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Coaching and Developing Great Salespeople

Wanted: Great Salespeople!

All of us are looking for great salespeople to close business, grow revenue, and help drive our companies to success.

What are some of the qualities of great salespeople? 620 more words

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5 Steps to Improving Customer Service

Excellent customer service is a fundamental for success in our businesses. Unfortunately, it is all too often lacking.

So, how can we improve customer service in our companies? 581 more words

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6 Steps to a Successful Team Project

Today, more than ever, employees need to be able to work in teams as businesses try to solve every more difficult tasks. Alas, many team projects start off with high hopes and ambitious targets only to end up with diminished expectations and delayed timelines. 517 more words

Business Leadership

Prepare Questions...Not Presentations

The sales meeting begins.

  • The salesperson starts talking through a PowerPoint presentation slide deck (which took him several hours to complete) telling the customer how great the salesperson’s company and products are.
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New Year Resolutions for First-Time Managers

Happy New Year!

For first time managers struggling to move their business units forward in 2015, now is the time to take a step back and focus unwaveringly on the fundamentals of managing and leading others. 633 more words

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Mistakes Will Be Made

Four fundamentals to executing and getting things done are:

  1. Keep it simple
  2. Focus on the important
  3. Empower the team to make decisions at the lowest level possible…
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Go Where the Growth Is

In today’s low growth world, B2B companies need to be looking for those market segments and niches that are growing faster than the overall economy. 415 more words

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