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The First Week on the Road

Today marks Zach and I’s first week on the road. We left from New Hampshire last Wednesday night and drove twenty hours straight to Minnesota so I could make a college visit. 827 more words


Energy Recapture

Since the robot will be using battery power to function conserving and recapturing energy is of high importance. Conserving is about efficiency of each movement and using only necessary movements. 90 more words


Get Out and Experience Life.

There’s something almost counter intuitive about it, but I think that the best chance we have of preserving the beautiful, natural places on our planet is to get people out to truly experience them; to really care about them. 443 more words

Earth Day

As I grow older I’ve become much more interested in the environment and how we each play a part in taking care of our homes, neighborhoods and cities/towns and how that all translates into a bigger picture of taking care of the environment globally. 453 more words


Do as I say AND as I do

So very many companies, organizations, and foundations SAY they want to “better the community”. They present their own “Green Scheme’s” from beautification of parks to restoration of habitats to beach cleanups. 370 more words

Conserve Water at Home

Much of the U.S. is currently in some sort of water stress, with many states (we are looking at you, California!) in a severe drought. To keep with the good housekeeping vibe of our blog, here are some tips to conserve water at home. 14 more words

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