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Dissertation PDP

This dissertation is about stereotyping and the representation of age, gender, age and culture. Stereotyping is becoming extremely crucial to the society now-a-day and in this essay, I am going to include both positive and negative arguments about stereotyping by using examples such as films, news, and articles. 19 more words


what is an identity? - the body in society

How each individual is perceived shows an identity that will define human beings in society. We all have characteristics which are similar and shared with others as we all in society rely on being the same, because we all want to fit in and have a sense of belonging. 762 more words



You are not just a star.

You are a constellation.

Your laughter echoes within the corners of every lives you’ve touched.

You sing songs that make the birds follow the hymn. 59 more words


Vela - the sails

Way down there near the south pole there is a constellation named Vela, the sails.

The sails use to be part of a bigger constellation called Argo Navis which included the whole ship. 324 more words


Importance of Family

The best teacher in this life will always be, after life, our family.

Wounds, experiences and emotions are carried through time and the mighty constellations. Anything which hasn’t been carried away by the wind or left behind will shape the ground and structure of ones foundation, its parents. 379 more words


Virgo - the maiden

Springtime is about Virgo and has been for a very long time. Thousands of years ago this constellation was known to many as The Seed Furrow but it eventually evolved into a lovely young fertile maiden, as in “spring brings all the boys to the furrow” (wink wink). 549 more words