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Nothing is normal in my life

Seeing Dad sitting there on the toilet, staring off into space, not blinking, not moving, as still as can be, scared me so much.  I still see that look on his face, and I know it will stay with me for a long time.   375 more words

Tengene, Here we are again.

Tengeneyen yen, here we are again. In short, andito na naman tayo.

Dumadaloy na naman ang dugo ng katamaran sa aking katawan.

What to do, what to do? 39 more words


the taboo of the constipated child.

So my two year old has been constipated ftom birth. We have tried everything possible. Fruit, pineapple,  prune juice, healthy eating…obviously.  medicines. He just doesn’t want to go. 84 more words


You know this person... I know you do

Nothing new can penetrate,
New ideas procrastinate,
A square box delineates,
Your constipated mind.

People aren’t attentive,
‘cos you’re anally retentive
And you need some more incentive, 31 more words


Constipation Going Blue

Forgive me as I swallow my pride, but  Jim Harbaugh is a great coach. Despite his constant constipated face, violently angry and all, Harbaugh knows his football and deserves to work for a notable franchise.  378 more words

The Ball Of Foot

The Yule Log

Took tablets Christmas Eve night, Christmas midday, Christmas evening and then I forgot on Boxing day morning. Still nothing! After all that food! Is my digestive system just that efficient?? 155 more words