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The SHIVA Syndrome & International Book Awards

The results of the 2016 International Book Awards have been announced. The SHIVA Syndrome has been honored as a an award-winning finalist in the “Fiction: Science Fiction” category of the 2016 International Book Awards.

Science Fiction

What If?........ 

Judge Napolitano speaks about the government and the changes that have taken place in this country. Though this video a old it is still very much revelant today! 10 more words


THE DALLAS ACTION PT.86~May 15, 2016:"Army Intelligence And The D.P.D."


THIS WEEK…Common Sense tells us that in order for the Operation to kill JFK to have succeeded, the Plotters almost certainly would’ve needed someone inside the Dallas Police Department. 39 more words

Jesuits discussing using John McCain to lead a UFO/alien disclosure movement to get rid of Donald Trump

The Jesuits are discussing using John McCain to lead a UFO/alien disclosure movement, to get rid of Donald Trump and replace him with John McCain as the republican presidential nominee. 108 more words

Donald Trump

Flat Earth: "The Way Out"...


It is one of the most powerful themes which resonates throughout the tapestry of human experience, it permeates the spectrum of recorded literature, religious attention, political ideology, spiritual reflection… 1,620 more words


From the UK: Review of The SHIVA Syndrome

A mind bending, philosophical, science fiction thriller, The SHIVA Syndrome is the debut release from author Alan Joshua and it’s sure to grab your attention. 236 more words

Science Fiction