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Lost At A Game Convention ...

A bit of humor. This was my BFF and I at PAX East this year. We have no sense of direction.

note: we would not have survived without my husband helping us get around LOL!! 26 more words

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Wii U In 2016: Catching Up To A Console On Its Deathbed

After Nintendo’s most recent financial announcements basically confirmed 2016 to be a lame duck final year for the lame duck of a console the Wii U has become, I went over how the 3DS is Nintendo’s only chance to salvage the year. 731 more words


Examining Iterative Hardware: The Game Boy Color

Because I like talking about this subject and speculating  about the future, I want to bring up what I think was a pretty good example of a piece of iterative gaming hardware that was successful despite having a limited time in the limelight: the Game Boy Color. 739 more words


The 3DS's Surprisingly Strong 2016 Lineup

Emotions among Nintendo fans are running high coming off the announcements from the company’s financial meeting this week. One thing in particular caught me off-guard though: how much Nintendo seems to be propping up the 3DS with software this year. 516 more words


Words Worth Knowing: OST

One of the most challenging aspects of video-games culture for a newcomer, especially for a busy parent, is trying to learn and understand the many, … 131 more words

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Star Fox Zero Review

Star Fox is the one Nintendo property aside from perhaps F-Zero that can’t seem to catch a break. A recap. Way back in the days of the Super NES it burst onto the scene at a time when polygon models were a rarity in home gaming.¬† 2,450 more words