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I'll Review Anything: Justice League Dark

Why was Constantine cancelled again? I’m asking this question because NBC produced such an awesome show in Constantine. Of course, I know the reason why. The show had really poor ratings despite being creepy and building a fantastic and well-realized world filled with magic and mysticism. 1,134 more words

I'll Review Anything

Screen Rant: John Wick - Chapter 2 ****SPOILERS*****

Welcome back, folks to another episode of Screen Rants with Ed Lee. Almost the big award show in the Oscars and I still have yet to watch a majority of the movies but thats okay because this past week I went to go see 50 Shades Darker cause I wanted to see what its like to be in a room full of chicks cumming their pants but to make sure i maintained my masculinity I went and saw John Wick: Chapter 2. 1,077 more words

The Nation State of Idolatry

“You are a city set upon a hill.”

Many American Christians heard that from Matthew’s Jesus two weeks ago, as they sat in church (Mt. 5:14). 701 more words


2017 Upcoming Flicks

Where is the time going. February is nearly half done and I’m late to getting to the movies of 2017. So, here is the list of what I’m looking forward. 515 more words


Arrow Season 4 Episode 5

Arrow Season 4 Episode 5 Haunted

Laureli found that Sara is escapes, at night she shows up to help waitress from attacked.

Thea introduces Olivier Alex, his new politic strategy to help him, he tells him that he has to separate from Laureli. 236 more words


Gone, gone the form of man…And rise the Demon Etrigan”

The latest animated movie from our friends at DC has our favorite vigilante provide assistance to individuals who aren’t exactly known for capes and tights…mate. 272 more words