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The Ancient Use of Psychodelic Herbs

DMT: A Lost History

Chris Rice (2015)

Film Review

This is a documentary about ancient civilizations’ use of psychodelic plants in religious ceremonies. Unlike his more recent… 306 more words

#Constantine Episode Four Recap from @ImmieBroods

Greetings readers, yes, it has been almost a month since I’ve written a review for Constantine. I am well aware of the time gap, yes I did say the gap would be shorter so technically, I’m in the right. 1,386 more words

TV Shows

Review: Constantine - City of Demons (Ep. 1-5)

Constantine: City of Demons is an American animated web series from executive producers Greg Berlanti and David S. Goyer. Matt Ryan returns to voice John Constantine, a demon hunter and occult detective linking the show to the live-action series… 464 more words


Legends of Tomorrow is still TV’s weirdest, greatest superhero show

(Source: www.vox.com)

Last year, I made a case for Legends of Tomorrow being the weirdest, and therefore greatest, superhero TV show out there, and hoo boy, did I undersell it. 1,321 more words


I'll Review Anything: Constantine: City of Demons (Episodes 1 to 5) (SPOILER FREE)

I don’t understand DC and Warner Bros. For the past couple of years, they’ve put out a lot of live-action shows based on their comic book properties. 1,129 more words

I'll Review Anything

Necromancing The Stone

New Newcastle Crew Podcast!


Lilith and Phil discuss John Constantine’s recent appearance on Legends of Tomorrow season 3 episode 15, “Necromancing the Stone”, talk current Constantine and Arrowverse news, and voice their desire to play D & D with Matt Ryan! 81 more words


When exactly?

Landschlacht, Switzerland, 2 – 16 April 2018

It began as a suggestion said in jest, but the more I have pondered and pondered perhaps a calendar reform might be just what is needed to bring a unity to this planet. 1,957 more words

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