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Welcome to macOS Sierra's new Console: it's buried in Terminal

Read the previews, and even some of the reviews, of macOS Sierra and you’ll be impressed with the changes that have taken place in Console, the bundled app which helps you browse your Mac’s logs. 837 more words


The Best GameCube Games

(Source: thebests.kotaku.com)

Ah, the GameCube. It might be my favourite console of all time. The tiny discs, its cute little handle, the Wavebird…yeah, we had some good times together. 1,045 more words


Happy 20th anniversary Nintendo 64: fighting games

Yesterday, September 26th was the 20tg anniversary of the limited United States/North American release of the Nintendo 64. I celebrate in this podcast by mentioning some stuff that may affected the sales of the console: in this case, fighting games.

Video Games

When in Doubt, Add Vampires

Minor spoilers for Life is Strange, Episode 1


School stuff took up all my damn time, energy and hope last night. Jr. has a nice teacher, though. 1,364 more words

'Forza Horizon 3' is the best racing game on any game console

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“Forza Horizon 3” is loud, stupid, and beautiful.

It’s that guy named Brock you met on vacation, who refers to everyone as “brah.” He’s so fun to party with! 743 more words


How to redirect standard output for a .NET console application

Normally a .NET console application writes its messages directly to the console so that the user can view them. This is done with one of the “Write” methods like Console.WriteLine(some message) where you can prompt the user for some input. 298 more words