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There is one kind of robber whom the law does not strike at, and who steals what is most precious to men: time. – Napoleon Bonaparte

At the Movies

I love going to the movies, I believe that with the technological revolution it is one of the only forms of traditional entertainment that has remained relevant in our new age of the Internet and Netflix. 368 more words


Hagerstrand Not An Irrational Man: An analysis of why tumbleweeds have replaced jaffas rolling down cinema aisles

Over the last decade we’ve continually heard the cinema industry is in dire straits. Increased competition from video streaming sites, illegal downloads and improved home entertainment technology is challenging the long-term prospects of cinema operators (Anning 2015). 1,019 more words


Thoughts on Story: Constraints and Deadlines

I’ve entered a competition to create a short film script of 5-7 pages by a date in September about 4 people having a dinner party, anything beyond that is all me. 223 more words


Note Those Times When Your Eyes Light Up

I can always tell when someone is passionate about an idea, a project…whatever they’re talking about.

Their eyes light up. Their posture changes ever so slightly as if to straighten themselves out to deliver their truth. 260 more words

2. Know Yourself

Timeframe the priority, or a Sound Local Plan? The Jury is Out!

Constraints on Housing Development in Castle Point was the last topic under consideration by the Local Plan Task and Finish group last evening, the 25th August, ahead of the Jotmans Appeal. 1,902 more words

Local Plan

Popcorn, People and Public Space - Is The Cinematic Experience Changing?

I feel quite sad to admit that I have no recollection of my last cinematic experience. When I was younger, the cinema was one of my favourite places to be, and I could often be found there with my mum and two younger sisters.  1,114 more words