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It's All One Big Social Construction

What makes something real? Throughout society and our personal lives, everything we experience in this world is merely just a construct. It’s the 21st Century; 2017. 1,236 more words

Construct - Knowledge Today. Innovation Tomorrow.

This year’s Construct Tradeshow and Conference will be held in Providence, Rhode Island. Please stop by and visit Nystrom at booth #736 at the Rhode Island Convention Center. 53 more words



We had assembled the tower | now, we waited for people to visit it | But the channel was wrong, somehow | time was leaking away | I was growing weary, chaperoning the famous… 362 more words


Building Blocks


It begins simply enough,

a simple bucket of bricks

stacked up from top to bottom

till at last – they topple

oh what fun! 38 more words


Dropping out

It was never possible, and so I left | Writing was how | I just kept coming back | Dawn was enough | the morning followed though | noon | each day | built its own skeleton | When I touched the bones, I felt them tremble | as if | they didn’t want to be bones | On the clearest | evening of the year | they were not bones…

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How to Build a PC, Part 4: The Assembly

For many of you, this may be the part you have been waiting for. You may be thinking “all this explanation on components is well and good, but I want to know HOW you actually build this thing”, and I am happy to report that we are finally there! 1,566 more words