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Destiny 2: WARMIND Campaign Playthrough - The Final Installment!!

It’s here! It might be a long one, but the conclusion of our epic saga is finally HERE!!

I hope you’ve enjoyed the mini-series, we’ve certainly enjoyed making it.

Thanks for watching,


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Virtual Console, And The Two Ways Platform Holders Are Maintaining Classic Games


Virtual Console, one of my main hopes for the Nintendo Switch, isn’t coming to the system. Oh classic games are being and will continue to be released for the system, but that wasn’t the point. 888 more words


Warframe: Chroma Prime

We’re approximately a month away from the next Prime release (about 5 weeks). If you’re like me and don’t want Limbo to be next (as he was released next, chronologically) then that means  401 more words

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Warframe: Clem.

I was online this morning, wandering the Plains of Eidolon, and I opened my gear wheel (something I don’t get to do often with all these Onslaught runs). 515 more words

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Why Some Games Really Do Deserve Remakes

I finally started catching up with the Yakuza series a few months ago. I’d played the games since the English version of the original came out in 2006 but fell off at some point after  767 more words


Wild Guns Reloaded Review

Every now, and again a previously obscure game ends up in the spotlight. Often times because it turns out to be pretty uncommon or even rare. 1,480 more words