley McLachlin, the Supreme Court of Canada has become a “sociology seminar” that emasculates the power of Parliament, according to a new book. 804 more words