La Transformación, Fusión y Escisión de las Sociedades Mercantiles


La Transformación, Fusión y Escisión de las Sociedades Mercantiles.

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  • La Transformación.
  • La Fusión.
  • Tipos de Fusión.
  • El Consorcio y las Cuentas en Participación.
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Módulo 1: Derecho Mercantil

81 Madeira Consorcio Meeting 18.6.2016

We had a very animated and interesting evening;

ECO House:

E.explained to us his water recycling system – a wetland filtration system which is almost finished. 954 more words


79 Madeira Consorcio Meeting 13.4.2016

We had another animated meeting in the station! The sea view is animating, that`s why…

We spoke about the obstacle in the form of JM. Nothing is going forward, not for the English page, nor with our idea to create “anuncios” as a conduit channel from citizens to the Town Halls. 314 more words


76 Madeira Consorcio Meeting 22.1.2016

We met in the Station in the Lunch room, and started off with a bread tasting. Ca. brought some very good ginger cookies, made by himself!   764 more words


All Related someway

Philippe turned up this morning. He said he had mailed me, but the email here is slower than the surface mail. Still we were glad to see him and fuelled him up with coffee. 270 more words