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Are Fewer, Longer-Lived AAA Games Really A Bad Thing?

News has been coming out that October 2016 was a bit of a disappointment for sales expectations of some blockbuster video games. One narrative trying to explain why suggests that the transition to games-as-a-service is giving some older games longer tails, cannibalizing new ones. 849 more words


Psycho Fox Review

Platformers have always had a presence in gaming. From Donkey Kong, to Super Mario Bros., to the Giana Sisters to Sonic, there has been no shortage of bump, and jump fun. 1,183 more words


Four Different Kinds of Console Games

Ace Banana is a great game for the PlayStation VR launch with its fun and unique gameplay offering,” said Alen Wu, business director at Oasis Games. 461 more words

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Pokémon Sun and Moon: Pursuit of Happiness

You have your soothe bell, your luxury ball, and you’ve gorged your cute Cleffa on malasadas. You really don’t feel like grinding it out battle after battle until it levels, right? 324 more words


The Nintendo Wii 10 Years On: What Was And Could Have Been

The original Nintendo Wii turned 10 over the weekend, I haven’t seen many retrospective articles about it but I haven’t really been looking. Maybe they’ll be up this week. 984 more words


Review: PAX Australia 2016

My very first PAX Australia weekend is done and dusted!

I am exhausted and sore today, going back to the daily grind is a struggle. But I look back on my incredible weekend with great memories and grateful for the experience. 626 more words


Shatterhand Review

The NES was a haven for action platformers by the early 90’s. Castlevania, Mega Man, Ninja Gaiden had all become mainstays. So companies were desperately trying to get in on the trend. 1,565 more words