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A Food Allergy Thanksgiving

I am in the middle of frantically making Thanksgiving food substitutions for my family, but I thought I would give you a quick glance of what a “food allergy Thanksgiving” is for us. 358 more words

Allergy Journey: Sarah

How to Avoid Killing your Loved Ones with Food (And Avoiding Serious Injury If They Survive)

Michael here. As I’m not the one with the (major) allergies here, I figured I’d pitch in to give my 2 cents about living and interacting with loved ones that have food allergies. 1,070 more words

Constant Vigilance

Neurosurgeon Follow Up

Every couple of months, Little Miss Minion has a sedated MRI to make sure that her shunts are working well and that any excess cerebrospinal fluid is being drained. 220 more words

Pawndered Thought: May 18, 2016


Just in case the ball tries to, you know, swim away.


Tuesday, Wednesday, stay in bed

The guy next to me taps me on the shoulder. I remove an earbud and look up at him. “Is this seat taken?” He asks, gesturing toward the empty table beside me. 393 more words


Constant Vigilance!

For those of you who might not be familiar with the above clip, this is Professor Alastor Moody from the Harry Potter books. Well, technically, its Barty Crouch Jr, but that’s another story entirely. 696 more words