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A bit of remodeling--The fireplace

Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, my husband made chimneys.  It’s a skill he mastered and was able to use when we added our own chimney. 179 more words



Civil engineers are rather important members of the society. With most buildings, community systems and all major forms of construction is mainly handled by the civil engineer at the helm. 389 more words

Building Construction

Manitoba Forest Products

This is a story about my experience working in The Pas, Manitoba.  Manitoba Forest Products was the complete name for a pulp mill built in The Pas Manitoba by government funds.   3,089 more words

Construction Projects

Brief information on Project Cost System

If the design is modified at the design stage of a construction project, the project costs are constantly estimated and evaluated to keep the project costs within the budget of the owners. 549 more words


In memory of Joe Dvorak

This is a short story and one of three people that come to mind.  Joe Dvorak was an immigrant who suffered through and escaped the Hungarian revolution around 1957.   769 more words

Construction Projects

Michael Bach Atlanta Tips for Driving Safely in Road Construction Zones

Michael Bach Atlanta | Summer road construction season is here, and truck drivers and motorists alike need to be prepared. Whether you’ve been driving for decades or got your driver’s license last week, the tips below are important reminders to make sure you and road construction workers get home safely. 481 more words

Michael Bach Atlanta

Working within the system

Saftey culture

Working within the system spans 45 years of my workng background.  It defines how a wage earner spent a lifetime working the system to better the working environment. 2,644 more words

Construction Projects