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The Whispering Room - Dean Koontz

“Play Manchurian with me”

I watched the news a few days ago and, as with every time I watch the news, I wonder how so much tragedy can occur in day to day life.

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Proof of Evolution - a species defined

This BBC article that posted yesterday on the proof of evolution is the epitome of why I am totally fed up with how stupid the scientific community is becoming. 172 more words


Flynn Legal Team No Longer Communicating With White House Legal Team...

The New York Times reporters are outlining another silly story to squeeze out the final drips of usefulness within the vast Russian conspiracy narrative.   Comey’s leak recipient Michael Schmidt, and the narrative engineer with a Phd in passive aggressive writing, Maggie Haberman, collaborate. 382 more words

Feeding Chaos and the Art of Control

As we commemorate the genocide that first made America great, we are apt to turn our Reptilian hearts and minds to all the great things we can expect from the future. 302 more words


54 years ago today, CIA asset Lee Oswald was gunned down in a basement parking garage while in Dallas PD custody, forever silencing what he knew about the plot to kill Kennedy (and those involved). 53 more words


Federal Crime Machines; Why Isn't There a Special Counsel Looking Into This?

It is my understanding that defacing American currency is a federal crime. This law makes sense for several reasons.

  1. Defacing could be used on counterfeit bills to mask blemishes and shoddy workmanship.
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Senator John McCain Explains Mysterious Boot Switch...

Lots of people were wondering why Senator John McCain’s orthopedic boot mysteriously switched from his right leg to his left leg yesterday.

Senator McCain has worn the boot on his right leg since treatment for a minor tear in his right Achilles tendon at the beginning of the month.  114 more words