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Gothic Script

We’ve moved on to this in my weekly collage class. A class (2.5 hrs) that is totally owning my butt. I believe this is the correct terminology. 375 more words

Constipation on LCHF

How do I solve constipation is a question that pops up fairly frequently on the low carb social media platforms and sometimes it seems that constipation on a LCHF diet is a given. 739 more words


Best Ayurvedic Remedies For Constipation And Indigestion Problem

Constipation is a condition in which bowel movements become slow or stop. It is not a disease but makes one uncomfortable and distracts his/her mind. One needs to put pressure to expel waste material through anus and is at risk of developing piles during chronic constipation. 477 more words


Emma and Izzy's story

Emma Harckham will run the Great South Run for ERIC on 22 October 2016. Here she shares her daughter Izzy’s story of chronic constipation and of finding support via ERIC’s helpline. 720 more words


Symptoms in the gluten intolerant

When someone is gluten intolerant there are several symptoms that can occur and I have had all of these.  When I eat gluten free I have none of them. 73 more words

Panda Regularity – why bowel health is SO IMPORTANT

A few years ago there was an article in the papers which caught my eye, mainly because it was accompanied by a cute picture of pandas, but also, with my naturopathic hat on, it was talking about bowels! 707 more words

Healthy Eating


Yes, constipated you may enjoy with simple understanding by applying the process;
What you need, BLACK color permanent marker pen!
>On left hand draw two small arrows to the direction centre of fingers… 161 more words

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