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Obama Gets Another Sycophant, Attorney General Designate Loretta Lynch

Our newly confirmed United States Attorney General, Loretta Lynch, is the nation’s top “Law Enforcement Officer,” but like her predecessor and like virtually every official in the Obama administration, when it comes to illegal immigration, she has no respect for the law or for the rights of the citizens of the United States, 221 more words


Mama Güs: On the Politically Incorrect

I’ve been following the story of The Prime Minister and The Waitress, like many other New Zealanders (and apparently The World) and I have to say… wow. 835 more words

Flagging a political diversion

I will be honest: I support changing the flag. I think the New Zealand flag is out of date and that our ties with Britain are not so strong now that the Union Jack should remain on it. 492 more words

Constitutional Issues

The Rule of Man, Redux

As predicted, the culture that a rule of man cultivates eventually comes home to roost.

This week, Oregon passed a state law expanding background check requirements for private sales of firearms. 117 more words

Constitutional Issues

A Christian Flag at City Hall? That Doesn't Fly in the US

Apparently you don’t have to read the Constitution in order to serve as a government official.  According to WGXA News in Cochran, GA, the local city council voted 5 to 1 to fly a Christian flag outside its city hall, disregarding the First Amendment and the oodles of church-state separation lawsuits that have been decided over the past century.   206 more words

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Xenophobic statement: Is King Zwelithini guilty of hate speech?


By Pierre de Vos

Durban is being engulfed in Afrophobic/xenophobic violence after King Goodwill Zwelithini – in a speech delivered in March – fanned the hatred and envy among some South Africans towards black foreigners living in our country. 24 more words

Constitutional Issues