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Talking Bodies

Having done one year in Medical Engineering that included human anatomy, I have always been fascinated with human bodies and anatomy, mostly attracted to the concept of the aesthetics that can be connected to human bodies as they can be found throughout the centuries, a factor that was also examined thorughout the second semester’s Constellation group, Body in society as well as in my project on Socrates in todays world. 379 more words

Influences in Constellation

I feel that the ‘After Modernism’ lectures were the ones that I most enjoyed and found more influential to my work. Especially when exploring whether art is primarily concerned with objects or ideas. 123 more words


Architecture and GAIA

GAIA theory is a quite interesting theory from James Lovelock.

I try to write some thing about this theory in my essay in the first place. 141 more words


Dissertation Proposal

I began my background reading with Kandinsky’s book Concerning the spiritual in art, as it follows the rough idea of what I want to explore. The meaning of art in our life. 992 more words


Handcrafted Phone-Cover

☆In new condition

☆Space/Constellation themed

  • Option to paint in your own constellation!

☆Option of waterproofing

☆Going for $20☆ 6 more words


Mars Close Approach

Everyone, whether be an amateur astrophotographer or a professional astrophysicist or even NASA, everyone liked and had their own reasons to see the Red planet,  117 more words