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Treating Hard to Control Bedwetting

All kids wet the bed when they are younger.

When do they stop?

Bedwetting Basics

Although parents typically understand that their kids will become potty trained sometime around age three years, they often have unrealistic expectations for when they will stop wetting at night. 744 more words

Pediatric Conditions

Herbal Hard Stool Treatment To Relieve Constipation And Gas Safely

Constipation is stated to be a result of faulty lifestyle and inappropriate dietary pattern. When the food habits are imbalanced and when the sleep patterns get disturbed, along with low physical activities, most individuals will experience constipation. 463 more words


Udararogya - Herbal Treatment for All kinds of Gastrointestinal Problems like Flatulence, Indigestion, Constipation, Acidity

Stomachache is generally a term that refers to dull ache or cramps in the tummy (abdomen). It’s usually short-lived and not serious. Severe abdominal pain is a cause for concern that should be reported, especially if the pain lasts for a longer term in a specific area. 438 more words


Keeping hydrated and eating more fibre will help your bowels to function regularly. Make simple changes to your diet and lifestyle to improve or avoid constipation.


Let's get personal...

Okay, gonna get a little personal for a sec.

How often do you poop? Daily? Every 2 days? Weekly?

Well….do you know how much you SHOULD be going? 127 more words

Herbal Remedies To Relieve Constipation And Regulate Healthy Bowel Movements

Common causes for constipation include poor bowel habits, reduced intake of fluids, intake of poor diet, lack of exercises, intake of painkillers, anti-spasmodic medicines, iron tablets, antacids, diuretics, foods rich in sugar and fats, dairy products, caffeine or alcohol, aging, spinal cord injury, diabetes, stroke, pregnancy, underactive thyroid and problems in excreting stool. 452 more words


Constipation May Increase Risk of Kidney Disease

Nicholas Bakalarnov wrote . . . . .

Constipation may increase the risk for kidney disorders, new research has found.

Researchers reviewed the medical records of 3.5 million United States military veterans who had normal kidney function at the start of the analysis. 173 more words

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