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Why Is Micromanagement So Infectious?

(Source: hbr.org)

Part of the draw of self-managing organizations, like those we explore in our recent HBR article, is their promise to free us from the disease of micromanagement. 1,138 more words


Conditions for innovation

What are the right conditions for innovation to take place?  In a previous post I defined innovation as “significant positive growth” so with this in mind what are the right conditions for significant positive growth to take place?   544 more words

Transformative Learning

A sign of the rampant hypocrisy that plagues our world: unsustainable sustainability

A sign of the rampant hypocrisy that plagues our world: unsustainable sustainability

1 August 2016

Last month, I get a DEWA bill which for water alone shows a consumption of over 45 thousand gallons resulting in a net water bill of circa 3,500 AED which is of course impossible given our very measured consumption. 1,263 more words

Play By Your Own Rules: AGDA Workshop

The morning after Jessica Walsh’s AGDA keynote presentation, Julieann Brooker and a few fortunate Sydneysiders met to Play by Our Own Rules.

The task set by Jessica for the 2-hour workshop: Design, create and record a typographic piece within specific constraints. 442 more words

The last Travel Inspiration blog you’ll ever need

Inspiration comes from numerous sources, from utilization of all our senses. It could be from seeing that friend’s Instagram selfie, or the baklava you ate, the movie you watched, or the divine piece of music that you just heard. 443 more words


Requirements to scope

The cost of getting it wrong can be astounding.  Did you know:

  • Requirement defects account for 56% of re-work in projects
  • Globally, $250 billion of annual waste is traced to poor requirements…
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“Constraints comes with Creativity 

And creativity leads to Evolution”