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Grumpy = Constipated

Warning:  this post is about poo.

Today I have been the grumpiest bum you will ever find except maybe for Grumpy Cat who looks like this all the time. 415 more words


Traveling & Constipation: Let's Get Real

We all know girls don’t poop right?! And that’s why we women are often constipated.

I’m on my way to South America and I feel so….. 407 more words


Constipated Baby? What to do?

When I tough about my daughter eating something else besides my milk I always got worried. Why? you may ask, well because I was afraid of constipation, that is why I was hesitant about giving her the rice cereal so I completely skipped that since to tell you the truth is has like no benefits. 377 more words


23 year old constipated with a baby

These stories get me every time. I find it so shocking that someone could be pregnant for 9 months and have no damn idea. Can you imagine growing a kid inside your stomach, that’s how babies happen, and you think you just have a bad case of constipation. 87 more words

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It's all in the air!

On a land not so far away, there once lived a boy, who was cheerful, handsome and tall. He worked hard at a place that was quite a ball. 380 more words


Squatty potty did not pay me to write this, but any day now

Before I got knocked up, I’d heard of one pregnancy symptom: morning sickness. For thirty years I assumed morning sickness means you feel a little sick in the morning and then life goes on.  424 more words