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Any politician that votes for any law that restricts a citizens right to keep and bear arms is violating the Constitution and their oath to uphold that same Constitution and should be removed from office.


Donald Trump directs Jeff Sessions to ban 'bump stocks'

  Donald Trump has directed Jeff Sessions to create regulations banning bump stocks and other devices which he claims will turn a semi-automatic weapon into an automatic weapon. 262 more words


Supreme Court lets California gun control laws stand


Supreme Court lets California gun control laws stand

By Ariane de Vogue, CNN Supreme Court Reporter

Updated 12:36 PM ET, Tue February 20, 2018… 561 more words


An Urgent Warning to all Pro-gun Americans!

URGENT! share this far and wide! Read the below letter from the President of the Virginia Citizen’s Defense League, a very upstanding and Pro Second Amendment organization. 1,430 more words


Does Banning Books Violate One's First Amendment Right?

When it comes to banning books, many schools are continuing to ban more and more books. Though there may be fair reasoning to have some of these books banned, it can go against freedom of press, making banning books unjust, unless it is an obscenity. 610 more words

Best and Worst U.S. Presidents

To commemorate Presidents Day, I have put together a top-five list of best and worst U.S. presidents. Choosing the five best presidents is quite easy inasmuch as the pool of good presidents is rather small. 5,075 more words