Corporate Suppression of Direct Democracy Fuels Fight for Community Rights

Across the country, corporations and government officials are working together to protect corporate interests and block local communities from exercising our rights to direct democracy. 1,121 more words

Constitutional Rights

Coleen Rowley | FBI Stings: Down the Slippery Slope

Undercover operations were tightly supervised and regulated
in the past, since it was well understood there was a slippery slope, especially when informants and agents are paid/rewarded…
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Civil Liberties

North Dakota Charges Journalist Amy Goodman for Exercising Her First Amendment Rights

 Goodman and Moynihan wrote. “At the Sacred Stone, Red Warrior and other camps at the confluence of the Missouri and Cannonball rivers, the protectors are there to stay, and their numbers are growing daily.”   

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Noam Chomsky | Calling Someone ‘Anti-American’ Is a Classic Technique of Social Control (Video)

 “You might take a look at that word ‘Americanism.’ It’s an unusual term, it’s the kind of term that you only find in totalitarian societies as far as I know.    262 more words

Constitutional Rights

Three Upcoming National/International Actions/Conferences that Promote Peace

Organize locally to be part of national campaigns with international participants as well. Visit DC for a conference with great speakers. Participate in One, Participate in Two, Participate in All Three. 1,344 more words


Chris Hedges | Democracy in America Is a Useful Fiction

Inverted totalitarianism is not conceptualized as an ideology or objectified in public policy. It is furthered by “power-holders and citizens who often seem unaware of the deeper consequences of their actions or inactions,” Wolin writes. 884 more words

Corporate Empire

Black activists owe no apology for charging Israel with genocide

The criticism focused on how the statement declares solidarity with the movement for Palestinian liberation. It is unsurprising that organizations such as the Jewish Community Relations Council… 2,195 more words