Chelsea Manning Is Free–but Whistleblowers Still Face Prison

 So as Manning walks free after seven years and 120 days (or “just seven years,” as USA Today had it—5/17/17), some of it in… 459 more words

Constitutional Rights

Janine Jackson | Big Media Need to Fight for the Right to Protest

It’s not that Big Media haven’t nodded to these cases, but better than adding slogans about democracy dying in darkness and truth mattering more than ever would be vigorous, sustained, principled defense of the right to protest… 436 more words

Human Rights

The Constitution and Conscience: NSA's Thomas Drake (Video)

A talk by Thomas Drake, a veteran of the Air Force and Navy, who was working as a senior executive in the National Security Agency when surveillance policy changed in the aftermath of 9-11 in ways that violated both the Constitution and his conscience. 149 more words

Military Madness

The “Elite” ─ The Rulers 21st Century Style

 “One consequence will be that millions one way or another will once again bear the burden of a society that hates democracy and punishes all but the financial elite.”    1,921 more words


Tom Hastings | Trump kleptocracy

“The Trump budget—pure profit for Pentagon corporate contractors. The Trump tax “reform”—massive tax cuts for the rich. Really? We are going to stand for this?…”

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Craig Aaron and Malkia Cyril on Net Neutrality, Kyle Wiens on Copyright Overreaching | Counterspin

This week on CounterSpin: FCC chair Ajit Pai has announced his plans to gut net neutrality; the former Verizon lawyer and Jeff Sessions staffer declared his intentions at a private event in DC.     255 more words

Constitutional Rights