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Plight of the Safe Third Country Agreement (STCA)

Earlier this year on January 27, 2017, the U.S. Trump Administration signed Executive Order 13769 — “Protecting the Nation from Foreign Terrorist Entry into the United States.” Better known as the “travel ban” or “Muslim ban”, the order… 1,228 more words


Schools Need to Promote Freedom of Speech (Affirmative 4)

In 1965, thirteen-year-old Mary Beth Tinker wore a black armband in school in protest of the Vietnam War and was suspended from school. This suspension led to the landmark Supreme Court case: … 365 more words

Freedom Of Speech

Discrimination, segregation and the slippery slope of religious 'freedoms' in contemporary Australian society

There is an inherent issue that seems to be plaguing Australia right now. That is, the weighting of a person’s right to their freedom of choice, speech and religious preference, weighed against that of someone’s right to not be discriminated against. 939 more words


Spain's constitutional court annuls Catalan declaration of independence

MADRID (Reuters) – Spain’s Constitutional Court officially annulled the Catalan parliament’s Oct. 27 unilateral declaration of independence on Wednesday, a widely expected ruling after the move was suspended by the court.

Podcast Review: Presidential/Constitutional

When I lived in DC during the summer of 2016, I discovered Presidential podcast by Lillian Cunningham of the Washington Post. Every morning and afternoon, I had a roughly 30-minute bike commute to and from the National Mall and was looking for something informative yet entertaining to listen to that would appropriately set me in the mood biking past the iconic capital cityscape everyday. 872 more words

New Media

How I Survive the Week

College is one continuous transition between drowning and flying.

Some weeks are easy, relaxed, consisting of a Wednesday night at my desk leisurely doing some work or streaming YouTube while sipping on a quenching IPA. 801 more words


Did Mueller’s Team Violate Manafort’s Constitutional Rights? They May Have. | LawNewz

“Generally, if agents seized privileged materials, he could argue the entire search was tainted, they went beyond the scope of the warrant.