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Originalism: On the Interpretation of the Constitution

The other day, I got into a discussion with a friend of mine, which ended up on the topic of the Constitution (how does that always happen?). 1,226 more words


Democrats Trying To Start New Civil War?

In 1860 in reaction to the election of Abraham Lincoln, the Democrats in South Carolina got together and drafted the secession documents. They wanted to get out of the union to protect slavery that Abraham Lincoln promised to end.   779 more words


Which Cabinet Members Will Turn on Trumpie?

Remember the first “Ocean’s Eleven” movie? George Clooney lays out the casino robbery plan and asks the assembled crew, “are you in or out?”

Which members of Trump’s cabinet would turn on him because he’s nuts?

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The Left Wing False Flag is Working

Multiple eyewitness accounts, including ones from police officers, have shown that Virginia’s Governor and Charlottesville’s Mayor colluded to foment the violence in that city. The confrontation was intentionally set up for the New Brownshirts of the Democratic Party (antifa) to attack the universally denounced and unpopular neo-nazis (left wing socialists) and KKK (military wing of the Democratic Party). 164 more words


The Power of the First

This past week we have seen yet another clash between different groups with opposing opinions. One side there was a group of white supremacist NAZI sympathizers who are by sheer definition racist toward anyone that is not white. 773 more words

New push in California to get out of the USA - Calexit III - via constitutional convention

(National SentinelSecession: There’s a new effort in California some are dubbing “Calexit III” to remove the state from the U.S., and this time supporters are looking to use the Constitution in order to make it happen, the  414 more words

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