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Thomas Jefferson, Time, and the Supreme Court

By Kaleena Fraga

Addressing a rally in Las Vegas, former first lady Michelle Obama likened young people’s dismal voting records to her daughters letting their grandmother pick out their clothes or their playlists. 558 more words


Kavanaugh, Ken Starr, the Telegraph, and Stealthy State

Another detailed and researched post from Helena:


My comments:

In the possible good-cop bad-cop scenarios, Kavanaugh is not the purest of driven snow on the Constitution. 442 more words


Let Justice Be Done

MUJLP Forum Author| January 27, 2015

Lady Justice.

The symbol of law and fairness. Why is it that she is depicted as wearing a blindfold over her eyes? 475 more words

Debate Proposal: Freedom of Speech in Universities


In Canada, the legal framework against hate speech is defined in both the common law and by statute: sections 318 to 320 of the… 745 more words

US Constitutionality and ISIS

Jaime Zorilla | November 13, 2014

This article will argue that Barack Obama possesses the constructional authority necessary to declare war on Iraq in order to combat ISIS, but does not possess the constitutional authority to win a war against it. 441 more words

Ruling on Physician-Assisted Suicide leaves question of who administers death

Ronald Leung | February 23, 2015

In the wake of the Supreme Court’s historical Feb. 6th ruling to overturn the Criminal Code provision against aiding and abetting suicide, the door is open for rulings, legislation, and policy to be issued from the federal government and organizational bodies such as the Canadian Medical Association. 643 more words