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Constant Vigilance

You may have heard of the horrific man who preyed on no fewer than 31 children for sexual gratification. Pure act of intent.

It is extremely important to teach your child, boy or girl, to be careful. 282 more words


Apologies for being AWOL!


I hope you don’t feel as if I’ve been neglecting you—we’re in the thick of admissions decision notification season and I have to admit, I’m a bit of a wreck. 136 more words


How to Give Up Sugar For Life!

When I went to find some help on how to give up sugar, I was surprised at the lack of resources. In fact, it is one of the reason’s I thought I would jump on this blog. 727 more words


Constant Vigilance

I don’t want to be on my guard anymore.

All the time, at least. I’ll settle for having a guard up occasionally.

Life with guards in regular rotation is a life surrounded by fear. 549 more words


Winter is Coming

Winter is coming.  That’s what Ned Stark said, that’s how it all began.  I’ll be frank, I, very simply, do not have the emotional wherewithal to avidly follow Game of Thrones.   726 more words


Bean Sprouts: The Concealed Danger

The pallid surface of a bean sprout seems harmless and benign, yet just under its slimy exterior lies a terrible threat. Blinded by the illusion of health, we eat the revolting, plants, unaware of the possibilities of… 122 more words

Stuff Of Wonder

This Week in Robots

Sorry for the late update today but the news in robots is bleak and looks to only be getting bleaker. Employees of Audi of America will now have a head start on the rest of us humans when it comes to following the orders of our robot overlords as Wired.com reports that the Audi plant in Herndon, VA is dispatching robots to allow technicians to remotely supervise workers at dealerships. 31 more words