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When I was in High School, the State of Florida, mandated a course called, “Americanism Versus Communism.” In that class, we learned of wonderful American heroes like, Washington, Jefferson, Franklin, and the like and about the terrible heroes of communism, the likes of Lenin, Stalin, Mao and Obama. 1,507 more words



Dicen que Valak es una monja demoniaca. Una cosa bastantemente alta y fea. Dicen
que cualquiera persona que lo ha visto, han quedado siegos y cicatrizados. 293 more words

Better Angels

Better angels, with flight lost to that skyward ruin
and tossed to Earth, where they will surely do in
time, as mortal souls, a dance of celebration… 26 more words

Vince Stamey

I'm Going To Put A Spell On You

Lana del Reygate, as I call her, asked that witches should put a hex on Donald Trump at 00 :00 midnight last night. ‘I’m going to put a spell on you’ 380 more words


mind control

If you are a Christian and perhaps even a more traditional Christian, you may think there is no such thing as mind control.

An elderly, very lovely lady told me a few days ago that her daughter had become paranoid. 590 more words


Great Moments in Speculative History

Secret Emergency Conclave of the Elites c. January 2017:

Democratic Elite: We’ve got Trump dead-to-rights on the Russia hack, Russian blackmail, and Russian money, but we need you, the Republican Elite, to go along with redressing the wrongs. 99 more words


Nature's God

The Robert Anton Wilson continues while I slowly work on getting some new stuff out.

Incidentally, the new cover design is a clue that Wilson burned through two publishers with this series before the third volume of the series was finally put out. 565 more words