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Two New Wicked Game Chapters Plus

Updated Chapter 37 in a couple of ways, esp. adding in Eric McDavid. Also now with mo’ better grammar.

Added Chapter 38 and Chapter 39… 102 more words

BBD - Et tu, Silicon Valley?

New bits of evidence that contradict, for example, Google’s insistence that it has been a government accessory to mass surveillance by Jason Leopold via FOIA. 1,184 more words

What the Constitution says about Deprivation of Rights

The Constitution, Deprivation of Life, and Personhood

By Paul Pauker

The view that a “personhood” law or a “personhood” amendment to a state constitution would outlaw abortion is widespread among the public.  2,110 more words


FBI Used Tricks to Make Activists Seem Paranoid


United States of Paranoia: How the FBI Spied and Lied So Conspiracy Theorists Would Sound Crazy
Jesse Walker’s new book — The United States of Paranoia — explores how the fear of intrigue and subversion influences our national identity.

1,251 more words