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Console / Terminal nào tốt nhất trên Windows?

Nếu bạn muốn tìm kiếm 1 tool Consonle thay thế Windows CMD, có nhiều tính năng hay như trên Linux mà lại đẹp như Mac thì đích là là CMDER: 203 more words


Juri to join the Street Fighter V cast on July 26th

Announced on the official blog for Street Fighter V, Juri will be playable on 26th July. A new introduction trailer was also released in conjunction with the San Diego Comic Con. 126 more words


New trailer for No Man's Sky showcasing trade.

A new trailer for No Man’s Sky has been released. The trailer showcasing the trading mechanic gameplay that is available in the game. 90 more words


Here’s what classic games will actually look like on the HD NES Classic Edition

(Source: arstechnica.com)

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Pc gaming vs console

This debate has been around longer than i can remember where pc users claim pc is superior and console lover argue back so im here to clean it up as i have owned both. 233 more words


Live-Action Pokémon Movie Confirm!

With all the wave Pokémon been hitting all over the world right now Nintendo is going on a full-scale attack! With the new green light, they’re making a Live-Action movie on 2017! 137 more words