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Trump has Never Read the Constitution

This implied assertion, according to the Washington Post.

If true, this should not surprise anyone, particularly since neither George W. Bush, Barack Obama, nor Hillary Clinton have read the treaty between the States either.  292 more words

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My Guns Have Killed Far Less Innocent People than Obama's "Drones"

Under intense public pressure, the White House today released its “official” accounting of “noncombatant civilians” killed overseas under the current administration as a result of the increased employment of armed unmanned aerial systems, commonly referred to as… 199 more words

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More Gun Control Kabuki Theater

Typically, the hoplophobes in society make their loudest and most emotionally-charged pleas for yet more so-called “gun control” following an advantageously cherry-picked mass shooting of some sort.  1,278 more words

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Orlando is not the Worst Mass Shooting in American History

That infamous distinction might instead apply to the Wounded Knee Massacre, perpetrated by the United States Army’s 7th Cavalry Regiment in 1890 as a violent apex of anti-Indian gun control and property confiscation policies. 1,197 more words

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