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The Nintendo Switch Is Mostly Getting Ports. That's OK. (Part Two)

After the Nintendo Direct in January I said that the Nintendo Switch mostly receiving ports of games from other systems was fine. It still is after this week’s Direct. 706 more words


The Next Penelope Review

Combinations. Sometimes they work really well. Most of us like peanut butter with chocolate, fluff, or jelly. In gaming, we often see developers experiment with different elements from one genre, and blending it with elements from another. 1,488 more words


X1 Stats on 04/03/18

Time Played: 78h

Mastery Rank: 4 – Novice (next rank in 16,110)
Clan: Unaffiliated

Frame: Excalibur, rank 30
Primary Weapon: BOLTOR, rank 18
Secondary Weapon: 51 more words


Achievements on 04/03/18

Achievements I’ve unlocked in Warframe. I’ll present the name , achievement info, and % of how many players have unlocked the same achievement.

Unlocked / Total Achievements: 20 / 83… 16 more words


The Last Demon's Souls (For Real This Time)

Twice before, Sony Computer Entertainment said it was shutting down the servers for Demon’s Souls, but this time it actually happened. I managed to get a little bit more time with the game in before the online features at its core were shut down on February 28th. 546 more words


"Games as a Service" In Itself Isn't A Problem

As the debate goes on over loot boxes, microtransactions, and the general strategy of “Games as a Service” that the gaming industry is employing, I’ve started to ask myself: “what is actually working?” This brought up an important distinction to make, that making games serviced-based in itself isn’t the real problem some are complaining about, it’s how those services are monetized. 1,017 more words


Stern Pinball Arcade Review

In the golden days of arcades, before the earliest video game cabinets, there were pinball tables. Pinball was there, sucking down your quarters, parents’ quarters, and even your grandparents’ tokens like water. 1,506 more words