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Beauty quest

Think about rendering the constraints you see to beautiful challenges.

Your job is finding where the problem is. Seek the beauty of the problem and exploit limitations to yurn them into opportunities to differ. 6 more words

Day 7

Nature works in constraints too

One thing that always amazes me is the form of our faces. There are billions of people around the world and when I look at them, I really get surprised by the fact that how Nature has managed to design each of them so differently, that too with so limited resources. 302 more words


Parallax image scrolling using Storyboards

Parallax image scrolling is a popular concept that is being adopted by many apps these days. It’s the small attention to details like this that can really make an app great.  1,965 more words


All available means nothing

What would have happened if every resource you wish you had was available?


Like fences on a kinder garden. Kids use all the space when they have them. 19 more words

Day 1

The Most Important Relationship You Are Ignoring

There is a relationship you have that you aren’t aware of and it is killing off your ability to thrive in life. The amazing thing about this relationship is you’ve had it your whole life and it is the one that will be with you until you die. 546 more words

Human Beings

Dat challenge

I found myself using around 280 different words on all the posts I have ever written.

For a week, I will avoid writing the word "that", just to see how self-imposed constraints will lead to creativity. 12 more words

Day 4