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Scorpio And The Windows User

Last time I talked about what Scorpio may and may not do for Xbox, talking about Microsoft’s strategy being oriented around creating a better gaming service. 1,477 more words


Black Belt Review

Throughout the history of video games, we’ve seen many cases where the same game can look markedly different between regions of the world. Probotector is one of the most memorable of these, as censorship in Germany saw Konami replace the soldiers in… 959 more words


What Cooking In Zelda Breath Of The Wild Gets Right

I haven’t had free time to do much else but play Zelda: Breath of the Wild so I guess I can talk about something else in it this week, like why I enjoy its cooking system so much compared crafting systems in other games. 1,102 more words


Recommending an Experiential VR Game - Ace banana

Right now, VR games are in. As for most people, this is very refreshing. It doesn’t matter if you have gaming experience or not, it’s easy to learn and not too difficult. 255 more words


Time + Laptop = The Start

“I have a GREAT idea!” proclaimed a friend whilst we were chatting late one night on Facebook. “Imagine an internet café, but instead it has VR goggles available to play!” … 262 more words


Some advice from a collector.

With some out-of-town family visiting, and some heavy work days, I unfortunately won’t have a review this week. So instead I’ve decided to do something a little bit different with commentary. 2,734 more words

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5 Ways to increase Happiness and Play More

Today is the International day of Happiness!  What better way to celebrate than to play a game with others!

The benefits of play for anyone, especially playing with other people are numerous and well documented.  861 more words