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Today's virtual House graphic: Risky fix to non-problem

Under the radar at the Iowa Statehouse, a significant and dangerous change is being promoted through a proposed constitutional amendment to cap spending in a state where spending is below the U.S. 163 more words


Nevada 36th State to Ratify Equal Rights Amendment | NOW.org

The National Organization for Women (NOW) just announced that Nevada is the 36th state to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment so that it clearly “includes equitable access to all aspects of reproductive health care and centers marginalized people, including LGBTQIA individuals, immigrants, women of color, and women with disabilities.” 173 more words


Empowering States via ‘Convention of States’ Would Send US Back Centuries

In my class, the education majors who are preparing to teach grade school social studies know all about the Articles of Confederation and how it gave all the power to the states and a small, ineffective national government. 1,026 more words

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AB274, national popular vote -- NO, NO, NO


by peter5427

Nothing illustrates more clearly how badly californicated we’ve become than this bill. You’d think that everyone regardless of political affiliation in a State with such a small population would bristle at the notion of being deprived of having a say in the election of the next President, a say that is guaranteed to us by the Constitution and its provision for the Electoral College. 1,361 more words


SJR2 -- No.


by peter5427

This is bill is nonsense. The ERA is nonsense. Men and women are NOT equal. You can’t legislate biological differences out of existence. 324 more words

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No Electoral Reform for Canada = the Liberal Government Renegs on its Promise

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Today, the new Minister of Democratic Institutions, Karina Gould, announced that the Liberal government has officially abandoning the objective of electoral reform. 284 more words

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Georgia Senate aims to convince voters to constitutional change by labeling prohibition against using citizen tax dollars for religious sectarian causes as "Discrimination"

Get used to hearing the GOP label anything running contrary to their own personal interests as “discrimination.”

Consider it a new buzzword in the Trump era.   114 more words

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