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AWS Identity and Access Management best practises #cloudops #devops #security

To follow AWS Identity and Access Management best practises delete your amazon root SSH keys, create IAM users and always use your IAM users to login. 52 more words


Modded Console



Reason for purchase: This will be used so that I can record variety of games for youtube channel, hook this console to dual monitors/ultrawide monitor & record gameplay footage to NAS/Network Attached Storage.


DC Universe Online Switch Bound

News coming from San Diego Comic Con announces that DC Universe Online will be coming to Nintendo Switch on August 6, 2019.

DC Universe Online (DCUO) is the massively online RPG allowing players to explore the DC universe with their own unique superhero, fighting crime alongside Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman. 151 more words



Emulation software: This program for Win 10 is front-end that allows you to play variety of systems & has options to nativily use xbox controller. 73 more words


OpenBSD | script | get cpu idle | get net load

 # systat -d 2 cpu 5 | tail -n 1 | grep '%' | awk '{print $6}'| sed 's|%||'
 # systat -d 2 ifstat 1

Are Less Pokemon A Problem?

The Pokemon series isn’t especially renowned for being progressive. I think its fair to say its glacial like innovation is the equivalent speed of an asthmatic sloth shuffling home to fill in some tax returns. 569 more words


Are Console Games More Costly Than PC Versions?

Since Starcraft two, maybe not many RTS nowdays it appears that MOBAS are receiving all the focus on the multiplayer aspect of things, and have been hits. 302 more words