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The Overhype of Illegal Drugs

Dr. Carl Hart talks about how the media blows things out of proportion when talking about illegal drugs. Of course there are negative effects to illegal drugs but the legal pharmaceutical drugs are no better if not worse. 19 more words


THE DALLAS ACTION~MIDWEEK SPECIAL: November 25, 2015~"Taking A Swing At Goliath" W/Gayle Nix Jackson.


On November 21, 2015, a lawsuit was filed in Federal Court against the United States Government over the famous Nix Film of the Execution Of John F. 56 more words

Saved by the Hell

This just in: beloved 90’s show Saved By the Bell may be associated with both Our Dark Prince Satan and the Illuminati!

In this post  245 more words


Oh Lorde!

Ella Marija Lani Yelich-O’Connor, better known as the pop star Lorde, is hella talented. I can say this blanket statement because she most definitely is – she’s only nineteen and has already won two grammys. 344 more words


The Illuminati card game controversy

In 1995 Steve Jackson games released a card game called the Illuminati card game. The game seems to have predicted the 911 terror attacks and a number of other events. 71 more words


WTF? A conspiracy? 4) Identical backgrounds

with one day pause I am coming with post about conspiracy theory of Moon landing. Yes again there is another “argument” by those hoaxers which I am going to crush to pieces thanks to awesome Phil Plait and his Bad Astronomy webpage. 328 more words