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I’m enfolded,

Wrapped in layers of you,

A second skin.

Cosseted by time and fortune,

I salivate and froth,

Feral before your ocean,

Adrift in your eyes. 31 more words


what does SYS_CXXXXXXX mean?

In SOA logs, we come across error like ORA-00001: unique constraint (TNVCUST.SYS_C007968273) violated. This ‘SYS_xxxxxxx’ is a system-generated constraint name, which Oracle creates when a constraint is created without being explicitly named. 114 more words


Growth/Fixed mind-set? It is really about learning

The coach education courses are coming thick and fast. Nearly every weekend from January to May I will be delivering to coaches either of the first two stages of a fantastic curriculum developed by the Swedish FA. 1,064 more words

Creating database objects (3)

1.3 Creating and modify constraints

One may never guess the kind of data that enters into the database. So we need to enforce some kind of validations to ensure that the right kind of data enters into the tables. 742 more words

The flaw of linearity within PE

In my first year of teaching I had a pupil named Laurence in my Year 9 PE class. Laurence was a tall, awkward and sensitive child. 946 more words

Curriculum PE

Aiding creativity through constraint

No limitations, full creative freedom, blank pages. You might just think this is the perfect start for your project to reach full potential. And this is where you might be wrong. 243 more words


Double-edged constraints with a twist

One of the types in Skila library is generic Sequence (the counterpart of IEnumerable interface in C#). Assuming method concat is not supposed to create exactly the same type as the original one (as in… 246 more words

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