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There are quotes I  would like to share. These quotes I’ve come across in different ways. In understanding what these quotes mean, they help me to understand what I have to do as an entrepreneur. 161 more words

Things She Likes 

It’s been a while since I’ve posted. I took about three months off to focus on other things. I realized that keeping myself together and focusing on the things I think are important are everything to me right now. 71 more words

Life Attitudes

Learning Portfolio Two

Question One: In your own words, write a summary of the article and provide critical analysis/discussion on the topic of the article.

According to the… 832 more words

Aesthetic-usability Effect

learning portfolio 2 - Q2

Q2. Consistency design examples

The English Tea Shop brand of teas provide a good example of design that is consistent both internally and externally.  Each tea has consistent design within it internally, but there are also enough similar elements used in each of the different varieties that the branding is still easily recognizable externally across varieties. 252 more words


learning portfolio 2 - Q1

Q1. Consistency

Consistency is a “cornerstone of good design” (DiMarco, 2011, p. 51).  Lidwell, Holden and Butler contend that consistency in design makes systems easier to learn and use, with consistent repetition of stylistic elements allowing users to “efficiently transfer knowledge to new contexts, learn new things quickly, and focus attention on the relevant aspects of a task”  (Lidwell, 2003, p. 361 more words


Learning Portfolio 2

Item 1

Question 1:

“The usability of a system is improved when similar parts are expressed in similar ways”. Such is the assertion of Lidwell, Holden and Butler in Aesthetic Usability Affect, from Universal Principles of Design (2003). 621 more words