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The Story Of Leo Wanta 'The 27.5 Trillion Dollar Man'

PQC: As I’ve been following this story, I’ve found something “odd” and “rediculous”. First the fucking Jewish Controlled Cabal who controls the FED does not need the US toilet papers that it can creates anytime any amount at will! 5,184 more words

Tham Khảo

Joe diGenova Discusses Flynn Case...

Joe diGenova appears on Fox News with Tucker Carlson to discuss the case against Michael Flynn and calls out the specifics behind the fraud. 15 more words

WANTA!BlackSwan, White Hat : A biography every Fellow American must read and understand

PQC: Is this for REAL? Is it why the MSM does not want to investigate or discuss? Where are other former Reagan’s high officials? Why have they remained silent? 4,735 more words

Tham Khảo

3.Moonchild (a series of observations)

Article by Professor RD Fripp in the Worcester Gazette, 01/04/2008

The Moonchild skull originated in Latin America some 900 years ago – when a human being that was not its mother lay down next to it and died herself – only to be uncovered almost a millenium later in a coal mine in what is modern day Mexico. 852 more words


Accidental Honesty

Not so long ago, Donald Trump was promising the American people ‘So Much Winning” that we’d get tired of all the winning. The Dotard repeatedly told us all to be prepared for an amount of winning that would exceed that of even the estimable Charlie Sheen. 660 more words

Solutions For "A Better Tomorrow" Are Often Fake and Disingenuous

I’ve noticed something in my teenage years that I could never conceptualize until I was damn-near 20. Generation after generation, public talking heads and ordinary people act as if they have “solutions” for creating a “better tomorrow”. 1,368 more words