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Spinning Records

Let’s talk about perspective:
Subject today is the Horizons album by the prog-rock group Greatest Show on Earth. +my perspective will tell you the album contains a hidden message warning people that the earth is truly flat after all and will explain (in that speech pattern of his where every vowel is “i”) between interjections of “HA HA HA” from the album in question how the album art fits his suspicions of the nature of our world. 320 more words

Avoidance, Blame, Conspiracy and Deflection - The start of the anti-Semite alphabet

4th May 2016

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Avoidance, Blame, Conspiracy and Deflection. The start of the anti-Semite alphabet!

By Tim Carter

I never thought I would have to write anything like this and to be honest it is breaking my political heart. 1,002 more words


Aerial spraying to kill mosquitoes linked to 25% increase in autism, finds shock study by American Academy of Pediatrics - NaturalNews.com

by: Julie Wilson staff writer

(NaturalNews) Aerial spraying of pesticides to kill mosquitoes, may be linked to an increase in autism spectrum disorder and development delays in children, according to a study presented at the Pediatric Academic Societies on Saturday, April 30.

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I see things changing rapidly lately, when it comes to politics,peoples rights,Walmart closing, fema camps and what they are building underground at Walmart throughout the united states. 86 more words


My (Updated) Testimony

I don’t know if this is just a temporary spiritual high, and I know there’s a reality check on the way (curse those reality checks!) but I hope that the Lord has changed me permanently today at least in some good and pleasing way. 1,040 more words

Trump Landslide Panics Elites, Cruz Craps Pants

This is a direct feed of Alex Jones after the Trump win in Indiana.

Thank you Alex.


Frankly Flat Earth w/ Dave Murphy

Makes some great points so matter of factly and is a great primer to initiate others to FE Model.

Flat Earth