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Wikileaks is controlled by the Jesuit New World Order. And the coming Jesuit designed alien invasion

I recently recieved information that Wikileaks is in fact controlled by the Jesuit New World Order. The Jesuit New World Order is using wikileaks to leak genuine information (Hilary Clinton and Democrat political scandals), so truth seekers believe they are getting solid information not normally available to the public. 1,217 more words


UFO researcher Max Spiers found dead in suspicious circumstances

UFO researcher, speaker and investigator Max Spiers was recently found dead in his home, after contacting family and warning them that he was going to be assassinated. 571 more words


factory for Conspiracy-Theory machines: more Putin-Puppetry

By ann summers

WaPo’s editorial board now uses the explicit term, “Putin’s Puppet”, to identify Donald Trump, and there is some MSM spin that claims a false equivalence between WikiLeaks and a FOIA, considering some clear technical errors in some of their documents such as missing headers and perhaps some editing by non-sources/hackers. 776 more words


TDA #96~October 13, 2016 "ACCESS DENIED: The List Of Still-Withheld JFK Assassination Records." 

ALL-NEW PT.96 IS UP! CLICK HERE TO LISTEN/DOWNLOAD FREE: http://www.spreaker.com/user/7338953/tda-96-october-13-2016-access-denied-the

IN THIS EPISODE: Back in February of this year, a list of 3,000-plus records surfaced that asserts to represent the entirety of the still-withheld Assassination Records. 61 more words

●ATTENTION ALL HANDS● A "The Dallas Action" Alert: NEW FROM MICHAEL BEST AT GLOMARDISCLOSURE.COM : 14,888 PAGES Of FBI Documents Re : Anti-Castro Activities.

UPLOADED TODAY by Friend-Of-The-Show and Documents Archivist Michael Best. MANY of these are NOT currently available through the AARC Library.

Download in pdf form FREE here: 12 more words

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“The elections don’t matter. This is a ritual that we go through,” – Ron Paul


The Human Mind, The Final Frontier: Manybooks Interview with Alan Joshua


As a clinical psychologist and parapsychologist, Alan Joshua is fascinated with the human mind and everything that makes it tick. He combined his extensive knowledge with his passion for sci-fi in his action-packed debut fiction novel, The SHIVA Syndrome, which has received rave reviews and has already been nominated for several awards. 1,779 more words

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