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When you don't feel so good...

So, last night was the super bowl, and let’s just say I snacked much more than I usually do. Now, I didn’t eat unhealthy items, but my body is just simply not used to eating that many snacks. 269 more words


March to the Beat of Your OWN Drum

There’s just as much criticism (if not more) as there is praise for people that are deemed as role models and/or are in the public eye. 94 more words

Writing When You Really Don't Want To

Okay. I promised myself last week that I would get back on track here. Three posts a week. It’s not impossible. It’s not even difficult. Yes, it’s easy to not do it. 1,756 more words


Consistent to a Fault

I will keep mentioning the presidential campaign season in the United States every few weeks only because it brings out the worst in people. The candidates get ruder or more deceitful as the process grinds on. 590 more words

Weekly Devotions

Why I'm Not Such An Active Manga Reader

This is how I usually read manga:
1. Check it’s status-read if it’s completed, wait if it’s still ongoing.
2. If it’s still ongoing, wait for god-knows-how-many-years. 547 more words


Tribute to a forgotten friend

Recently, I texted my friend Angela about what the Bible says concerning giving money to the homeless. I was conflicted about scripture, and unsure of whether it actually helps to give money to the homeless, given that some individuals can use charitable contributions in a way that never helps them move forward. 642 more words



We’ve been struggling to get our baby to sleep consistently. For a while, she didn’t really nap. Unless she was in her car seat and then we would get nap time gold–but often at the wrong times of day. 847 more words