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The constant. 

Remaining consistent is the most difficult of all tasks it seems. Constantly pumping out ideas or content on a daily, weekly or monthly basis can be a real challenge for some of us. 70 more words

A Marketing Audit DIY Checklist

Performing a routine marketing audit is a great business practice and an extremely important one for any size business big or small.

Marketing audits provide great insight and conducting one for your business can result in increased ROI and revenue. 445 more words

Business Owners

Acceptance & Peace

I’ve re-written this post several times, both on paper and in my head.

There just doesn’t seem to be an easy way for me to explain what I’m thinking and feeling. 870 more words


Tips for a Social Media Marketing Schedule

Developing reliable social media content for a company is difficult. The reason being is that through social media there are many different views that people look at. 446 more words

Digital Marketing

How I Ran My Poultry Farm and FAILED

After several thoughts, I settled on discussing quick tips on how to run a successful poultry farm in Nigeria. Typically, I prefer to hit the nail on the head without losing the salient points in this piece. 950 more words

Being Consistent

Participating a steady routine can be thought of as boring. Doing the same thing over and over again will be rejected as dull. Yet, these actions are exactly what creates mastery. 350 more words

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