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Self incrimination and Voice Samples. Can an accused be directed to give voice samples for evidentiary purposes...read on

The two short questions that this post purports to answer is :

  • Whether directing an accused to give voice samples (voice spectography test) amounts to compelling him to be a witness against himself and consequently is violative of Article 20(3) of the Constitution ?; if not…
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Examining the prospect of placing a reservation bill for the Jats under the ninth schedule

This note is geared towards examining the possibilities of whether a reservation bill which aims at placing the reservation above the 50% guideline (M.R. Balaji vs. 1,034 more words

Constitution Of India

UNIFORM CIVIL CODE- Is the time still not ripe?

Art 44 lays down a very significant directive principle of state policy- “State shall endeavour to secure for its citizens a uniform civil code throughout the territory of India”. 768 more words

Constitution Of India

Right of speedy trial

No person shall be deprived of his life or his personal liberty except according to procedure established by law.

Life and liberty, the words employed in shaping… 1,575 more words

Constitution Of India

Indian Citizen – Rights of

In Sielmakh Leonid Lullia v. Secretary to the Ministry of External Affarirs, Government of India (W.P. No. 1648 of 2010) decided on 25.11.2010 while relying on… 413 more words

Employment Law

Doctrine of Equal Pay for Equal Work – When can be invoked

In Deb Narayan Shyam v. State of West Bengal, (2005) 2 SCC 286, the Court summarized as to when doctrine of equal pay for equal work would apply: 282 more words

Employment Law

Uniform Civil Code

India, a country with world’s largest democracy.
India, a country with world’s largest diversity.
India, a country known for it’s culture.
India, a country where people following different religions live together. 463 more words