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Today’s piece of advice is simple: Stay Consistent!
If you wait until you are motivated to get to work, you will be waiting forever. And you know this to be true… but it feels so much easier to remain lethargic, distracted, & bored. 91 more words



Love is one of the ways we experience something eternal, something that has a beginning and no end and develops indefinitely. The only thing that remains inconsistent in loves consistency is our humanness, we grow more honest, we become more self-less, our experience of life becomes richer because of how much investment and personhood we’ve put into it. 200 more words

Investor demands: the buck stops...where?

This is the fifth in a series of blogs on the drivers of change in asset management in 2015 – in this blog we look at the increasing demands of investors and how these are shaping the industry in which we work. 463 more words

Data Quality

The Same, On Stage and Off

I like Victor Borge. I am unashamed of this. Some find his humor simplistic and silly, but it makes me laugh. In a day when most humor is crude, smutty, and edgy – simple is refreshing. 125 more words


Learning Portfolio 2: Consistency

In consistency we here the word consistent which means that something is “happening in the same way and continuing for a log period of time” ( 364 more words


The "good" and the "bad" of being consistent

I’m sure most would agree that being consistent is the way to go to achieve the best results out of what we do. It’s also true that consistency can bring the worst results. 102 more words