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Tiny Tales- Plunge

He found himself leading a fantastic life. Priceless artifacts, expensive cars, comforts of the world all at his beck and call.

A plunge of the syringe to the back of the neck and the life of fantasy crumbles to dust. 10 more words

Creative Writing

The Beginning of The End

Hello, this is also a little experiment that I have done. Read the poem as you normally do from top to bottom 178 more words

Creative Writing

Our projected actuality and the whole body of reality 1

Our reality may be recognised in terms of its “construct” or make-up. It includes the identity or self, who is having an experience, the world, others and our inner realities we may experience, the conscious by which we have or are conscious of our reality, a witness by which we are aware of our reality (of our self and our experiences), and our deeper feelings and deeper self or being we may be or be aware and conscious of. 146 more words

Human Condition

Learning Construct

For me personally, construct 2 was a fun and easy program to learn, but in use obviously very hard to get perfect.The visual UI makes everything a lot easier to work with, it allows you to almost drag and drop what you need in your game, allowing you to make a game without all the complications that actual coding presents. 147 more words


Reflections on this Course

In this communications technology class I would probably like to have more film and stop motion and less game design and fonts. I think that the game design was a bit difficult and not as fun as the film and stop motion projects. 161 more words



Does God exist? Fuck if I know. I gave up on the Catholic Church at fifteen after seeing Jesus Christ Superstar. Christ was a megalomaniac, and I wanted to do Mary Magdalene. 765 more words

$4 Wine

Making Cosplay Fit The Pocketbook

People have been asking me for a while now how I can afford to cosplay. After all, sewing isn’t cheap anymore. Here are a few tips that I hope will help. 474 more words