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States challenging Central Law embellishes Federalism

By Somasekhar Sundaresan

A Bench of the Supreme Court is reported to have criticized the Government of West Bengal and its advocate for filing a writ petition challenging the mandatory introduction of Aadhaar. 942 more words

Legislators In Arunachal Pradesh Are Erring By The Highest Margin.

The legislators in Arunachal Pradesh should not forget that they also live behind bars of conformity and responsibility.

Also, the legislators in Arunachal Pradesh, prior to invoking or revoking a law or legislating a new law, should not forget to examine whether the executive or legislative action they contemplate is consistent with or contrary to the Constitution of the India, the Living Text of the Nation. 514 more words

Privacy versus National Interest – An overview

The journey of privacy has been a roller-coaster ride in INDIA. This topic has been debated a lot and has again come to highlight because of the  1,045 more words

Critical Analysis

Article 35A of the Indian Constitution - A critical overview

Debate on article 35A started again when during his visit to Kashmir, the Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh said that the BJP-led government at Centre will not go against the wishes of the people of Jammu and Kashmir on the constitutional provision that guarantees special privileges to the natives. 602 more words

Constitution Of India

The Ban on Cow Slaughter : A Literature Review {Part X}

This is the final part in a ten-part series where literature on the practice of cow slaughter and its ban by the Government of India over the years has been reviewed as part of our research on this theme. 1,082 more words


Role of Judiciary in Democracy

Judicial powers and its scope

Judiciary enjoys neither the legislative nor executive power. Its duty is to preserve Constitution, its mandates and make the people wielding power to act within limits provided by the Constitution and make them directly accountable for their acts to the authorities provided under the hierarchy of Constitution. 1,000 more words

Constitution Of India

Custodial Violence and Death of Prisoners in India

 If civilization is not to perish in this country as it has perished in some others too well known to suffer mention, it is necessary to educate ourselves into accepting that, respect for the rights of individuals is the true bastion of democracy. 1,244 more words
Constitution Of India