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Expression in Text vs Expression in Video

I know I am not speaking for myself when I say that I’ve always been more attracted to video and visuals than reading text. It is in the way us digital natives are wired – to want to learn and engage in something visual. 376 more words


Class, Fri, 3/24

Page and Screen

In groups, draw on your most recent post to create some notes on:

  • A taxonomy: What are some popular forms for the 60 Second Video?
  • 47 more words

Choose Your Medium Wisely

We use language and communication to express ideas. When interacting with others, context of the interaction determines the medium and method of communication. When I meet someone for the first time in the flesh, I don’t write out a greeting on a piece of paper and then hand it to the confused and concerned looking recipient. 578 more words


Writing: The Affordances and Constraints of Video

What can you, as a student in this course, do in working with video that you can’t do in a written text? Conversely, what kinds of things is it hard to do with video that you can do more readily in writing? 101 more words

Concept In 60

Class, Mon 3/20

Concepts in 60

Let’s watch them!

Still footage from James Kretkowski, “How to Properly Watch a Movie at Home” (2017)

Defining a Genre

In groups of three or four: 162 more words


no hero

The end of year is often a time when I pause a bit to stock-take on how the year has been and what are some learning points to mark. 891 more words


If only I could regulate my temperature like normal people! 

​This is what happens to me when I’ve been working out! EVERY TIME!
I have so many of my MS symptoms kicking off in this video! 163 more words