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|All of the Stars|

I can see the stars from here, I wonder do you see them too?

Papandayan Mountain, June 2014



  1. Aswini : 0° Aries to 13°-20′ Aries (Mesha). The first The sign Aries is ruled by Mars and the first constellation is governed by Ketu. Hence, this zone indicates the following matters in general.
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Those Mystery Lights Above a Hudson River Castle Are… Art

For a tiny island about 1,000 feet from the mainland, Pollepel Island has inspired much discussion—some of it historically informed, some of it totally imagined. 872 more words

High End 2015: Magico

Magico did not bring the highly expected M-Project in Munich’s High End 2015 show but maybe it was too much to ask, after all they did brought the… 470 more words

High End

New release - Colin Stetson & Sarah Neufeld: Never were the way she was

“Never were the way she was” is album by the Montreal-based saxophonist Colin Stetson and the “Arcade Fire” violinist Sarah Neufeld.  Stetson and Neufeld began playing as duo while on tour together as soloists in 2012 and Stetson had toured before with “Arcade Fire” and with Neufeld and Shahzad Ismaily as trio, back in 2010. 105 more words

Midnight Star

When we are caught up in our dreams

For some in nightmares it may seem

Behind the limelight it appears

Its charm unseen, so unfair… 103 more words