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The (Rich) Parlor Trick: You Pay More For Less and Poof Free Speech Vanishes All At Once

If you aren’t one for discussing politics or you are getting lost in the fray of the constant disasters plaguing our country; there is one thing that concerns you and you need to speak up on this issue: net neutrality.  945 more words

L'advocate Chic

Today's Culture War: The War on Faith.


Jack Phillips, Owner of Masterpiece Cakeshop


America began from the presupposition that our rights come from God, it is for that reason the Declaration of Independence begins with… 1,275 more words

Supreme Court


By Stephen Hall

“Adjudication:”  a proceeding which leads to a judicial decision

On November 27, 2017, the Supreme Court heard arguments concerning a challenge to the most frequent form of patent challenges before the United States Patent and Trademark Office (“USPTO”), known as… 910 more words


Why America Is Wrong In North Korea

First let me assure you that I am a real America who embraces the Constitution and the founding ideals of this country. I believe in a constitutionally limited government and unalienable rights. 955 more words

Freedom Of Speech Maybe On Trial In Washington, D.C.

These are sad times in America, when the very First Amendment of the United States of America, the most important one to the men who gathered to make up a constitution for a new America, is the one being threatened the most today. 624 more words

Transgenders Back in the Military, Judge Rules

Reuters news agency reports that transgender people will be able to join the U.S. military as of January 1st, a federal judge ruled on Monday, denying a request by U.S. 119 more words

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We The People and the Oath To Office

The United States is a nation of laws. Ours is not an arbitrary government where the opinions of some are the rule. Because of the laws in our constitutional republic, there is something that all public officials, elected officials, and most people who work for the government have in common. 1,824 more words