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What Digestzen can do!





Hello again. My earlier post talked about one of the many doterra products that my family uses. Deep Blue is an amazing product. 231 more words


After the appointment with consultant gastroenterologist, followed by another one with nutritionist, I have a plan. Apparently it’s not IBS I suffer from, but something called Idiopathic Slow Transit Disorder – a form of constipation which means that things just don’t move in my gut. 135 more words

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Is Your Pooping Style Bad For Your Health?

This post from Share MayFlowers 2013 “Are You Pooping Properly?” will tell you all you need to know. But here’s a little addendum.

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Constipation is as a result of the slow movement of food while undergoing the process of digestion, in the intestines. While it may occur in any part of the intestines, it is always almost certain that it will occur in the large intestines (colon). 469 more words

Pregnant and Constipated

I never had constipation in my life. Hubby is usually the one who always complain about this problem… and, I never understand how hard is it to just “let it go”… until I got pregnant. 383 more words

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The trick to staying slim

She ate food like it’s her last meal on earth, only to suffer from acidity and bloating!

She’s been drinking over the weekend only to have a bad… 138 more words