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Pitching a Tent

– (Girl says to guy) So, you’re pretty good with your hands… I bet you can build stuff, right?

(Guy, with a smirk) Sure I can; I’m pitching a tent right now.

Highlarious Delicious Scenarios

10 November 2015

Today I took a picture of a Konstrukt. Sculpture by Andy Martin.


Building a Rhombic Enneacontahedron, Using Icosahedra and Elongated Octahedra

With four icosahedra, and four octahedra, it is possible to attach them to form this figure:

This figure is actually a rhombus, but the gap between the two central icosahedra is so small that this is hard to see. 125 more words


A letter not to be sent

I still miss you so much that the word itself doesn’t mean anything anymore. Whatever my logical side tries to say is simply irrelevant because I have not been able to put you out of my mind. 662 more words


Social Construct 1: 'Manliness'

We all do it. We sometimes judge men based on how ‘manly’ they are either conciously or unconciously but what does that word really mean? When I think of a man, I think of my father; loving, caring, warm, more than willing to carry my mother’s handbag when she’s too fatigued to do so and best of all, unafraid to go bra shopping with me. 395 more words


Reality is a construct. 

Reality by definition is the state of things as they actually exist, and existence is verified through what we perceive, meaning reality is based on perception. 182 more words



Taking a break from my normal schedule, I was asked to write a post about a construct of mine on a forum. They were discussing uses for bottles, and I mentioned one ongoing working I had involving a bottle and was asked to discuss it more. 954 more words