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Greatness Doesn't Happen Overnight

Kobe Bryant playing against a high school all-star or Jamie Hepp aka the Vanilla Mamba delivering a morning meeting versus a new leader. What’s the difference between an amateur and a professional? 322 more words


What is Dropped Does Not Always Return

My nine month-old grandson is learning to drop things, and loves it when his dad picks those things up and gives them back to him. I had forgotten about this stage of parenting: a LOT of picking up sippy cups and blocks and pacifiers and handing them back, only to see them go over the edge of the high chair again and hit the floor. 1,240 more words


Shoulder Pain! What Now?

Shoulder pain… one of my favorite topics to discuss when it comes to joint or muscle pain because it’s one that I can closely relate too. 494 more words



You know of Nokia right or have heard of it? Of course you do. Well, I do. I still have two of their phones. I loved them and had a lot of respect for what they achieved; global domination, easy to use phones without manuals if you chose not to use the manual. 317 more words

Smart Career Choices


I plan on participating in a 30 day writing challenge that I have turned into a 30 day blog and Journaling challenge for myself.

I’m nevous about doing it only because I have trouble with being consistent.

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30 Day Writing Challenge

What If Your Method of Social Media Marketing Is Not Working? What Do You Do?

Marketing is a constant entity in the world of business, beyond that marketing is what makes people simply know that you exist. From blogs to business, everyone markets these days, and you really dont need to be an expert to understand the simple truths associated with good marketing. 435 more words


Tricky Tuesday: Being Consistent in your Writing

I thought it might be ironic to write about consistency when my blogging lately has been so inconsistent.

Intelligentediting.com makes the point well:

Writers and editors must constantly seek to achieve consistency.

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