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Scrutinizing the Constitutional Power to Disqualify a Person From Contesting Democratic Elections

“If the people who are elected are capable and men of character and integrity, then they would be able to make the best even of a defective Constitution. 4,303 more words


Challenges faced by Dr. Ambedkar to write the Constitution of India

Written by – Ashwin Jangam

Indians today are governed by two different ideologies. Their political ideal set in the preamble of the Constitution affirms a life of liberty, equality and fraternity. 2,062 more words

Dr B R Ambedkar

Political Science & The Constitution of India

The Constitution of India was framed by the Constituent Assembly. The Assembly was constituted in 1946. The Constituent Assembly, following the partition of the country in 1947, consisted of 299 members as on 31st December 1947.
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Is tradition above Constitution? SC questions ban on women’s entry in Sabarimala temple

The Supreme Court on Monday asked the lawyers representing Sabarimala Temple trust, whether tradition is above Constitution. The next hearing in the case will take place on April 13. 191 more words

Osho speaks on Dr. Ambedkar, Gandhi, and Dalits

In this speech, Osho higly praises Dr.Ambedkar and speaks on the injustice done to Dalits (Untouchables) in various fields. He says that there was no one equally intelligent to Dr.Amedkar in his time as far as constitutions were concerned. 31 more words

Dr B R Ambedkar
  1.  Janata Government introduced the concept of ….. in 1978 ?

  Rolling Plan

  1. The first Deputy chairman of planning commission was………..?

  G.L. Mehta 

3 …..is the head quarters of planning… 195 more words

Euthanasia in India

The fundamental rights guaranteed to us by the Constitution of India, are said to have come from the natural law, which are the unwritten laws which ought to have come from the nature of man and often said to be of divine origin. 1,790 more words