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PDP Constellation Year 1 Week 1

From the outset, it became apparent that although one might have a talent as an artist, designer or maker, in order to develop that talent one needs to understand why, what and where.  506 more words


Constellation- Level 4 - Philosophy - What is Art?

Week 1 – What is Art?

Since this study group is Philosophy in relation to Art and Design, I think that it might be useful to describe what Philosophy is. 2,719 more words


Constellation: Term 2 Concept Philosophy PDP

Philosophy of Art – What’s that all about?

It was a shock when I found out that my term 2 study group was philosophy.  I had just completed, or survived, term 1 – Meshwork of Objects.  1,096 more words


life of the sky

i have been posting every day on this website for several years now. probably not every post is a gem. but when you bundle them, all the writings make up a constellation of my life. 49 more words

I’m really pleased with my essay feedback – it points out what I felt was missing but couldn’t put my finger on. Martyn described part of my essay as ‘Rudderless’ which describes my entire practice pretty well. 243 more words

2nd Year


Exploring my identity brought me to a lot of new places. Since I started with the question of “Who am I?” my first thought was about my cultural identity. 612 more words