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Twice a year, I take the time to silently sit and reflect on my life so far and the year ahead. Once on New Years’ Eve, and once on a birthday that more or less falls in the middle of the year. 1,107 more words

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Parents Just Don't Understand

I had dinner with a friend this week. Not a close friend, nor one I speak to often, but one I respect very much. Her father died recently, and having experienced that heartache myself, I’ve been checking on her more frequently. 1,215 more words



Several years ago when I first started out at my work as a substitute, I was called to work at numerous places.  Most I thoroughly enjoyed and a couple I didn’t really like much, but only one I refused to return to after the initial assignment.  652 more words


150-3 should equal 147 not ZERO

The cakes, flowers and dog treats

Are piling up at my door

Our dog wants me to forgive him

But I’m happily drifting off into my fantasy world… 36 more words


Muzzle It

Most of you have heard me speak of my dog Sally. Sally is an eight pound yorkie (we think) who is so docile squirrels and birds do not move out of her way when she walks down the street: they just sit there and continue eating whatever treat they found on the ground. 559 more words

PSA for Lazy People

I dedicate this Monday Motivation to those kids who never received discipline when leaving their toys everywhere. The employee who spends four hours of his shift texting and hiding in the stall. 318 more words


Getting it set

Okay, so today we are just going to go over a quick topic, because let’s be real we are all way too busy to sit down and read something super long right now and some things just need to be short and sweet. 488 more words