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Gilt-edged security guarantee...

Time for a little bit of political magic again is it Washington?

It’s a given that all of those participating in the privately owned conspiracy called the United States US Federal Reserve Banks were committing a criminal act from their very beginning in that the financial base for the entire cartel was stolen Russian gold, again, the whole thing was begun with gold stolen from the people of Russia in… 312 more words


Only crazy people drink raw milk?

via Only crazy people drink raw milk?

Here is my article, from August 5, 2011. The issues are still quite relevant.

The federal raid on Rawesome Foods in Venice, California, is based on the insistence (with guns) that private citizens can’t make contracts with each other to buy and sell raw unpasteurized milk. 112 more words

The Narcissistic Conspiracy: Scapegoating, Smear Campaigns And Black Sheep - How Narcissistic Groups Bully Their Chosen Victims

When we speak about narcissism, we often focus on the individual. He or she is narcissistic. He or she is a victim of a narcissist. Yet what about those victims who are bullied and targeted by groups filled with narcissistic individuals or in a group where the narcissistic pack leader has toxic enablers? 1,871 more words

This is Why We Dropped Nuke On The Moon! An Incredible Cover Operation!

NASA dropped a nuclear bomb on an alien Moon base on October 9!! Rumours that the U.S. government secretly launched a nuclear strike to destroy a threatening Moon base.


A Florida Hogg Story

FOTM reader and regular commenter, Lophatt, has closely followed the narrative and players of the Parkland school shooting.

In this guest post, with his usual wry humor, he takes a broader view of the shooting by placing it in its proper context. 1,029 more words


Emma Gonzalez, Parkland school student, is a professional actress

Now Casting is an actor services company at 2210 W. Olive Avenue in Burbank, California, which began in 1997 as LA Actors Online, founded by an actor/writer/director named… 569 more words


Conspiracy: The Invaders

Once you go alien, you never go back. ~ Gini Koch

Have you ever wondered if there were visitors from other planets walking among us? How would we know? 159 more words