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2: Study Groups - Grimly Fiendish: researching subcultural style

I was surprised that Goth subculture had derived from Victoriana and fetish wear. I realised that I hadn’t really considered where subcultures and key fashion trends are influenced from. 65 more words


1: Study Groups- Smells like Teen Spirit: Subcultures and Street Style

Cath mentioned the importance of thinking about what the essay should be written on and that it really should be on something we’re personally interested in. 69 more words


Constellation dissertation pdp

Photo, graffiti jam 2013.

This dissertation needs a plan. Ive got my subject area, and ive got a dissertation proposal to write. First things first, ive got books to read and a title to work on. 246 more words


Constellation - Week 3

Thursday 19th February 

Elms on subcultural style

Today we looked at a different subculture to Goth and Punk. We looked at Hip Hop and the way it is perceived in the music industry, and where certain looks and attitudes have derived from. 201 more words


Proposal Lecture

Friday 6th March

Proposal lecture

today was basically just an overview of the proposal, PDP and literature review.

  • Who has written what about the subject your basing your dissertation on?
  • 288 more words

Constellation - Week 5

Thursday 5th March

‘Punk Subculture’

The Punk subculture represents ‘chaos at every level’, the music scene prompted the formation of it around the 1970s.

Description: 109 more words


Diss Proposal Task

Low Binary Table, created by BRC Designs is entirely made from upcycled outdated computer parts and glass from an old abandoned warehouse, each attached together by screws. 179 more words