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Eat More Fruit

Excruciating pain in my buttocks for three days.  The large Jamaican nurse says she is going to mix a pint of molasses and a pint of warm milk.  170 more words

Real Life

Daily Blog – Constipate-day

My last baby’s poop was 4 days ago. This is what I am scared about, that he gets constipated. I have been there and I know how bad it feels. 247 more words


The Daily Toil

Your sister was much more predictable with napping, though I am thankful you can appreciate a good stretch of shut-eye too! The past few weeks, you’ve been up at 8, you’ve been up at 6:30, you’ve been up at 7 and you’ve been up at 7:30. 433 more words

Constipated Mind 2016-47

I remember one time when I wanted to express myself, but was unable to do so. Talk about frustration! We all take for granted the simple actions of life. 136 more words


Grumpy = Constipated

Warning:  this post is about poo.

Today I have been the grumpiest bum you will ever find except maybe for Grumpy Cat who looks like this all the time. 415 more words


Traveling & Constipation: Let's Get Real

We all know girls don’t poop right?! And that’s why we women are often constipated.

I’m on my way to South America and I feel so….. 407 more words