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Conclusions, Assumptions, and Making an Ass Out of Yourself

Q: As a woman, how quickly do you jump to conclusions about people?

  1. While doing so, have these assumptions proven to be accurate over time? …
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The Secret to Success

Maybe I should begin by apologising for the title because really it’s not much of a secret.

People achieve success in many different ways and what works for one might not work for everyone, but for the first time I’m really seeing clear results and I can put that down to one key thing. 331 more words


Help Me Help You

“Is this good?”

What could possibly be difficult about teaching high schoolers? To make a long story short, just about everything. Across the K-12 range, I find high school students to be among the most diverse and challenging.

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Day 2994 - What It Takes To Finally Have A Breakthrough

I blogged about the power of consistency last week, and a new method I’m trying – the “don’t break the chain.” Basically, you do something every day and it creates momentum and you don’t want to miss a day and “break the chain.” I’ve also been very motivated by the little steps every day approach. 351 more words


A place to start.

I haven’t done any housework this week. I have a sink full of dishes and a ton of unfolded laundry. This is a common thing, but usually it is out of laziness, this week I have been on the go every evening. 108 more words

Land of Nod or of...Not Happening

I have learned to covet naptime even more since delving into the crafting world.  The peace and quiet (of a good nap time that is) can do wonders for that project you’ve been stuck on for months!   651 more words


Work hard consistently and with integrity

“There is something you can do better than anyone else”


Find out what you are good at. Do it. Do more of it. Do it to the very best of your ability. 499 more words

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