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Constellation term 2.

I feel as though my constellation choice for the Sonic Arts was a bit of a disappointment. While i enjoyed learning bits and pieces, which it really was, bits a pieces of sound art and sound artists we primarily watched videos, which is fair enough because a lot of the work we were looking at was visual/sound based, but we didn’t go into a great detail about a lot of stuff, i feel as though looking through my notes i have a lot of nothing. 79 more words


Make a change

Throughout this year I feel that I have not been as motivated as i would ideally want to be. I am struggled to find words to why this is. 151 more words


Que comience GalileoMobile Constellation!

¡Hola! ¿Qué tal? ¡Mucho Gusto de hablar con ustedes!”

Estas palabras abrieron una videoconferencia entre dos ciudades italianas y dos chilenas, a mediados de abril. Mauricio, profesor de una escuela en Cariquima, en el norte de Chile, rodeado de sus alumnos ante la pantalla del computador, nos presenta ante ellos y con ese saludo simple y cálido, comienza a materializarse otra etapa, otro proyecto dentro de GalileoMobile.  240 more words


Que comece o GalileoMobile Constellation!

“¡Hola! ¿Que tal? ¡Mucho gusto hablar con ustedes!”

Estas palavras abriram a videoconferência entre duas cidades italianas e duas chilenas em meados de abril. Maurício, professor de uma escola em Cariquima, norte do Chile, apresentou seus alunos a nós, do GalileoMobile. 200 more words


Constellation Summary

Unfortunately I was unable to attend all of my constellation lectures for Sonic Arts. However, I have been looking through my friends notes throughout last term, from Cath Davies lectures. 734 more words


Moon- Cinquain + 3 lines



Mystic, transparent

Pulls seas to shore

Jealous of the Earth’s blue


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 margin-bottom: 0.2em;

Gossipping stars in constellation

Provoke her isolated soul- 72 more words


Stars Whisper #9 : ALL ABOUT GEMINI !

Freethinking & intelligent,

You will not find me under rigorous management,

You may think you know me well,

Then my other half over you casts a spell, 848 more words

Stars Whispers