The Plot (bullshit) Thickens

Some of you may have noticed the propaganda coming from the government lately concerning people on the right. They want to demonize people like the Tea Party and pretty much anyone that is conservative if they can. 389 more words


D.H.S Funding

The republicans in the house have actually done their job for once, they are trying to de-fund obama’s amnesty action with the bill to fund homeland security. 189 more words


▶ Noam Chomsky: "Thought Control In Democratic Societies"

Published on May 13, 2014

Rare Interview of Prof. Noam Chomsky on Necessary Illusions: Thought Control In Democratic Societies. Must Watch!
Date – 1990-02-20

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Civil Liberties

Juan Thompson: Did the US Prison Boom Lead to the Crime Drop? New Study Says No

 There is no evidence that locking more people up makes America safer

By JUAN THOMPSON  February 19, 2015

Louisiana — a state whose motto is Union,  Justice and Confidence — is known for many things.

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Constitutional Rights

Racism: A Sociological Definition

Chief Zee with fans at FedEx Field.
Washington R******* vs. New York Jets on December, 4,  2011. Katidid213

By Nicki Lisa ColeSociology Expert… 936 more words

Civil Liberties

Hate Crime?

**Caution: This post contains vulgar language, and hate filled racist rhetoric**

(beginning of rant)
Muslims around the world are outraged over the killing of three muslims in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, it has to be a hate crime according to them. 647 more words


John Nichols: David Carr Was Our Guide Through a ‘Dead-Bang Ugly’ Media Moment

What made Carr the necessary guide through an ever-expanding maze of conflicts and contradictions was not that he always knew the way. In an age of stupid certainty, and the cruel choices that extend from it, he reminded us to cling to our humanity as we explored the unknown together.   

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Civil Liberties