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Triangulum - the triangle

The constellation Triangulum is one of the few examples where the connect-the-dots thing really does resemble the name. I mean, it makes a pretty damn good triangle without resorting to your imagination. 439 more words



“Star light, star bright,

the first star I see tonight;

I wish I may, I wish I might,

have the wish, I wish tonight.”

When I was four years old, I asked my mom why Santa used the same wrapping paper as her, then proceeded to inquire with, “Does Santa shop at Wal-Mart too?

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The shy winds
of a late autumn eve
breezes over the tingling
warmth of my feverish skin
when they throw open the windows
to let in the dark. 176 more words



Derech HaShem II:7: Stars are involved in HaShem’s direction of reality. See Adir BaMarom pg. 66 where Ramchal emphasizes that this is a spiritual process invisible to the naked eye but apparent to one who is knowledgeable in this area of Kabbalah. 182 more words

Part I Exodus: Metamorphosis the Game

The  Exodus(summer program) theme was Metamorphosis – Turn and Face the Strange. There are always different kinds of metamorphosis happening in Hot Chocolate Trust from the physical changes of growing taller or moving out, to the emotional changes of  struggle, loss and success.  540 more words

Hot Chocolate Trust

I saw an actual shooting star!

Vacay Update:

So I am in Florida for vacay and I am living the life LOL

But my family and I decided to swim in my cousins underground pool (we were going for a late night swim) and my dad spots a shooting star and it looked amazing! 60 more words