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The Rule of Law or Rule of Man? (Redux 2.0)

The more things change, the more they stay the same.

President Trump, that supposed protector of the Constitution, bulwark against Leftist encroachments, Clinton-slayer, and Drainer of Swamps, recently rejected the notion of… 259 more words

Constitutional Issues

The Parkland School Shooting: A Colossal Model of Government Failure

Obviously, debates (if they could truthfully be called that) regarding the Second Amendment are routinely and fervently reignited every time a new tragedy makes the media’s bloodlust cutline.  402 more words

Constitutional Issues

Parkland Shooting - The Facts vs. BS

Brooksville, FL – While I’ve come to accept the fact that you can’t just turn on the TV anymore and get basic facts, its becoming disturbing that I can’t even tune into local WXJB 99.9 FM either. 5,823 more words


Weighing In On Gun Control

The students of Parkland are kinda right, allowing most 15-year-olds to purchase a semi-automatic weapon may be insane, but, at the same time they are wrong to assume that that kind of restriction will do very much to solve the problem of school shootings. 354 more words


Why Massachusetts' "Bump Fire" Stock Ban is Illegal

The Massachusetts legislation, which was signed into law in November, allows current owners a “grace” period of 90 days from its effective date – 1 February 2018 – to get rid of the items in question.  470 more words

Constitutional Issues

constitutional issues

Legal issues appear in the paper every day in the context of news stories whether it is about cases before the Supreme Court involving constitutional issues, proceedings in the International Court of Justice, transnational sales of businesses, and banking issues, among others. 202 more words

Alleged Patterns of Gross Federal Law Enforcement Misconduct

The reader may recall some time back that the Bundy family, led by its patriarch Cliven Bundy, engaged in intense standoffs with several local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies.  3,247 more words

Constitutional Issues