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We Don't Need Another Constantine

In 312 A.D. something really consequential happened to the Church. It was the year the emperor Constantine embraced Christianity. Whether he actually converted or not is a debate for the ages, but he did manage to bring Christianity from the shadows to the spotlight. 521 more words

I’m Still on The “Street”

This was so tight! Killing it out in Korea and keeping tarck alive, definitely got some trick track skills!


Trying to make sense of the tangled DC Expanded Universe

**WARNING: If you have not watched, there will be minor spoilers!!

Stop me if you heard this before: a casual comic book friend comes to you to ask why the Flash in the movies is different from the one on TV; or they ask how is it that John Constantine is part of the… 996 more words

TV Talk

”Saint" Constantine ..compromise, or conversion?

​I’m not a big fan of simply assuming Constantine was a “pious Christian” as so many often do.

After seeing a “vision from God” of an old pagan symbol for the idol in the shape of a cross “Chi Rho” in 313AD (usually attached before then with the ancient astrological sign of “S” alluding to “serpens” the symbol of the “serpent healers” at the bottom …where we get our modern RX symbols as a heritage from Greek mythologies of “Caduceus” also known as “Hermes Staff.” And then afterwards being described by “Humanist christian” Lactantius an early “christian author” of works like “de Ave Phoenice” (The Phoenix), whom the early Humanists of his days called the “Christian Cicero”, thus noting his tendency to mix patriotism and Roman nationalism in with his “christianity” …this man Lactantius then claims Constantine as a true convert, however still remaining at his side as an advisor. 550 more words

Moral Innovator perspectives on Christianity #2

This is the second of three essays on Christianity that cover the three Christian breakthroughs from a Moral Innovator perspective:
1. The formation that started 2,000 years ago… 927 more words


Constantine is finally coming to Blu-Ray and DVD

The strength of the short-lived NBC show is unbelievable. Since the show finished airing in 2005 after just 13 brilliant episodes, we do seem to find it hard to let go. 401 more words


RCCC 2016 Costume Summaries Up!

All of our Rose City Comic Con 2016 costume summaries are up, and probably full of typos.  Enjoy! 101 more words