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Some practical issue prior to start foundation design

In foundation design, there may occur different types of issues associated with construction and costs.

Given below, the details of main issues :-

1. The foundations should be retained as shallow as possible, suitable for coping up with climatic effect, and strength of the surface soil; particularly in waterlogged ground. 268 more words


Simplify the rectangular & continuous footing design with StruCalc

StruCalc’s footing design module is very useful to create the design of square, rectangular and/or continuous footings.

The footing module can be used to meet size and reinforcement requirements for any concrete footing loaded with pure vertical load. 378 more words


Checklist of Concrete Formwork at Construction Site throughout Concreting and Striking

Concrete formwork stands for a temporary supporting structure for concrete. It is arranged at the job site to retain the concrete in perfect position and shape unless it becomes solidified. 309 more words

AStrutTie 2017 – The powerful software for structural design

HanGil IT develops AStrutTie 2017, a software that can be used for strut-tie model analysis and design for concrete members having disturbed stress region(s).

This software facilitates the construction professionals to design corbel (bracket), abutment/pier footing, bridge pier coping (pier cap), frame corner, anchorage zone, deep beam, etc. 292 more words


Definition of mortar and it’s different types

Mortar is a useful construction material combined with cement, lime, fine aggregates (sand, surkhi), water and various types of admixtures. It is utilized in masonry construction to bind the masonry or structural units as well as fill & seal the spaces among the stone, bricks and cement blocks applied in construction. 456 more words


How to estimate cement bags in 1 cubic meter

Suppose the proportion of nominal mix is 1:2:4 (one part cement, 2 part sand and 4 part aggregate)

Wastage of cement is taken as 2% 96 more words


Units of measurement used in surveying & construction works

Unit of measurement is also known as the International System of Units, or SI. Units of measure in the metric system. The units of length or linear size are derived from the metre. 273 more words