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Are You Feeling Unwell? This Probiotic may help you to feel better than you have felt in a long time.

Vita Advanced Probiotic helps you become healthy by supporting your digestive Health and immune system. When you have stomach discomfort, bloated feeling, heavy feeling after meals, irregularity or other stomach troubles you need support that you can trust. 288 more words

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New Adventures in Constipation

Note that this post might be NSFL as it discusses so called “natural functions”. No pictures though. 73 more words


Toxins and the Devil

First of all, I am not a doctor, psychiatrist, or counselor…..I am a PERSON WITH PARKINSON’S DISEASE and this is just my opinion.

I think we all have toxins in our bodies that are like the devil.  628 more words

Chronic Progressive Disease


Next time you go to a party, try surveying people for a definition.  You’ll get a myriad of responses, none of which count.  I address the condition if a patient has a) a change in bowel habits from their norm, and b) they’re uncomfortable with it.  1,891 more words

Restoring G.I. Function

Notes from The Healthy Gut Summit

Liz Lipski PhD

Approximately one third of the people have a digestive issue, the digestive system is not supposed to give us discomfort when it does it’s giving us the message that something is wrong and we need to pay attention to that message. 1,784 more words


Probiotics as the Perfect Slimming Bacteria

A lot of reports have proven that probiotics, the good bacteria in the digestive tract, are beneficial to health as they strengthen the immunity and help with nutrient absorption. 256 more words

Herbal Treatments For Chronic Constipation Problem To Cure Stomach Problems

Arozyme capsules are the best herbal treatments for chronic constipation problem. Reasons for chronic constipation include poor dietary habits, sedentary lifestyle, flatulence, indigestion, digestive disorders, dehydration and use of certain medicines. 469 more words

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