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Wednesday Vignette - bubble

A bubble contains so much. For one thing, we all live in one. Everything we do and see is processed through the filters that make up the wall of our own bubble. 161 more words

Wednesday Vignette

Let's Meet with the Cardboard Family



In assignment 2.0 we were asked to work with corrugated cardboards and produce 3 dimentional constructs which study 3 variations of relationships. The surface area of our elements were limited so I decided to have 3 squares which have 1/2 proportion in terms of surface area in my construct. 235 more words

Arch 101

Time is a strong but rarely recognized power construct in the workplace

(Source: work.qz.com)

On a recent Saturday morning I spent about half an hour with a friend analyzing the texts she had been exchanging with a new romantic interest. 2,328 more words

Money Matters

Is Time Unnatural?

On the face of it, that’s a very stupid question to ask.

Of course time isn’t unnatural, time is dictated by nature. The sun rises, the sun sets. 749 more words


Cobweb Golem

The Cobweb Golem is a magically created automaton given the semblance of life by a particularly powerful spellcaster. The Cobweb Golem appears to be spun from spiderwebs. 374 more words


mass media campaign

In this assignment, you will be considering a case study and then applying what you have learned in this module about research and evaluation.

Case Study… 716 more words

Academic Papers


Died in his sleep on the train | It doesn’t matter which train, where it had come from | where it was going | If you’d believe me… 214 more words