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Builder Décor

Hi everyone! Thanks for your patience while I took a little break to get back on schedule after the craziness of the last few weeks. The DB&DT household is doing well and we have several new projects to share. 463 more words


Building A Green Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of the home and it’s where we spend the majority of our awake indoor time. It only seems right that we focus on cabinet construction and their contribution to the air quality in our home. 180 more words


Formaldehyde Free Plywood

We all know by now that formaldehyde is bad; it has the potential to cause multiple health risks including respiratory issues and allergic sensitivities. At higher levels, there is even a link to cancer. 178 more words


Steel Surface Area Estimation Spreadsheet

While preparing this estimating spreadsheet, suggestions was taken from the American Institute of Steel Construction, Inc., AISC Marketing, LLC, and the Steel Solutions Center, LLC. This… 165 more words

BBC World Service amplifies UNRWA's political campaigning yet again

The United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) long since ceased to confine its activities to humanitarian work and frequently acts as a political campaigning group, with one focus of its efforts being the issue of the border restrictions imposed by Israel as a means of curbing Hamas terrorism.  961 more words


Lyse Doucet's blatant political propaganda on BBC WS WHYS – part one

In addition to the three reports produced by Lyse Doucet last month on the topic of reconstruction in the Gaza Strip which have already been discussed here (see related articles below), she also took part in the February 26th edition of the BBC World Service radio programme “World Have Your Say”, half of which was devoted to the same subject matter. 1,042 more words


A side to the Gaza reconstruction story the BBC isn't telling

As readers know only too well, the BBC’s considerable efforts to promote the topic of reconstruction in the Gaza Strip since the end of last summer’s conflict recently reached something of a climax with a series of reports by Lyse Doucet.   667 more words