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A Newb's Thoughts: Halo-framed

Woah, so! I promised a new entry on Wednesday and here it is!!

Although honestly my mind is currently in a very different game – … 353 more words


Achievements on 14/10/17

Achievements I’ve unlocked in Warframe. I’ll present the name , achievement info, and % of how many players have unlocked the same achievement.

Unlocked / Total Achievements: 14 / 70… 131 more words

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Stats on 14/10/17

Time Played: 42h

Mastery Rank: 3 – Gold Initiate (next rank in 14,520)
Clan: Unaffiliated

Frame: Excalibur, rank 30
Primary Weapon: MK1-PARIS, rank 23
Secondary Weapon: 56 more words

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Stats on 30/09/17

Time Played: 26h

Mastery Rank: 2 – Silver Initiate (next rank in 5,907)
Clan: Unaffiliated

Frame: Excalibur, rank 23
Primary Weapon: MK1-PARIS, rank 18
Secondary Weapon: 54 more words

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Welcome to my Waframe blog

Hi there!

The name’s zeitgeistzest, and I’ve recently started playing this game – hence the blog title. 😉 And when I say recently, I mean I got  167 more words

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How to Improve Console Minecraft 

In my opinion, Minecraft is a great game to pick up and play. While not my favourite game ever, I find it very enjoyable. The list below are my ideas for the new version of Minecraft console, so I hope that this is a good list. 784 more words

20 Years Of GoldenEye and FPS Mission Design

The 20th anniversary of GoldenEye 007 for the N64 completely passed me by last month. This week is the 20th anniversary of the North American release of  669 more words