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Liberal Lies and Distortions

Donald Trump is up against it. It’s actually very difficult to find a news outlet that is favorable to this guy. I have watched nearly all the cable news channels gang up, distort and lie any time Trump opens his mouth. 383 more words


Crapification: The National Geographic Edition

Or, more accurately, here’s the latest cover in the Rupert Murdoch era:

Maybe they’ll start running pictures of topless women on page 3?


Cruz, Paul, and Rubio Think Making It Easier To Buy a Gun In D.C. Will Make Us Safer

It will probably do wonders for the tourism bidness as well (boldface mine):

The three leading senators pursuing the Republican presidential nomination — Ted Cruz (Tex.), Rand Paul (Ky.) and Marco Rubio (Fla.) — have clashed recently on foreign policy and other issues, but they agree on this: …

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Raise the rate

Well that’s interesting.

In the High Court yesterday a senior judge determined that Iain Duncan Smith had discriminated against two disabled people by applying the benefits cap to their carers. 695 more words

Disability Rants

America's Tea Party movement has officially peaked

The Tea Party—the hodgepodge of conservatives within the US Republican Party who favor lower taxes, lower national debt, and the notion that government power should be curbed as much as possible—is starting to sputter out. 220 more words