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Letter to US Senator Charles Grassley and Congressman Dave Loebsack staff

My responses claim the statute of limitations has expired. I am requesting you go back through our previous correspondences and review what you have advised me of this entire time. 593 more words

Public Corruption

Georgia Politicians Consider Orwellian Censorship Bill

In a move slammed by free speech advocates and supporters of press freedom, Georgia politicians are considering a law that would create a journalism board to oversee the work of journalists in the state. 305 more words


Selective Prosecution

Selective Prosecution

Criminal prosecution based on an unjustifiable standard such as race, religion, or other

Abitrary classification.

Selective prosecution is the enforcement or prosecution of criminal laws against a particular class of persons and the simultaneous failure to administer criminal laws against others out-side the targeted class.  81 more words

Poisoned By My Neighbor From Hell

Cities Can't Criminalize Homelessness, Appeals Court Upholds Ruling

On April 1, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals upheld its ruling from last September 2018 that people who are homeless cannot be punished for sleeping outside on public property in the absence of adequate alternatives. 128 more words