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National Assembly moves to curtail FG’s powers

• Drastic changes on the card
• Railway to be removed from exclusive list
• Time frame for President/Governors’ assent to bill to be modifiedDrastic changes to the 1999 Constitution by the National Assembly are on the way, with the federal government looking likely to be stripped of some of the powers it currently wields. 813 more words

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Decision of Indigenous Groups to Boycott Council of the Federation Meeting Underscores the Need for Constitutional Reconciliation and Inclusion

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The headline on today’s CBC News website says “Indigenous leaders to boycott Monday’s meeting with premiers”. The article outlines how three Indigenous groups, namely, the Assembly of First Nations, the Metis National Council and Tapirit Kanatami, have decided to withdraw from the Council of the Federation meeting where the leaders of the provinces and territories will be meeting because they (the indigenous leaders) are not being recognized as full and equal participants. 774 more words

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Three-quarters in US say they lack influence

It’s been getting worse and won’t ever change until we change (e.g. enlargen) our strategy and vision from feel-good nickel and dime “reforms” to structural cultural and constitutional changes — including abolishing corporate constitutional rights and the doctrine that money is protected free speech. 22 more words

July 9, 2017

Today, I’d like to touch upon the principle of popular sovereignty, one of the three pillars of the Japanese Constitution, comprising of the guarantee of fundamental human rights and pacifism, along with popular sovereignty. 436 more words


Nigeria: National Assembly Moves To Strip Executive Of Power To Prosecute

The two chambers of the 8th National Assembly have perfected plans to strip the executive arm of government in Nigeria of the power to prosecute persons suspected to have committed any offence against the Nigerian state. 718 more words

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Tomorrow: The Legislature's Second Vote on the Fair Share Tax

The Legislature will vote again tomorrow on an amendment to the state constitution to impose an additional four percent tax on the income of persons that exceeds a million dollars annually. 287 more words

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This post is in response to a survey I received in the mail the other day, a survey from and commissioned by the RNC. The official title is; Congressional District Census. 605 more words