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"Organizers Are Gearing Up to Resist Far Right Intimidation at Polls "

“As the election approaches, progressives are experiencing a lot of fear and anxiety. Of course, a major fear — beyond Trump winning — is that he will lose but refuse to step down. 37 more words

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4 Ways to Address Conspiracy Theories with your Teenager

When my oldest child was around 9 years old, he began to be terrified by the thought of aliens. He was an avid reader and one of the books that he had read talked of aliens and he just could not get the thought out of his head. 774 more words

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Conspiracy Theories - Composition Studies 26/10/20

One article that I found that could help me with composition within my designs is on the website Creative Bloq: https://www.creativebloq.com/digital-art/tips-composition-31514496

It provides valuable guidelines regarding how I can go about developing/ improving composition within my pieces and, consequently, increasing the impact and effectiveness in communicating an atmosphere within my pieces. 100 more words


Conspiracy Theories - Creative Techniques & Work Flow 26/10/20

Regarding this project, I really wanted push out into a different direction of style and technique. I realise the risks of this starting off as learning new techniques can take time – but that’s the main issue I have with my current workflow regarding digital illustration. 391 more words


Conspiracy Theories - Potential Reference Images 26/10/20

Whilst browsing pinterest I came across an artist called Alan Canepa of whom happens to provide free reference images. I believe that this could be a perfect oppurtunity to, not only for this project, obtain some high quality images of things that I couldn’t before. 53 more words


Betsy Ross Explains the Flag

I was asked to create a work of art for a campaign called The Flag is For All of Us. Their goal is to try to reclaim the flag for all Americans, not just the Trump-supporting, gun-loving folks who have hijacked it over the past decade or two. 147 more words


New Academic Research About Christian Nationalism and the COVID-19 Pandemic

A new academic study reveals that the resistance to rules in the COVID-19 pandemic is linked to what people believe about Christian nationalism. Several academics from various schools in the Midwest are involved in this research. 246 more words

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