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Landscaping and Gardening: What Practice Merits the “Green” Label?

The Architectural Association of Kenya’s annual convention held at Kwale early August this year voiced the concern and need to build sustainable and resilient buildings, cities and urban centers. 520 more words

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Unique Construction Materials That You Are Yet To See

When you are about to begin a construction project, the first thing you have to be concerned about is the choice of materials. This is mainly because the kind of construction materials you are using will have an impact on the quality of a structure in almost all respects. 422 more words

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Earthquake Impact: Iron & Steel Industries in Nepal

Nepal Steel and Iron Rolling Mills Association (NSIRMA) assured that although post-earthquake Nepalese steel and iron industry might be utilizing around 48% of its production capacity, it would be sufficient to meet the demand. 104 more words


Science, moral philosophy and the pursuit of pleasure – Part I

Given the amount of human suffering in the world, can it ever be justified for scientific research to pursue pleasure rather than the eradication of what ails? 731 more words


Why to Choose Superior Building Materials?

Construction of various structures and buildings is largely depended on the type and quality of materials that are used. The chief component and essentials of the small solid elements make for the successful stand of so many buildings and mega structures. 317 more words

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Bolat is a reputed underground construction company in Canada that provides the best quality underground construction materials and equipment to save time.

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The utopia of the Carbon Capture Machine that I call Linda: 5 reasons why it won’t work.

Recently, I have come across with the crazy idea of a Carbon Capture Machine, which probably comes from a misconception of chemistry, and ignorance, faked ignorance, of process economics and efficiency. 1,116 more words