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Bounce forward

When we hit an obstacle, sometimes the best we can hope for is to bounce back. To recover, to get through this and get back to normal. 74 more words

Temptations that made way for the Cross (Luke 4)

Luke 4:1-13.

How does the temptation of Jesus in the wilderness relate to the Gospel, and by it’s message, the cross?

I am summarizing here just in case, but if you’ve got Scripture to look at instead of these notes, I entreat you to do so. 792 more words


Two Different Men

There are several forms my friend Simon comes in. His girlfriend can’t figure him out. Not because she doesn’t love him or get him, but because she’s looking at him as an ego, through the lens of her own ego. 671 more words

Ego, Consciousness, Thought And Reality

Mass Finishing Tip 5

5. Too Many Parts In The Machine

When your process is first established a full load of parts should be calculated (be it 5,500 or even 5,000). 221 more words

Mass Finishing Tips


OK, OK, I get it, things change, and actually the change has been a great thing for me. Unfortunately I am one of those students that likes to know… 340 more words


The 197th Step

Hey guys, so yesterday I was riding the train, reading the little prince and taking notes as a lady said down next to me.

A habit of mine is to say clear and loud “Hi” and smile, whenever I sit down next to somebody or whenever somebody takes the seat next to me to let them know that I am approachable. 209 more words


No need to spend money on gifts!

There’s no need to spend money on holiday gifts this year. According to yahoo.com, there’s free promotional items (also known as swag) for the taking. You can learn more in Yahoo!’s movies gift guide (or movie gift guide, seems that Yahoo! 33 more words