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Teenage Angst & Its Strange Upheavals

This is a review of The Summer The World Ended  by Matthew S. Cox.  The depth of most teenagers will never cease to amaze us.  We are so sure we know…and yet, that is the furthest from the truth.   695 more words

Protest Against Agenda 21 in Garden Grove, Southern California, Saturday Aug 8

Pass this on to everyone you know in Southern California. Get the word out. Agenda 21 is UN deception agenda to bring on the NWO through Social Justice, Environmentalism, One World Religion, Mother Earth goddess worship, Income Equality, Socialism and everything that sounds great but will definitely take away all of our freedoms and go against the constitution “for the greater good”. 22 more words


Selma - A Conspiracy of Spielbergian Proportions ... or just bad timing?

Hmmm ….. seems EVERYONE is wondering how this important film about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., with an outstanding performance by David Oyelowo, was denied Oscar nominations for the film’s director (would have been the first for an African American woman!) and actors. 206 more words

Sound And Vision

This is my mind on the CIA...

My obsession with the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) during my episodes is legendary within my circle of friends. I either think I’m a CIA field officer, I’m being chased by the CIA, my ex-boyfriend is a CIA field officer (or NOC) and his cover is blown, or a combination of all three at any given time. 787 more words

Creative Writing

World War I - Central Powers

The Central Powers (Germany, Austria-Hungary, the Ottoman Empire, and Bulgaria) are aligned to thwart an otherworldly conspiracy in my in-progress novel, Our Glorious Dead.

Our Glorious Dead

The Siberian Taiga

The taiga is the world’s largest terrestrial biome–a vast landscape of coniferous forests that reaches across the Northern Hemisphere. The snowy Siberian taiga is the home of a mysterious & very important brother and sister, in my in-progress novel, Our Glorious Dead.

Our Glorious Dead

PR EXPOSURE NOW is proud to welcome retired Capt. Robert E. Arnold, M.D., USNRR to our client list

The Conspiracy Between The Union Army And John Wilkes Booth To Assassinate Abraham Lincoln: 

By Capt. Robert E. Arnold, M.D., USNRR