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Spring Skies at Night

There’s a tiny, disk-sized patch of snow behind the museum where I work, a reminder that winter wasn’t all that long ago.  I keep waiting for it to melt, but it refuses, so I ignore it and remember that its water’s going to water the grass it’s hiding.   475 more words

Science Fiction

(Poem) Little Bear Requiem by Sara Wright

Look up at the star
that bears your name.
Re-member the story.
Once you were loved,
treated with deep respect.
Your Ancestor Field
bore a Bear Goddess, 51 more words


(Prose poem) The Mark of the Bear by Sara Wright

Leaving the sanctity of evergreen forest and still wrapped in winter wool, he warily approaches me. I stand riveted to a wet nose and open mouth sniffing and tasting the evening light; the bear’s gaze rekindles an ancient fire. 69 more words


(Poem) Threshold Crossing by Sara Wright

In the company of bears
who thunder past my window,
I am thrown into prayer.
Rooted in dark space—
shattered by Light.
The power of Love… 27 more words


Supernova Puppis A

From NASA’s Image of the Day. According to NASA, if we lived 3,700 years ago, we would have been able to see the explosion of this star. 194 more words