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"Everybody's in a dream, they're in a reality coming from the military..."

Yes, I am still here, feeling as though the proverbial “rabbit hole” may indeed have a new bottom…

This guy has so many interesting things to say, such as the idea of the globe itself being a “created, religious icon”, and how everything from Evolution to Newtonian/Einsteinian physics to bogus moon landings, etc., being components of this grand conspiracy which has been centuries in the making.

New World Order

Ah.... CRAP. Just when I thought I was getting used to a certain level of "crazy"...

So I wrote about this topic a little while back once before, after hearing the Mark Seargent interview on Canary Cry Radio, and well, after that I really didn’t continue looking into it much. 674 more words


James Casbolt’s (a.k.a: Michael Prince) most recent interview and update

In the below video, James Casbolt explains in an interview how he was unable to assimilate into the billionaire Illuminati circles, and because he separated from his billionaire wife, he has lost his diplomatic immunity and is facing jail time. 291 more words

James Casbolt

Collapsing The Pillar / Chopping the Tree...

Another great video. R$E really does continue to stretch my imagination, and challenge my assumptions. Not saying I necessarily agree with everything he says, but I really do find this whole concept of “breaking through the veil of time and space” and/or “tearing down the pillar/tree”, etc. 164 more words