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Video Comparison: Visual Features of "Real" Shooting vs. Parker/Ward Shooting Footage

YouTube video presents “real bullet shots and fake shots in Virginia WDBJ TV News Live Broadcast Shooting.”

The video below shows footage of shooting an actual handgun, complete with recoil/muzzle flip, spent casings exiting the weapon, and bullet impact versus the footage of the August 26 reported shooting of broadcast journalists Alison Parker and Adam Ward which suggests the potential use of blanks or the equivalent during the event. 45 more words

Public Opinion

Et Tu Kerodins? AKA Qui Bono?

I’ve written a number of times regarding how those of us individual liberty/freedom-minded folks (three percenters, oathkeepers and their fellow travelers) need to stop sniping at one another and hang together. 676 more words


#BlackLivesMatter is not about racism

#BlackLivesMatter is #HateAmerica.

Here’s a video of what happened at a #BlackLivesMatter demonstration on July 3, 2015, which the national media won’t show you — the burning of the American flag. 6 more words


Shakespeare Smoked Weed and the World is Flat

Religion the world over has proven one point. By this I mean that only one point has truly stuck, been proven to be Mythbuster Plausible. Human beings need, NEED, to believe in something greater than themselves. 987 more words

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Police Shooting Caught On Camera - Eye Witness Video Disputes Police Department Claim...

This shooting is going to capture a LOT of attention.

There was a police shooting in Bexar Texas, a suburb of San Antonio, involving two police officers during a domestic disturbance call. 417 more words

With raptures

With raptures agendas are driven.
With sins of remiss and commission.
When lies sympathized are aligned
To scrapbooks our lives are resigned.