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Scientist and fishermen work to conserve sharks

A young researcher working in Sabah is hoping to make significant inroads into shark and ray conservation in Sabah with the help of local fishermen. 598 more words


Think, Refuse, Re-use, Recycle, Be Proud: A poem by Mr. Greenly.

Theme: Poem, Fun, Eco-living.

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First, we must think.

First, we must stop, and think, and be sure.

Is it necessary? Do I need this? 248 more words


Yet I Dare Hope

When my nest won’t be tangled,
and my tree not likely strangled,
while my river will flow undefiled,
my forest allowed to grow wild,
my pastures left free to forage, 39 more words

Fascinating Nature

Protecting the Canadian Coast

There was a recent letter from Justin Trudeau to the Minister of  Fisheries, Oceans and the Canadian Coast Guard.

The following key priorities were shared: 459 more words


Give back to the Wild

Charlton kiplangat

Let’s celebrate our wild, Kenya is one of the greatest tourist attraction blessed with the big five wild animals , the king of the jangle the Lion, the fastest animal the cheater, the big with tusks the rhino and the largest animal on land the elephant. 109 more words


Preserve, restore and/or consume - A clock owners perspective on intervention: Part I

Little changes adding up over time as the ship moved from what it had been to what it would be next
James S. A. Corey, Babylon’s Ashes…
540 more words