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Sin & Punishment Star Successor Review

Treasure revisited their Sin & Punishment property many years after it appeared on the Nintendo 64. Fans would wait an entire console generation to see what would happen after the events of the first game. 1,562 more words


Let's Put The Zelda Wii U Delay Into Perspective

If the delay of the Wii U Legend of Zelda game into 2016 has you seriously panicked about the Wii U, Nintendo, or your gaming schedule for the next 12 months, I think you need to chill. 1,115 more words


Clay Fighter 63 1/3 Review

Last week I talked about one of the best parody games around. Clay Fighter eventually found its way onto the Sega Genesis after a run on the Super NES. 1,227 more words


My PS4 Journey...


The Euphoric, and over-dramatized story of my PS4 purchase…

The day is Black Friday 2014.  There are a zillion deals online for gaming systems, with many deals specifically targeting PS4 systems and games.   881 more words


How Much Will Mobile Really Help Nintendo?

At the time of this writing I’ve had around 12 hours to digest the latest Nintendo megaton, which I was only awake for at the time of announcement because I couldn’t sleep last night. 981 more words


Retro Reboot: G-Police

Games, these days, are easy. Sure, there’s the occasional indie platformer that can lead to controller-hurling incidents, and anything involving online play can often leave me foaming at the mouth, yelling about lag – but compared to the games I grew up with, today’s titles are easy. 792 more words

Andy Hemphill

Have I Gone All-Digital Already?

In these past couple weeks it finally hit me how far I’ve gone down the all-digital path with video games.

Not to be specific, but I’ve been in a situation where I had to re-stack all my games into a closet where I couldn’t immediately access them… and it didn’t affect my daily life at all because everything I’m playing at the moment is on Steam. 737 more words