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Constellation of scars

The good times,

The bad.

The accidents,

The intentional.

All held together,

In a constellation of scars.


Dissertation Research - 28/03/17 (not completed writing notes discovered)

The incredible inventions of intuitive AI | Maurice Conti

To add more to my dissertation research, i’ve came across this Ted-Talk. Maurice Conti talks about as these next couple of years, as a generation and species we’re entering the ‘Augmented Age’. 1,037 more words

Chasing Orion

Orion Constellation

I set myself to chase Orion about a month ago. I took this picture just out my front door.


Above The Blue EP | No Mana

No Mana tackled the mau5 aesthetic with his first EP last year as a sort of initiation. It’s not as if he didn’t originally have the repeatable heavy bass buzzing and beat knocking over stretches of synth mentality– 254 more words


jekyll or hyde

So I’m afraid I have been slack with my progress updates on my dissertation preparation essay.  By slack, I mean I have posted nothing.  Zip.  Nada.   862 more words



New dissertation  Link to Document Dissertation :

Exploring Identification of Visual and Written Research, Regarding Disability.


Concrete pathways

After gaining information from books and taking notes (still much to read) I have decided that I have left the so-called dusty trail behind. My pace has quickened from an uncertain walk to a fairly confident stride. 49 more words