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#335 - A History of the Catholic Church - Tetrarchs and Traditors

The Imperial Tetrarchy runs into problems with the rise of Constantine and Maxentius, each of whom will look to the Christians to support them against rivals. 199 more words


Workers in Spain Find Ancient Roman Coins Worth Millions During Routine Water Repairs

A group of construction workers fixing water pipes in the Spanish city of Seville made an unexpected underground discovery this week — a stash of ancient Roman coins weighing more than 1,000 lb. 107 more words

Wales Comic Con: Day 1

Day 1 started off a little too early with me waking up way before I needed to only to discover the Early Bird tickets were for Sunday not Saturday. 523 more words


Constantine and Christianity's Climb

By Reeham Choudhury

From the first century to the fourth, there were very few Christians in Rome. Romans and Jews completely disagreed with Christianity’s ideology, as they believed that it was nothing but a foolish superstition. 791 more words


The Manasses Chronicle - source of Bulgarian bookcraft

The chronicle of Constantine Manasses was compiled by the Byzantian historian of the same name in 1142/3-1153 AD, under the patronage of Sevastokratoritsa Irena, wife of Andronicus Komin, brother to the emperor Manuel I Komin (1143-1180). 758 more words


Ruminating in Rome

Rome is okay. The Coliseum is not as overwhelming as you might expect, though certainly impressive, especially for that time.

I found the long field beyond the Senate – which looks like a building site and did nothing for me – much more evocative as the site of the Circus Maximus, despite there being nothing much there now. 414 more words


Superheroes on TV

So, aside from the big screen, we have so many superhero tv shows out now!  It’s hard to keep up with all of them, and in fact, I just haven’t been.   116 more words

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