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It's all in the air!

On a land not so far away, there once lived a boy, who was cheerful, handsome and tall. He worked hard at a place that was quite a ball. 380 more words


Squatty potty did not pay me to write this, but any day now

Before I got knocked up, I’d heard of one pregnancy symptom: morning sickness. For thirty years I assumed morning sickness means you feel a little sick in the morning and then life goes on.  424 more words

Turtles Do Not Bend

Yeah, Verne looks constipated. Not sure yoga (bending or not) will help with that.

Comic Commentary

Something gross...But maybe it will help.

#justifiedlabs – This review earns 4 bites!!!

I’m not one to take a lot of vitamins or supplements.

In fact, other than my prescription medication (high blood pressure and depression) I don’t take anything else except potassium and stood softener. 485 more words


Treatment update

I am writing this blog with a heavy heart from my hospital bed at the Chris O’Brien Lifehouse. My Oncologist admitted me on Wednesday afternoon after our meeting as she felt I needed professional help to get my symptoms under control. 403 more words



Really? I am naming my blog post “constipated”?? Yeah, this weekend kind of sucked. I woke up Saturday with a pained belly and the inability to poop. 212 more words