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NULL's vs NOT NULL's and Performance

When it comes to giving the cost based optimiser the best possible chance to make the “right” decisions, many DBA’s are diligent in keeping statistics up to date, using histograms where appropriate, creating more indexes (or removing surplus indexes). 1,725 more words

Day 6

Theme – Constraints (Mental Illnesses)

Many people have to deal with the effects of different types of mental illnesses everyday. They can cause constraints on their lives and greatly affect how they live and what they can do day to day.


Day 5

Theme – Constraints (Fences)


Day 4

Theme – Constraints (LGBT)

Even in the 21st century there is still homophobia. This can cause constraints on those who are publicly out, everyday, due to them being discriminated against in all sorts of ways. 61 more words


Combinatorial Optimization: from theory to code

I decided to start this blog talking about a nice problem I was recently asked to solve. The problem belongs to the class of combinatorial optimization problems that can be understood as constrained optimization on a general graph. 961 more words

Day 3

Theme – Constraints (Time)

Everyday time is a constraint in everything and everyone. Running out of time, not having enough time, being on time are all worries people deal with all day everyday.


Day 2

Theme Constraints (Social Norms)

Social norms create constraints for people as they feel they have to act and be a certain way and take part in certain activities. 19 more words