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Truth About Democrat Intentions

The democrats are totalitarian communists in American sheep clothing.  If you put the US Constitution and the communist manifesto with the 10 pillars of communism side by side, and look for all of the things that today’s democrats support, you would find them all in the communist manifesto.  106 more words

Opressive Government

Got another one...

..it came in the mail just a couple of days ago. I got another questionnaire in the mail from the RNC, they wanted it back in seven days so as to ensure accurate tabulation and dependable results. 706 more words



By David Younger

I attended the launch of the Scottish Constitution on 1st December in Glasgow. I have to say the attendance was disappointing but, in the light of my own views and those of many others, it was perhaps not surprising. 1,154 more words


The Left’s Sick, Scorched-Earth Mindset

“It was a sickness of the mind, and where sickness thrives, bad things will follow.”
~ From the movie The Hobbit

Every so often I’ll read a news story about a parent who, estranged or divorced from the other parent, wittingly or unwittingly takes out their unhappiness, their anger or their frustration on their innocent children. 1,024 more words


Fr. 841

One helpful contrast might be Tully’s (1995) Strange Multiplicity which distinguishes between modern constitutionalism comprising seven traits and a recovered “common” constitutionalism including three features. 345 more words


Democratic Congressman Lieu: 'I would love to be able to regulate the content of speech'

  There is an old definition in politics which goes something like this: a gaffe is when a politician accidentally tells the truth. Today California Representative Ted Lieu had a bit of a gaffe of his own when he basically admitted that he would love to be able to regulate free speech if it was not for that little piece of paper we call the Constitution. 107 more words



Among other things, Brexit is a constitutional crisis. No one in their right mind could wish for what has befallen the British people, yet their constitution did not award them protection. 550 more words