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Trump Would Run U.S. Economy Like A Failed Atlantic City Casino

By Paul Krugman

So everyone is having fun with Donald Trump’s suggestion that he’ll negotiate forgiveness on U.S. debt — making America great by running it like a failing Atlantic City casino. 141 more words

Mortgage Fraud

Trump's Inner Child

We (meaning non-Left-Wingers and Non-Socialists) have a presidential front runner who is forceful, not politically correct, successful, strong and personable — who behaves like a spoiled 12-year old. 221 more words

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Until next time, this is the New Zealand Flag

This is not an endorsement of the current New Zealand flag. This is simply accepting that for the time being the New Zealand people have decided that the Union Jack + 4 Stars of the Southern Cross shall be the New Zealand flag. 442 more words


The Second Amendment does not Only Protect Firearms

The Supreme Court Monday reaffirmed that the Second Amendment protects the basic individual right of self-defense, regardless of whether the technology in question existed during the time of the Founding, and that such protections extend to non-firearms defensive weapons.  935 more words

Constitutional Issues

The time and place when New Zealand could change its flag

The current debate over becoming a Republic and having a flag change has got me thinking. My thoughts on both at this time are well established and need no further mention. 527 more words

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