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Not To Be Forgotten: "Idlib Chemical Attack a Cover Up for American Intervention in Syria" [Pres. Al-Assad]

Syrian President Bashar called the Idlib chemical attack in Syria “a cover up for the American intervention” in the country, which President Donald Trump intended to use to get support in his home country amid various conflicts with the members of the US establishment.

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War Strategy


by Phillip J. Watt, Contributor, Waking Times 

So much infighting. So much disagreement. So much disharmony. Humanity is dazed and confused like never before.

Given there’s so much intellectual and emotional carnage eating away at the truth, let me try and break down politics, economics and the division it has on all of us: 907 more words


Top #5 of #100 current horrible songs

Okay, so I decided to go take a look at the top 100 billboard for music again today and decided to look at the top 5 specifically. 858 more words


The Messenger: Origins - 1. Yesteryear - Out of the Ground

Scene 1. Al Aqsa Mosque, Jerusalem – January 1, AD 1120

What did the Templars find under the Al Aqsa Mosque? JW Harrelson – Google+ 8 more words


The True Conspiracy

Would-be debunkers of conspiracy theories always claim that the conspiracy cannot be true because of the ‘somebody would have talked by now’ argument. This is often the line they use even when discussing the contents of a book that details the conspiracy using quotes from those who have talked. 936 more words