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Provocation 4: How materials and tools hide from view.

Last week’s constellation session made me more aware of how the way I create my work is shaped and changed by the tools I use. In order to analyse this further I created two drawings using my two favourite implements of the moment; a regular pencil on paper, and an Apple Pencil in tandem with Adobe Draw on iPad Pro. 525 more words


Unbelievable facts about biggest star in universe

Biggest stars in Universe video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vi4hDwA4lBk

VY Canis Majoris is a red supergiant star located in Canis Major constellation. This star is the biggest and brightest known to humankind. 187 more words

Pecha Kucha

This power point presentation was very useful, as it allowed me to round up all my work from the lat term and this term and gave the ability to see links that were not obvious at the time. 111 more words


Fields 1 & 2, Constellation and Dissertation Thoughts Pecha Kucha

To sum up and to show our tutors what we have been up to in the last couple of terms outside of subject, we did a Pecha Kucha based group tutorials, each taking about 5-10 minutes each – it’s much harder to only speak for 5 minutes about your work than previously thought. 310 more words


How materials and tools hide from view

From the above image you can see I have sculpted a small scale human head using polymer clay. When sculpting on a small scale such as this, intricate tools are needed to obtain the small details around the eyes, nose and mouth. 366 more words


Pecha Kucha Reflection

My Pecha Kucha

During my Pecha Kucha I discussed the new mediums that I have discovered during my two field experiences, such as Premiere Pro… 286 more words


Dissertation PDP

I honestly can’t remember the last time I had to write an essay before university; it had been quite a while. So, when I heard that I would have to write a 10’000 word essay (quotes not included), I wasn’t best pleased. 1,012 more words