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The 148th Step

Hey guys, the current and the last week are going to be remembered in my life, but not in a good way.

Last week, my girlfriend of almost 5 years broke up with me, which was insanely painful and this week my exam results are out and I failed again, it is now a 99, 99% sure thing that I am going to be exmatriculated in an month from now. 191 more words


UfD: My Seven Tips for Blogging

Sometimes it is hard to find a topic for these posts, but for a while I’ve been thinking about blogging. I get asked questions all the time about my blog and I thought if you wanted to know my seven┬átop tips for blogging, then what would they be. 717 more words


100 Days

I wanted to boost my workouts – the number and the variety. But I know that I would need accountability around this – saying and doing are two different things. 515 more words


Eating correctly, drinking enough, sleeping sufficiently lifting consistently and doing it all over again. 514 more words


Consistency In Business Is Everything

It dawned on my earlier today that the reason I failed the first time around is not because my ability to learn and get sales. My problem was I neglected my daily responsibilities such as using social media, classifieds, my blog, forums, and other ways used to gain exposure. 151 more words

Investing In Your Health

Too often, we’re preoccupied with investing in financial products, be it in equities, commodities, property, insurance or others. I’ve read online in financial blogs where investors talk about the shares they buy, and the dividends these shares give. 591 more words


239. All the Way Good

All the Way Good
by Jason Tomlinson

Moderate morality makes memories minuscule
it’s completely forgettable if it’s neither hot nor cool
neither committing to be the hero nor the villain… 225 more words