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810) Constantine #20

810) Constantine #20

This issue I enjoyed a little bit more than the last one. John has his family gathered in a safe place and they mark the place using a masked ward but a creepy guy called Fate comes out from nowhere. 6 more words

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The Imperial Church -- From the Unconquered Sun to Jesus Christ, Part 2


The History of Christianity #84

Our History of Christianity Scripture verse today is Psalm 113:3 which reads: “From the rising of the sun unto the going down of the same the Lord’s name is to be praised.” 322 more words

Christian History

809) Constantine #19

809) Constantine #19

John is trying to escape from this alternative universe he’s in. It’s raining and it’s miserable. He must go to Liverpool to escape from here. 52 more words

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Constantine: Episode 13 Recap

The End!

Oh, wait, I guess I should recap it…

Open on basement stairs? General stairs? Open on a really poorly lit shot, how ’bout that? 865 more words

Che Gilson

Why I Hate Funnybook Movies

So we’re gonna eschew the normal reviews this week. Not because there’s nothing to review, understand; we just got a new issue of Wicked + Divine, after all, and that’s always worth talking about. 1,018 more words


Filmwhys Extra #24 Constantine Season 1

Filmwhys Extra #24 discussing the first season of NBC’s Constantine with web author Stefan Gagne from StefanGagne.com. We talk a little bit about the comic book origins, the Keanu Reeves movie, and the possibility for a season 2. 158 more words


TV, Constantine and Justin Bieber

Hi and happy March to the 4.5 people who will read this which includes me. I’ve been watching a butt-ton (yes I said butt-ton) of tv series as of late and just wanted to talk about them for a few minutes.. 394 more words