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JoyCon Drift Fix and Tips for Nintendo Switch/Lite

Many of us are paranoid of the mighty “Joy Con Drift” and I know I’m one of them. We will be giving some tips here in order to prevent this or a workaround. 107 more words


Tales of Xillia Part 12: Heartless

The Return

The party finally returned to Fennmont, which was in disarray. Smoke flowed from the lab. 770 more words

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Python - Tutorial 3 - Hello World

Now we have python in our computer… :)

If you don’t, check out my last post that shows how to install python to your computer. 378 more words


Tales of Xillia Part 11: Mommy Issues

Elize and Teepo decided that Leia’s new nickname was “Leia the Slaya”. 947 more words

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Five Oil-Free Moisturizers That Won't Leave Your Skin Feeling Greasy

Nowhere is the anxiety of having too many choices more evident than in the beauty and skincare aisle. You can stand in front of the rows of moisturizers and try to parse out the differences between glycerin and glycol and hope that your memory of high school chemistry will kick in. 201 more words


Tides of Change for Console Exclusives

For years, console manufactures have held sacred video games that were exclusive to their console and have fought to hold exclusivity to parts of other games. 305 more words