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MAKE BANDS GREAT!...AGAIN... AND AGAIN: What Causes Bands to "Fall Off"?

In the college band world, full of tradition and pageantry, there exists four types of band programs; 1) Bands that have always been great, 2) Bands that have been great then fell off, 3) Bands that have never been great… until now, and 4) Bands that have never and will never be great. 923 more words

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Week Nine - Activity

Examples of Consistency Within Design


Although they have fallen out of regular use pictures of floppy discs are still used across a variety of systems and products to represent the option to save a document. 338 more words


Week Nine - Item One


 This article discusses consistency with relation to usability and learnability. The author hypothesises that systems are both easier to use and easier to learn when the four different standards of consistency (aesthetic, functional, internal and external) are met. 362 more words


Why aren’t you seeing results?

The likelihood you don’t see the results you want to may be quite high. You are working hard, but it just doesn’t work, but in the meantime this other guy in the gym or park is smashing it, he hangs there easily in his front lever, or just bench presses easily 100 kg just for the warm up. 297 more words


Keeping Brand Consistency With Your Social Media Marketing

It’s rare to come across a company that doesn’t have a presence on social media, even if it’s just one or two of the more popular channels. 760 more words


Consistency Is My Foundation For Success

There may be something else that works very well for you, but consistency has proven over and over to be the foundation for my success in every thing I do.  234 more words


Week 2: Consistency


Question 1: In your own words, write a summary of the article and provide critical analysis/discussion on the topic of the article 

This week’s article covers consistency and how when similar parts of a system are expressed in similar ways it is more usable and learnable. 880 more words