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The PlayStation Games I'd Re-Buy On Xbox, If They Were Added To Backwards Compatibility

On the week’s events: A lot happened this week, especially on Thursday. I got nothin’ personally, just more links you’ll see at the bottom of this blog post to articles I think you should read. 1,095 more words


A Newb's Thoughts: Plains of Eidolon

Hello! So I haven’t played much of Warframe lately, but I have tried out the Plains…

…and got my ass majorly kicked!

A friend told me the Plains are fun in co-op, but since I’m too shy to play any games in that mode yet, well, I’ll be grinding elsewhere. 31 more words

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Super Double Dragon Review

Every so often a series will take a different direction, and as a result it will get a lot of flack for it. Sometimes this can seem justified, being so different it may as well be something else entirely. 1,513 more words


A Newb's Thoughts: Still So Much to Learn


Been a while since I posted, but university’s kept me busy. But last couple of nights I’ve been playing again. I keep doing a lot of extermination missions to level up my weapons, and after a few tries, managed to get some archives for one of the quests… 117 more words

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Bubsy: The Woolies Strike Back Review

Every now, and again there will be a remake, or a reboot that just makes you ask yourself “Why?” Sometimes it’s a property that is universally reviled. 1,726 more words


A Newb's Thoughts: Running a Blank

Ahahaha, yes, not too creative a title.

Anyway, this time I wanted to discuss how I got into this game. So, some months ago a friend showed me his Warframe stream via Steam, and while the game looked cool, my laptop’s too old and fragile to run such things. 307 more words

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A Newb's Thoughts: Halo-framed

Woah, so! I promised a new entry on Wednesday and here it is!!

Although honestly my mind is currently in a very different game – … 353 more words

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