From Dreamers to Screamers

I keep hearing about all this hate from the right about gay rights. I don’t see the hate they are talking about. I think most people that are conservative are much like myself in their opinions. 319 more words


▶ Glenn Greenwald on America's Surveillance Society | Henry A. Wallace National Security Forum

In our quest to defeat terrorism, are we sacrificing free speech and creating a conformist society?   

BraveNewFilms.org  June 26, 2015

Perhaps no one has stirred the pot on the reach of the national security state than journalist Glenn Greenwald when he released information about the NSA from whistleblower Edward Snowden. 

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Human Rights

Eat Shit, You Deserve it!

I really want to remain silent, I am disgusted by the America people that have sat on their fucking asses for all these years doing nothing while our country was ravaged by the evil and nasty fuckers on the left. 158 more words


Bill Binney Speaks The Truth, Ouch

Former NSA official and whistleblower William Binney recently was the key speaker in a panel in the Twin Cities.


 William Binney is a former high-level National Security Agency (NSA) intelligence official who, after 30 years of service, blew the whistle on NSA surveillance programs. 218 more words

Constitutional Rights

William Boardman: USA Police State Celebrated as Defense of Freedom

USA Freedom Act replaces USA Patriot Act, sort of, and so?

The mindless rush to reinstate government police powers undreamed of in the Constitution was a bitterly comic charade of American democracy.
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Constitutional Rights

Vice News: Inside Washington's Quest to Bring Down Edward Snowden

In a statement last year, Snowden denied DoD and intelligence officials’ claims he deliberately downloaded military files. ” They rely on a baseless premise, which is that I was after military information,” Snowden said.

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