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How should progress progress?

I want to criticize the social system, and show it at work, at its most intense.

-Virginia Woolf’s Diary 2:248

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Constraints with Statistics

Though statistics can be a great form of communication, there are a few constraints that come along with using them. Keith Grant-Davie defines constraints as “factors in the situation’s context that may affect the achievement of rhetorical objectives” (356). 252 more words


Constraints with Music

Though musical notes and songs can be a valuable form of rhetoric, there are definitely limitations that come along with using them as a means of communication, many of which may be associated with genre. 185 more words


Affordances + Constraints

As we move into our discussion of composing in new media, we need frameworks and a vocabulary to both analyze and plan effective advocacy projects. Norman’s term “affordances”–what you can and can’t do with particular media–gives us one such framework. 81 more words

initiate change I

Meet Mary – she is an office manager with two small children and having a hard time taking off the baby weight. Follow this link  346 more words

Initiating Change

Project Requirements- still did not go well

Project Managers across the globe understand that a project has 65-67% chance of meeting its set objectives. And a scan through 2014 edition of PMI Pulse reveals that 47% of unsuccessful projects failed due to poor requirements management. 347 more words


Wildly free

Ill meet you

in our spot,

the overgrown

garden untouched

by human constraints.


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