96 Madeira Consorcio Meeting 17.3.2018

We  heard from A.about the concept of integrative medicine. This is an approach to not to view alternative treatments as opposition to allopathic medicine but as composite of both, which emphasizes the approach to the total person, with compassion. 209 more words


93 Madeira Consorcio Meeting 18.11. 2017

Due to closed roads leading to Monte, (tree cutting) we all arrived late.

After a nice tea, we viewed a documentary from the BBC Horizon series about intermittent fasting, very informative!   171 more words


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Compra e Venda de Consórcio

O Grupo Irmãos Gêmeos é uma
Empresa de Compra e Venda de Consórcio que trabalha com as maiores e
melhores Administradoras de Consórcios do País, comprando, vendendo ou… 128 more words

91 Madeira Consorcio Meeting 19.8.2017

Topic: Consciousness

We discussed Dr Bruce Greyson, doctor of psychiatry, University of Virginia

Studies the relationship between brain and consciousness. He recognises that in normal life there is a very clear link between the two; if you receive a blow to your head or… 747 more words


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89 Madeira Consorcio Meeting 24.6.2017

C was to present more info on the P Association but he couldn’t attend and he didn’t have sufficient time to send U an overview. But he outlined on the phone, that P. 334 more words