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Leonard Peltier Trial

The number of Constitutional Violations that have occurred in the Peltier Trial  since 1977 is astounding.  We need to begin discussing the benefits of reforming our Judicial System so that it does not self regulate in the manner that it still does, even with the Federal Government involvement. 17 more words

Class Action Suit Filed Against Michigan PHP Alleging Constitutional Violations Related to Involuntary Treatment

A Federal class action lawsuit has been filed in the Eastern District of Michigan against the state PHP program alleging constitutional violations related to the forced medical treatment of health care professionals involved in the State’s  “Professionals Health Program” (PHP)  and the “callous and reckless termination of professional licenses without due process.”  According to the complaint: 1,467 more words


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Screen Shot 2015-01-09 at 1.59.40 AMSurvey indicating same patterns across the country--Looking for attorneys familiar with (or more importantly willing to learn about) professional health program legal issues who can file similar suits including Here in Massachusetts. The issues are the same and include: 1. False assessments and diagnoses. 2. Forensic fraud and falsified drug and alcohol tests. 3. Collusion with third party commercial labs to commit fraud. 4. Establishment clause violations. 5. HIPAA Violations. 6. Anti-trust violations. 7. Ultra vires acts as non-profit agencies including the unlawful practice of medicine. Please click on the links above to see detailed examples and discussions of these issues.  It is an open area as my survey has revealed an additional factor stacking the deck and removing accountability from PHPs. The attorneys ostensibly representing doctors are also part of the racket. A doctor referred to a PHP will be given a list of 3 or 4 attorneys by the PHP who are “experienced in working with the medical board.” What they do not tell you is that theses attorneys are hand-picked or cultivated to abide by the rules dictated by the PHP. They will not “bite the hand that feeds” and any procedural, ethical or criminal misconduct by the PHP will not be addressed. See "Competent, Ethical and Fair Legal Representation for Doctors--A Possible New Niche Area for Lawyers." My survey also indicates some states are worse than others and North Carolina, Washington, Florida and Massachusetts are over-represented as far as misconduct and ethical violations.