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Dulceata de gutui la Multicooker Philips

De ce la multicooker ? Pentru ca nu trebuie sa amesteci tot timpul doar ocazional, fiind facuta la o temperatura constanta nu se prinde de fundul oalei ( alta grija ulterior „ cu ce sa o curat ” ), nu prinde gust de afumat… 196 more words


Varza murata pentru iarna

Traditia spune ca daca vrei sa ai varza buna pentru sarmalele de Craciun sa pui varza dupa Sf Dumitru, asa am facut si eu, am pus-o pe 27 octombrie, am gasit varza frumoasa si potrivita ca marime, cu foi fine . 359 more words


Zacusca de ghebe

Înca mai am de anul trecut zacusca de vinete la ceaun  tinuta pe balcon la bloc dar gasind ghebe în piata mi-am zis sa fac câteva borcane si pentru ca aveam în congelator gogosari si zeama care si-au lasat-o o sa fac reteta si mai repede  Ingredientele se pun în functie de gust, le-am cântarit totusi sa am idee ce si cât am pus, astfel mi-au iesit 7 borcane mici de 300 gr… 340 more words


Acid Rain Infographic, Final

Amber Cox 

Dr. Krafft 

English 1101   

08 October 2018                                                 

Acid Rain: A Danger in Disguise 

For my infographic topic, I chose acid rain as my issue.  872 more words

TR, 9:30 AM

The Haveli Project

Why does heritage conservation even matter to anyone? A talk in the Indian Museum. A hot afternoon found me making my way there more because I am now a member of a Heritage Consevation Collective and I need to learn about different aspects and viewpoints of conservation, restoration and preservation. 1,430 more words

~ Heritage

Going on vacation? Turn down your hottub

The hot tub is a fickle mistress. Without the right care and maintenance, what is meant to be the epitome of relaxation can become a source of stress. 499 more words

Cut your water bill with these water saving tips

Ben Franklin, or some other smart person with a wig, once said that a penny saved was a penny earned. For the cost-conscious pool owner, the same can be said for every drop of water. 528 more words