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Taurus as a Subject

I have been painting Taurus the bull constellation lately as part of my series on constellations. This is a subject I enjoy because of the rich history behind it. 691 more words



you are a constellation

brimming with a bright light

bright light

light that burns so deeply your heart aches when you lose sight of it… 28 more words



For better or worse, the bass clarinet in jazz will always be associated with Eric Dolphy. And why not? Dolphy is awesome. If you’re unfamiliar with Dolphy, I suggest watching a couple of jazz robots discuss it below: 222 more words


Editing and Final Drafts

Workshop—clarifying objectives

One of the workshops we attended helped us to focus down our objectives. We were to take our concept and summarise into one sentence. 1,404 more words


Initial Research for Dissertation

So I have finalised my topic of choice for my dissertation after finishing my proposal. I essentially will be looking into the development of graphic design throughout time and more interestingly, where it might end up in the future. 117 more words


PDP: Learning From Contemporary Art

I chose learning from contemporary art this year because I wanted learn more about modern day art and why it is successful. I felt as though in all my years studying art that I still didn’t know enough about modern art and Jon’s lectures helped me learn a lot more than i expected of the lectures. 980 more words