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Can a Deadline Be a Lifeline?

Let’s not fool ourselves.

Deadlines help us get work done.

They add pressure, a sense of urgency, and fuel us with stress hormones so that we can rise up to the challenge. 1,192 more words


How to Quickly Rename all Primary Keys in Oracle

Are you working with someone else’s schema and they haven’t declared nice names for all their constraints?

Unfortunately, it is all too easy to create a table like this: 529 more words


Alternatives comes with Compulsions

Alternatives? One, Two, Six or Eight pieces? May be I will settle for threee? Can not I?

Constraints? Questioning it? When you have alternatives, constraints come for free. 30 more words


Rhetorical Situation: Blog Post

Lloyd F. Bitzer writes this article with the purpose of establishing an adequate conception of rhetorical situation and emphasizing the importance of making it a fundamental aspect to rhetorical theory. 369 more words

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Rosemary Stewart: Practical Management

Rosemary Stewart studied management extensively, in the UK. Rather than revolutionary, her ideas serve to underpin the day-to-day challenges real managers face in the real world. 549 more words

Management Thinkers

Life -- Creativity

One of the most frustrating things I encounter consistently is the idea that creativity is a talent. Society seems to reinforce this mentality, which of course doesn’t help. 850 more words

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How Time Constraints Can Fuel Your Motivation

The Magic of Constraints

There is magic in constraints.

Experience after experience has proven to me that it is nothing but a choice away in any given moment. 1,152 more words

Keeping The Motivation