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Giving and Receiving

Hello again,

I’m a little in my feelings as you will notice with the previous post, this post and probably the next one (If you haven’t noticed, I’m telling you now). 258 more words


The WRITE Time

We often cite time constraints as a reason for avoiding a particular activity. It’s so much easier to say, “I don’t have time” than to admit to someone else that they simply aren’t a priority. 64 more words

A Failed Cinema Experience

When the idea of going to the cinema came about, I felt disappointed; the cinema experience just is not what it once was. I recall a time when going up to the shops to watch a movie was almost a weekly activity with friends, but with the rise of the Internet and watching films online for free, the idea of paying money to go and sit in a room with strangers that chew loud and talk; when you have better experience at home, seems like a waste. 748 more words


Fake it 'til you make it

Leadership behaviors are funny sometimes. Do we want our leaders to drive results by holding people accountable, or build relationships based on empathy? Preferably both. Do we want our leaders to innovate and initiate change or provide a stable and fulfilling environment for their employees? 439 more words


Movies and subconscious problem solving

Cinemas are a place of collective entertainment where groups of strangers gather at one location for the same purpose. However, in order to get to this destination lots of organisation needs to go into organising a cinema experience. 776 more words

Integrity Constraint in SQL

In this blog, we’ll discuss about Integrity constraint in SQL Server.

Integrity constraint are rules implemented in the tables to guarantee the accuracy, completeness, or consistency of data in tables and keep safe the business logic of the schema design.Constraints are part of a database schema definition… 105 more words

Constraints In SQL