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Rite of Spring

Karen started over on Bennett’s fantasy landscape, using the word “quintessential” as her theme, per Client. She tried not to overwork it. To wit, she didn’t return to it as a canvas of escape once the boys came home from school. 573 more words

Strangely Familiar Blots.

Tracing my way along the familiar dots I find some ink blots,
On my cheek, from all the tomatoes I ate in the salad when i first heard about dieting. 219 more words


Harvey Mackay: The 7 Cs of Success

Below is a blog post from Harvey Mackay . Mackay’s Moral: Some people succeed because they are destined to, but most people because they are determined to. 675 more words


Building Your All-Star NBA Portfolio

You may or may not care, but the NBA (National Basketball Association) playoffs are in full swing. If you were an owner/manager of an NBA team, you probably wouldn’t pick me as a starting player on your roster – and if you did, we would need to sit down and talk. 825 more words


Energy and society – an accident waiting to happen?

Energy, society, complexity and innovation are intertwined through a multitude of interrelations that are sometimes difficult to grasp. In an earlier post, I’ve offered a storyline to describe this nexus, based on the considerations of Joseph Tainter and Ian Morris.  1,059 more words


Constraints and Responsibility

My wife and I recently returned from a trip to San Diego, and once again we loaded up our matching suitcases. We got these suitcases specifically because they were designed to fit “perfectly” in an airplane’s overhead compartment. 315 more words

Main Dish

Legal, Ethical and Regulatory Constraints within the Media

Legal, Ethical and Regulatory constraints within the Media

Like most industries, the media sector has its own rules and regulations to keep things in order and deal with complaints and other surrounding issues. 4,732 more words