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Daily Prompt: Construct

To construct a bridge back to you

To when my words were meaningful

When life was a challenge and I was willing to risk it all for not just you but for myself as well. 9 more words


Building Bridges

We all have dreams. I dream to be a civil engineer, but at the same time, I also want to become a writer, a wife, and a coffee-shop owner. 202 more words


First Day: Battle Against Depression

I am lost. I am tired. I am useless.

I want to end everything.

These were the exact phrases I used just 2 days ago to describe the overwhelming number of emotions that took control of me. 461 more words


A programmer's struct

via Daily Prompt: Construct

let us struct

all our agonies, worries and fear

to a place in our memory

that we can abandon, as we desire… 79 more words


Echo Challenge Day #3

In response to Daily Post’s “Construct

Did you know that today is Make a Gift Day? It is a perfect day for challenge number three.

62 more words

The Day I Stayed with 20 HIV/Aids Patients

I love volunteering. I love seeking out new opportunities to help people. So when my sister, Fareha Nizam (from Pakistan) and friends, Azrina (from Fiji) and Jannah (from Malaysia) told me about the event they are organizing, I was thrilled. 271 more words

A Shaky Foundation

How do you find the time

To construct so many lies?

How do you find the ways

To make me feel insane?

How do you keep a straight face… 32 more words