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Time + Laptop = The Start

“I have a GREAT idea!” proclaimed a friend whilst we were chatting late one night on Facebook. “Imagine an internet café, but instead it has VR goggles available to play!” … 262 more words

Some advice from a collector.

With some out-of-town family visiting, and some heavy work days, I unfortunately won’t have a review this week. So instead I’ve decided to do something a little bit different with commentary. 2,734 more words

PC Gaming

5 Ways to increase Happiness and Play More

Today is the International day of Happiness!  What better way to celebrate than to play a game with others!

The benefits of play for anyone, especially playing with other people are numerous and well documented.  861 more words


Towering Inferno Review

Coming off the heels of a Zelda game, I doubt very many folks are going to be excited to see me talking about a game, based on a movie, on the humble Atari 2600.  1,401 more words


The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild Review

Well it’s been out for a few days, and you’ve heard everyone tell you to run out, and buy it. Not only the game, but a new Nintendo Switch to play it on. 2,640 more words


Room Escape PSVR Game on Playstation

DYING: Reborn is a room escape game in which players will face unknown tests and crisis in different dangers and they need to make choices and seek the way out. 275 more words


Sega Control Stick Review

So you’ve got your Sega Master System, or Power Base Converter for your Genesis. You’re all set to play some Alien Syndrome or Penguin Land using your Genesis game pad. 883 more words