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We are now entering day 2 of the Astonishingly Bad Mood.

The day began with a refusal to go to the toilet, and more scratching and hitting. 212 more words


Week 9 has been the biggest bitch so far. I had a problem with chronic constipation before pregnancy (TMI? don’t care), but after becoming pregnant it has become so much worse. 516 more words

First Trimester

The vortex

I am so sick, both in my head and my body. My life is in a whirlpool and my life boat is being drawn into the vortex, soon every trace of me will be gone. 190 more words

Invisible Illness

Colon Clean from The Detox Lab Review

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This product is a miracle capsule for me!! I have had constipation problems for a while now with no relief. 161 more words

Pregnancy Update - TMI Time!


So I have had a very easy pregnancy relative to most. Little to no morning sickness, tiredness and mood swings a yes, but my husband hasn’t threatened to leave me quite yet. 308 more words

Foods and Flatulence: Everyone's body reacts differently to different foods

Some people have no trouble digesting milk products, while other people suffer excessive gas from it. It’s natural to experience gas. ¬†fOOD that causes gas in your body depends on climate, temperature, food style and body type. 414 more words