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Here Are Some Constitutional Plot Twists Hollywood Should Consider

If James Madison were alive today, he might be working as a screenwriter in Hollywood.

TV dramas can’t get enough of obscure constitutional scenarios. On… 199 more words

Article of the day: five books to change conservative minds

Cass Sunstein at Bloomberg has suggested a list of five well-argued books that might shift conservative opinion on a variety of social issues.  As he notes, 92 more words


Petition to Make Clinton President is Now Largest in Change.org History

The Change.org petition to make Hillary Clinton President of the United States instead of Donald Trump has now gotten more signatures than any petition in the site’s history, … 274 more words


Red Flags and Dog Whistles

Let us not cower from confrontation: The flag is a rag.

Notice that I say “confrontation,” rather than “controversy.” There is no real controversy in my phrase above. 1,267 more words

Critical Thinking

The Electoral College a Vital Piece of our Constitution By US Senator Mike Rounds

The Electoral College a Vital Piece of our Constitution
By US Senator Mike Rounds

December 2, 2016

The Electoral College was one of the most innovative concepts created by our Founding Fathers when they were setting up our young republic. 498 more words

South Dakota


In my previous note on this issue, I mused in support of the claim that that a constitution does not represent the true aspirations, values or ideals (ideas) of the whole of the people as we are often made to believe. 366 more words

Furniture Required by 1 April 2017

In 2014, the LRC brought a case, Madzodzo v Minister for Basic Education¸ before the High Court in Mthatha, which required the Eastern Cape Department of Education to conduct a furniture audit of all schools in the Eastern Cape. 196 more words

Department Of Education