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42 Historical People, No. 9: Maddalena Tocco, wife of the last Byzantine Emperor.

Maddalena Tocco holds a place in history much more because of who she married rather than her own accomplishments, but that doesn’t mean she’s not worth remembering. 521 more words


The immortal emperor: what happened to Constantine XI Palaeologus?

For any Byzantinist, today is one of the most important historical anniversaries there is. Five hundred and sixty-one years ago today, on May 29, 1453, the Byzantine capital Constantinople fell to the Ottoman Turks. 1,056 more words


Sean Munger's Five Favorite Byzantine Emperors

(Sean standing underneath the colossal head of Constantine the Great in 2006)

This is a special guest post by Sean Munger . He is a historian, teacher and author with a new book currently being edited.  1,575 more words


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Thanks to Robert Horvat for having me as a guest on his fine blog! hagia sofia general

Constantinople Falling: A Message For All the Followers of CryForByzantium.

Greetings, fans and followers of my Byzantine history Twitter feed, CryForByzantium! For most of you this will be the first time you’ve heard the real “voice” of the person behind the account except for those quick and infrequent posts. 944 more words


The Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire—Time Lapse

Of course, I would object (as would most historians of the period in question) that there was a second Roman Empire, in continuity with the first, which endured for another millennium from the time of Justinian, about A.D. 63 more words