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Nintendo Switch: Not A Change But A Consolidation

Following Nintendo’s Thursday night presentation on the Switch, I don’t see its upcoming console as a really significant change for the company. What I see is a consolidation of just about everything Nintendo has been doing over roughly the past decade. 894 more words


Nintendo Switch - Live stream

Everybody has been exited for the Nintendo Switch, which  is going to be released march of this year. The Nintendo Switch is a portable gaming console which looks very similar to the Wii U Gamepad, but with one very big difference, the two controllers on its side are able to be detached and it’s screen used separately. 50 more words


Switched On

So here we all sit, at the precipice of one of the happiest moments in my recent gaming history: the arrival of a new Nintendo console. 760 more words

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Nintendo Switch Launch Period Speculation

So the time has come. Everybody even remotely interested in Nintendo is probably gonna be up Thursday night (North American time) for Nintendo’s full reveal of its launch plans for its next major hardware platform, the Switch. 1,325 more words


Triple B Gaming

I’ve written before about how an otherwise unassuming title has made videogaming a lot more palatable to me as I get older, but my recent gaming habits have kind of expanded upon that post. 718 more words

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Wish List 2017: Games

School remains the top priority in 2017. However, if and when there is some free time, one of the things I like to do is play video games, mainly on the PC. 805 more words

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The Bounty Board: My List of 2017 Game Completions

The purpose of this post is to keep track of my game completions throughout 2017, in a rarely seen optimistic attempt at slaying the never-ending backlog. 153 more words

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