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Essay hand in- done!

Today I handed in my first essay of the term, and it feels great! Inspired by Art|Science lectures I’ve had this term with Dr Alexandros Kontogeorgakopoulos-I’ll just call him Alex. 212 more words


As an additional task for constellation we were asked to produce a piece of work around Markov change and the idea of probability. I feel like as a group (of 4) we took this too literally and produced a piece based on probability and then did a markov change on the amount a certain thing occurs. 78 more words


A Pocket Full of Tales

For the Term One Option I attended the Theory as Object sessions. From the briefing the topic areas to be covered looked really interesting but complex. 278 more words


Week 2: ADZ5999 Stuff: Objects and Materiality in Society

Lecture Two

Unfortunately, Ashley was unable to present this session. I have read through the power point and tried to use my knowledge from the previous presentation. 6 more words


week 1: ADZ5999 Stuff: Objects and Materiality in Society

Lecture One (1)

unfortunately dues to illness, I was unable to attend this lecture, however after readying through the power point and developing my own ideas, I was able to get a good understanding of the new subject. 12 more words


Archaeology as a method

In order to explore the topic this pair of 19th Century plaid pockets will be used as an example. These pockets were seen on a recent work experience placement . 241 more words


Essay; The body in Illustration

Introduction: Generally about what my essay is going to be about.

Main body:

  • Importance of the body; generally
  • Importance of the body in Illustration
  • My opinion about body in Illustration…
  • 22 more words