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Mike is a Candidate for Sheriff

As I prepare to write this article today, I am overcome with sadness, as I struggle to understand how pure, unadulterated evil has once again permeated the hearts and souls of, not one, but two more teenagers in America causing them to take guns to school with murderous intentions. 921 more words



  1.      Preamble
We, the residents of UITSIG PENINSULA, Marina Da Gama, volunteer our skills and services, experience and wisdom, and respect those who have worked to build and develop our area; and believe that UITSIG PENINSULA belongs to all who live in it, united in our diversity. 7,884 more words


Coffee & Chat criminalize online speech in the name of security

I have a few things I wish to discuss tonight one of those being free speech online, A few months back I told you to watch out that what is happening in Europe would soon happen here in the US and we have just seen those ugly steps playing out in Maryland. 27 more words


Rudy Giuliani Just Conceded That the President Can Commit Obstruction of Justice

Rudy Giuliani said Friday that a president can hypothetically obstruct justice, contradicting a former member of President Donald Trump’s legal team and wading into a thorny… 1,052 more words

Unit 2 exam questions


5 marks – With reference to the source…

Describe three sources of the UK constitution. (June 2010)

Outline two constitutional reforms proposed by David Miliband (June 2012) 1,315 more words

“The advantages of a codified constitution now outweigh its disadvantages”. Discuss (40 marks)

A constitution consists of the rules, procedures and processes by which a country is governed. If a constitution is codified, these rules are clearly set out in one single official document. 1,292 more words

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