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What is that one thing you'd do if there were no constraints in life?

What is that one thing you’d do if there were no constraints in life?


Really, nothing?

There is no “one thing”.


There are many things and I am going to do it all. 459 more words

Life & Experiences

Constraints and Creativity: What Old Nintendo Music Can Tell Us About Thinking Outside of the (Old Gray) Box

I like to listen to music while I work, primarily instrumental stuff so I don’t get distracted. Usually, this is classical and other orchestral music, but lately I’ve rediscovered the magic of old video game music. 1,630 more words


On the Gentle Art #15

"Stone walls do not a prison make,
Nor iron bars a cage;" 

- To Althea, From Prison by Richard Lovelace 1642 A.D.

Constraints – life has a lot of them, biological and otherwise (your blood’s ph level, the minimum amount of oxygen that you need to breathe, the level of carbon monoxide & carbon dioxide in your system), and we add to life’s constraints with every choice we make or defer. 903 more words

Think Inside The Box

Growing up I was always told by my teachers and by mass media to “think outside the box.” In order to be considered creative, an idea had to be beyond the current constraints that surrounded it. 715 more words

Artwork – “Constraints, 5”

(oil on canvas)

You can view it in a room, here:

For more info, you can contact me at theracreativa@yahoo.com, or at any of the tabs under the… 10 more words


A Cultural Gathering

For as long as humans have existed, there has been the desire for shared communal experiences. This is part of our social nature, an instinct which is hard-wired into us. 505 more words

No Longer Than

In a few days I’m going to self publish the short story “De.mocra.cy,” and writing the afterword for it brought me back to an interesting revelation I had after editing it. 1,795 more words