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Constipation as a common cause of belly aches.

A follow up of a 10 year old in my practice revealed that constipation was the cause of her bellyaches. On miralax, she had bowel movements daily and her three times daily belly aches were completely resolved. 92 more words


How Bemer Helped Heal Bed Sores

Leigh Covert is a dental hygenist who is going to share a story about her mom and her use of the Bemer. Leigh’s mom had been bedridden for about 7 months and living with them.   157 more words


Ayurvedic Treatment For Constipation Launched By AyushRemedies.in

Constipation is the problem characterized by difficulty in the passage of stools or infrequent and incomplete bowel movements. It usually occurs when there are less than 3 bowel movements in a week. 432 more words

Arozyme Capsules

Food during chemotherapy

I have discussed about food in my other blogs also but this blog I am totally devoting to food during chemotherapy. To be precise I will discuss what to be eaten and what not to be eaten during chemotherapy. 140 more words

365 Moments (D4): I've Never Been So Excited to See Poop!

The transition to solid foods hasn’t been easy for my Prince. He’s been plagued with constipation ever since beginning solids a few weeks ago. We’ve kept his nutrition pretty basic, offering fibre-rich veggies, fruit, and water, yet his digestive system remains somewhat sluggish. 111 more words

Life In Mamaville

Ah well, shit happens.

I have lived with Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis for over 18 years .  It’s a cruel adversary, but then everyone’s got a monkey on their back, so you just get on with it. 622 more words


Constipated hearts

When we allow negative emotions to bind us it keeps our lives in bondage. All our responses to situations and circumstances are filtered with a clogged heart. 70 more words

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