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Pushing Past "Well...."

What do I mean by pushing past “Well…”?   “Well…” is when I proclaim, “Well at least I’m not out here shooting everybody!”; “Well at least I didn’t eat the whole cake!”; “Well at least I didn’t cuss her all the way out!”.   468 more words

How Leadership Prepares You for Decisions Routinely

My passion, I am very involved in civic organizations like Kiwanis International. Kiwanis’s purpose is to “serving the children of the world,” providing resources, fundraising, and expertise to one child, one community at a time. 411 more words


8 Responsive Requests about Surging Salesmanship

High school people are very inquisitive if you ask the right questions.

When I was invited to come and speak to several different classes about my experience in sales and how it related to “the real world,” (eerie, isn’t it?,) I was honored. 298 more words


Big is beautiful... 

Warning: Touchy topic ahead with no sugar coating. 

Calling someone “fat” is a HUGE no-no, but saying a girl looks “manly” or “skinny” is ok. Umm, negative ghost rider. 419 more words


8 Inquisitive Questions on Leadership

Little or big?

Small or large?

Bland or fiery?

Detailed or big thinker?

Bureaucratic or visionary?

Safe or a risk taker?

Seven or eleven?

Tough, isn’t it? 47 more words


Ready to quit your job? Do these 10 things

I have written about this before (5 things you need to do before you start a business), but it is always nice to remind you about some of the things to consider when you are ready to quit your job. 1,317 more words

Never belittle the small, unnoticed deeds

ONCE you leave full-time education, it’s easy to feel burdened by the weight of expectations – whether those expectations are placed upon you by others, or self-imposed. 346 more words

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