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The case for electoral reform.....

Despite the fact that we have a stable government with a working majority, it is likely that calls for electoral reform will increase. It also seems to be an issue that now unites across the left-right divide… 366 more words

Garland Texas: Flipping Off a Bully

I am an avid defender of our First Amendment right to free speech but when that speech imperils public safety, as it did in Garland Texas this past week at the ‘draw a cartoon of the Prophet Mohammed’ contest, I can’t help but feel that the wiser choice for the Garland ISD (the owners of the venue) and the City of Garland would have been to NOT allow the event to take place. 452 more words

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Winning the election for Britain (2)

In the weeks after they got back to England, they made arrangements, organising things through a law firm where one of Katharine’s friends worked. More importantly, they discussed and organised the thoughts on which their plan was based. 3,808 more words

Obama Gets Another Sycophant, Attorney General Designate Loretta Lynch

Our newly confirmed United States Attorney General, Loretta Lynch, is the nation’s top “Law Enforcement Officer,” but like her predecessor and like virtually every official in the Obama administration, when it comes to illegal immigration, she has no respect for the law or for the rights of the citizens of the United States, 221 more words


Mama Güs: On the Politically Incorrect

I’ve been following the story of The Prime Minister and The Waitress, like many other New Zealanders (and apparently The World) and I have to say… wow. 835 more words