Josh Rubner | Boycott Israel, Go to Jail? (Video/Transcript)

A bipartisan Senate bill would make boycotting Israel punishable by up to 20 years in prison. But a new pushback from groups including the ACLU could help stop the ‘draconian’ measure, says Josh Ruebner of the US Campaign for Palestinian Rights… 2,037 more words


‘There’s an Effort Around the Country to Curtail People’s Fundamental 1st Amendment Rights’

CounterSpin interview with Mara Verheyden-Hilliard on the right to protest

BY JIM NAURECKAS  FAIR CounterSpin  July 19, 2017

Janine Jackson interviewed Mara Verheyden-Hilliard about the right to protest for the  1,451 more words


The Great Correction - Eliza Gilkyson (Music Video)

Eliza Gilkyson’s latest video, set to her song “the Great Correction,” features a collection of powerful photos depicting the brave souls who, throughout this nation’s history, fought for a decent society and a protected and loved planet. 39 more words


Victories against Trump are mounting. Here's how we deal the final blow by Rebecca Solnit

The judiciary, legislative and media have all helped keep Trump in check. But it’s the residents of the United States whose response will matter most in the end.

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State of Surveillance (Video)

The intrusion doesn’t stop with your cell phone or laptop device. Drone surveillance – the spying technology which allows organizations like the CIA to keep watch on suspected terrorist activities in countries like Iraq and Afghanistan – are now being employed by the U.S.

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Constitutional Rights

Donald Trump's war on journalism has begun. But journalists are not his main target...

fled because if you are indicted under the Espionage Act, as he was, you are not allowed to present a public-interest defense — meaning, you are not allowed to justify the crime of leaking by arguing it was done to disclose to the public even greater crimes the government was committing. 1,550 more words

Constitutional Rights