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The Unity 5 Engine shows its potential once again, in the hands of a creative developer (at the start of his career, no less!) who manages to add another fine title to Steam’s growing collection of indie abstract games. 661 more words


My Apologies For Lack of Posts + My Gender Theory

Hello followers.

My apologies for not posting for a whole week.

You see, my dad is in a rehab facility, and it has been determined that he won’t be able to come back home to his apartment. 915 more words


Spoken Language - in Montessori education

In the three to six class

Montessori never envisioned that children would be asked to work in silence. In her day it was exactly this that the children had been forced into by traditional education. 4,212 more words


VIDEO PREMIERE: Construct - "Reflection"

UK metal band Construct has premiered their new music video today. You can check out the video for “Reflection” below. The song is from the band’s upcoming new album… 93 more words

How To Build A Table (The Priceless Gift)

How you can Construct A Table (The Invaluable Gift) woodworking video clip informs you carefully exactly how I built a dining-room table as a 20th wedding present for my other half utilizing no power devices, simply hand tools. 51 more words

The Virginity Myth

TW: Rape, honour killings, genital mutilations, assault.

Virgin. The word ‘virgin’ itself is derived from the word maid: a female domestic servant. This origination is significant when considering virginity is most valued in women and is a concept that keeps women in social boundaries, often keeping them in a submissive ‘servant’ state. 625 more words

Confession (Poem Written on Skin)

These desires
Leave me
My tongue
A resolution
Tonight is
My church
Allow my skin
To pray
And my body
To confess