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Notes towards a phenomenology of conspiracy theory

Really, what I want to talk about here is the unspoken axiom behind all epistemology: that we ought to believe statements that are propositionally true, and that we ought not to believe statements that are propositionally false. 2,348 more words

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How the Islamic State is Really Anti-Islamic

by Nazia Nazar, Contributor, Waking Times

Islam proclaims that killing one human being (unjustly) is equal to killing the whole humanity (Qur’an, 5:32).

In this perspective, the recent Paris terror attacks as well as all other incidents of terrorism which cause the death of innocent people should actually be considered as the attacks on the whole humanity. 1,403 more words


Paris Attacks = globalist profits

Recipe for success – add Global Mayhem

(Article, 739 words. Est. 3 mins reading time)

If you stood to profit from perpetual war and mayhem, then I have a great, repeatable recipe for getting rich. 721 more words


Not sure if the Earth is flat or spherical?

You probably think that the Earth is a sphere, but when you hear the flat earthers go on, youre not sure. Because your not really interested in science. 63 more words

Why I haven't changed my profile picture to show support to the Paris victims.

The loss of those lives was tragic. Every life that is lost before its time is a tragedy.

It was an act against nature. All these attacks have been. 518 more words


Conspiracy of Goodness

The light was perfect on the little lake as I set up my camera. Then it started to rain. I muttered under my breath that everything seemed to be working against me that day. 1,058 more words