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The Religion and Structure of The Illuminati

The Order of the Iluminati which is made up of various occult groups is ruled by the Jesuit Order and Papal Nobility Bloodlines. The below chart illustrates the inner core of the Illuminati which is Satanism and Luciferianism. 3,928 more words


Paul Bonacci and The Alien/Star Wars Mind Control Program

As stated in previous articles, Paul Bonacci has exceptional credibility. He was awarded 1 million dollars in court for being the victim of ongoing Satanic Ritual Abuse, and a district court judge endorsed him as a person who tells the truth. 757 more words


Paul Bonacci: An Example of Jesuit/Illuminati Mind Control and Manchurian Candidate American Politics

Paul Bonacci was a young man put under mind control by NSA officer and Temple of Set leader, Michael Aquino. As per Cathy O’brien’s testimony, Aquino used mind control techniques taught to him by the Jesuit Order. 1,179 more words


The Hierarchy of The Illuminati

I have been investigating the Illuminati and New World Order for well over 15 years. Driven by personal curiosity and a deep desire to understand reality, I conducted a number of investigations into the Illuminati, including infiltrating the lower levels of the Illuminati. 2,879 more words


NSA officer Michael Aquino’s Nazi Satanic Ritual in Germany

Michael Aquino ran his own Satanic cult known as Temple of Set and was the former Vice President of the Church of Satan. Michael Aquino has also been the subject of various investigations by law enforcement. 251 more words


The FBI Secret Society Conspiracy Against The Trump Administration

The network of Jesuit secret societies controlling the US government is starting to become unravelled. I have never seen anything like this, and this may indicate the end of the Jesuit Order and their sophisticated network of satanic and occult secret societies. 2,224 more words


Poems of the Day: False Reality

I’m stuck, fuck this shit. I’m trying to escape The Matrix but I’m trapped in the Pit of Misery… Dilly dilly! I’m trying to get free from this mental prison. 117 more words