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What is an irregular building?

Yes, in new construction building there is such a thing as irregular buildings. According to the International Code Council, 2015 IRC, page 45, define an irregular new construction building as one that has exterior shear wall lines or braced wall panels that are not in one plain vertically from the foundation to the uppermost story in which they are required. 405 more words


Plastic in the Parking Lot

If you’re anything like me, a parking lot is probably one of the last places you’d look for green construction materials, other than maybe recycled asphalt. 250 more words


Ryan Carrington: United We Stand

United We Stand exhibition addresses work ethic and labor class of the blue and white-collar workers in the United States.  Ryan Carrington,  an artist and  a sculpture lecturer at San Clara University, uses construction materials, clothing items and chalk drawings to depict different labor class in his recent exhibition at… 515 more words

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BBC News ignores yet another story about Hamas appropriation of construction materials

Since the conclusion of the hostilities between terrorist groups in the Gaza Strip and Israel in the summer of 2014, the BBC has devoted considerable coverage… 612 more words


Bubble deck slab system can reduce your building cost significantly

Bubble deck slab belongs to the kind of slab where bubbles or ellipsoid, formed with waste plastic material, are used to replace some portion of the concrete to lessen the self-weight of the structure. 173 more words

What's a Soldier Pile?

Several months ago I heard the term “soldier pile” for the first time. Given the timing, right as Ken Burns Civil War documentary was re-aired, my imagination ran wild with horrific images. 219 more words


Green Steel

We’re big fans of Neil Young, but not for what you might think. His music has provided a soundtrack for our lives, we stand by the family farmer with Farm-Aid, but we like Neil because he’s a motorhead. 347 more words